Which Foods to Try in Langkawi?

There is no point in travelling when you don’t try the local cuisine. Langkawi is an area known for its abundant supply of veggies, herbs, fresh seafood, and spices – resulting in the unique blend of flavour that you can’t find elsewhere. Finding the signature dish should be easy. If you can to Cenang Beach, for instance, you will see restaurants lining down the street, offering buffet-style meals. You are free to choose any variant of chicken, veggies, and fish to accompany the steamed rice. A plate can generally cost you 10RM but it also depends on the variants of dishes you choose or add. And let’s not forget the other options of street foods – which are plentiful there.

1. Squid

Foods in langkawi - Squid

As it was mentioned before, Langkawi is rich in its fresh seafood produce so it is only natural if one of them becomes the most popular dish that everyone is looking for. If you want to, you can also take part in squid fishing or scooping. But if you don’t have the time or you are not interested in such an activity, simply try the dish. Breaded squid that is fried is the popular type of food in Langkawi. It is almost similar to fish and chips. The breaded and fried squid is generally served with a sour and sweet sauce to add the unique flavour. Don’t forget to try it if you come to Langkawi!

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2. Ais Kacang or Bean Ice

Foods in langkawi - Ais Kacang

Also known as the ABC Special, Ais Kacang is made from shaved ice topped off with fruit syrups and coloured jellies. As the result, it is fresh, cold, and sweet. If you go to the local vendors, you should expect the ice to come with kidney beans, corn kernels, and peanuts – and they are usually hidden inside the sweet ice. There are some places that serve the best ice. One of them is right across the airport. Want to know the perfect dish for your evening? Laksa and ice Kacang while sitting on the beach and watching the waves (or the sunset, it’s your choice). This fulfilling and yet simple ‘dinner’ costs you less than $3 and it is super tasty. The ice is perfect for the generally warm temperature in Langkawi.

3. Nasi Campur

Foods in langkawi - Nasi Campur

This isn’t an exclusive dish in Langkawi only because Nasi Campur is actually a staple food that you can find in Malaysia as well as Indonesia. As the name suggests, Nasi Campur (or mixed rice in English) is the combination of items that are served with rice. You can find veggie soup, tofu, chicken, tempeh, noodle, and so many accompaniments to eat with the rice. In most cases, you should consume the rice with sambal. It will definitely add the unique flavour. One of the best places in Langkawi to serve this rice is Seashell Restaurant, located in Pantai Cenang.

4. Laksa

Foods in langkawi - Laksa

There are different variants of Laksa in Malaysia, including in Langkawi and Singapore. Laksa is a curry soup with either shrimp or fish based ingredient served with spaghetti-style noodles. In Langkawi, the noodle is fresh and made by hands – not to mention that it is also thick. The broth is spicy and often served with a boiled egg on the top. Where is the best place that serves Laksa in Langkawi? Right across the airport. It should be easy to find it.

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5. Ikan Bakar

Foods in langkawi - Ikan Bakar

It is grilled fish, which is another signature seafood dish to find in Langkawi. Finding the vendors are pretty easy because most of the street vendor stalls will provide it. You can find different kinds of fish, including mackerel – the small fish. The serving is pretty simple. Expect the fish to be whole and served full with the sambal.


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