Flight Safety Tips For Pregnant Ladies

Dear pregnant ladies, how is your day? Hopefully both you and your baby are well. Today airpaz is going to give you 10 tips for flying safely.

Flight Safety Tips For Pregnant Ladies

Flight Safety Tips For Pregnant Ladies

Check the flight distance

How long will you stay on a plane? It is better to book flight that is not longer than 5 hours.

Checking the airline regulation

Most of the airline allows pregnant ladies on board until you are on the 36th week of pregnancy. But if you are having twins or more, you can only fly before you are on the 32th week of pregnancy.

Getting a letter of recommendation when needed

Preparing letter of reccomendatrion from your doctor or midwife is a wise move. The letter must at least states your health condition, you are having a normal pregnancy and your expected due date.

Requesting a seat with more legroom so you can elevate your leg

Request a seat with more legroom so you can be comfortable. After that, you can elevate your legs by putting your hand-carry in front of your seat to rest your feet.

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Fasten your seat belt in the right position

While you are wearing your seat belt, fasten it below your bump.

Drinkin a lot and avoid cabbage or beans

To keep yourself hydrated during flights, you need to drink plenty of water. But avoid caffeine since it is mildly diuretic. Before going on board, it is better for you to not eat gas producing food.

Wearing comfortable clothing and shoes

Since you are going to the bathroom a lot, wear comfortable clothing, prefeably a dress. Wearing flat heeleds shoes is also goin to help you walk around during a trip.

Walking around and do stretches

If you keep sitting for long periods of time, your legs will experience cramps. your feet and ankles can swell. So, you need to walk around during a flight every once in a while or you can do simple stretches.

Getting information about your travel destination

Some information that you need to get if you are going abroad.

  • Is the destination safe for pregnant ladies? Do you need any vaccinations?
  • Could you get a medical treatment easily? if you are traveling to Europe, you can have a free treatment by having an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

So pregnant Ladies, are you ready to fly? Go for it!

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