Singapore Attractions You Can Visit for Free

Enjoying a singapore vacation should not cost you an arm and a leg Including singapore attractions. You can still save your budget wherever you go, including to Singapore. You may think it is impossible since the cost of living here is relatively expensive. It takes more serious thought with numerous regulations requiring the violators paying fines. Be an obedient visitor to keep your money safe. Wishing to know more how to stay on budget when you explore Singapore.

For a savvy traveler, information of cheap or even free stuff is very important. You will be surprised how many things you can do and get at no cost when exploring Singapore, like drinking tap water and taking advantage of freebies. Wish to get more for your vacation? Here are 7 free Singapore attractions you can visit at no charge:

Coney Island Park

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It is where you can enjoy the attractions like bird watching. If you have a bicycle, the park also has become a popular cycling spot. You can also rent one from Punggol Point Park.

Punggol Waterway Park

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This Singapore attractions are recommended If you have strong legs, it is the right place to go. You can explore the longest man-made waterway in Singapore through the track on its both sides, be it on the walk or on a bike. A water playground is also provided for kids to have some wet and wild fun. Be sure to go check out the Instagram Tree to take bring photos home.

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Orchard Library

The library is the best escape for bookworms. Fortunately, you can find a boutique one at Orchard Road. Various magazines and novels are waiting on the extensive walls. Can you avoid its charm?

Gardens by the Bay

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The garden has more than 162,900 plants planted on 18 SuperTrees. The 22m height of OCBC Skyway can give you a very close look at the SuperTrees, but if you wish to not pay any, just enjoy the scenery on the ground.

Marina Barrage

Vacations should not always be visiting popular sites. It is still worth relaxing, having a picnic or flying a kite at the Green Roof. You can also take your loved ones enjoying the beautiful sunset here.

Henderson Waves


Do you need some more fresh air out of the bustling city? Enjoy the walk along the Henderson Waves which connects Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faver Park.

MacRichie Reservoir TreeTop Walk

Walking is one of the free exercises. It becomes an exciting yet no-cost vacation idea when you have enjoyable scenery surrounded. Why do not you visit MacRichie Reservoir where you can walk along the 250m height suspension bridge called TreeTop Walk to see animals living in the forest canopy?

Singapore can be visited all year round as it has the warm climate. But if you want to save the budget, you must consider the off vacation season by avoiding festivals and holidays mostly happening during July to September. Does it mean you have to go now? Well, be sure to book your flight ticket at Airpaz to cut the transportation budget.

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