Fun Waiting at Suvarnabhumi Airport – Only If You Know How

There are things that you can do at Suvarnabhumi Aiport if you have to wait for your next flight. Of course, you can always sleep but what’s the fun in that? This airport is the bigger one between the two international airports in Thailand so you should be able to fun interesting things while exploring your way around. If you only have less than 5 hours, you won’t have to go out. Simply stay inside and enjoy some of these best things.

1. Spa Time

Suvarnabhumi Airport - Spa Time

If you are looking for the traditional Thai massage, this is the perfect time to do so. This is the home to such a relaxing treatment, after all. Even if you don’t feel stressed out or you aren’t used to pampering yourself, you should really give it a go – it is worth the experience! You will be refreshed and rejuvenated after the treatment. There are several spa clinics at the airport and they are offering different services. Depending on your needs, whether you want to have facial treatment along manicure and pedicure, they should be able to deliver the most satisfying service.

2. Culinary Explorations

Suvarnabhumi Airport - Culinary Explorations

What if your tummy rumbles and you are thirsty? No need to worry; the airport has tons of restaurants, coffee shops, and food stalls. Are you looking for Western foods? You can find Starbucks, Subway, or Burger King there. You can also choose between the sit-in restaurants or the takeaway type. There is a food court on the Ground Transportation that opens 24 hours. If you are looking for inexpensive local Thai foods, you should head that way. You won’t be starving while waiting, it is a sure thing!

3. Internet Connection

You’ve had your long hours of sleep so you are awake and alert. Plus, you just had a cup of strong Joe. You’ve just finished eating and yet you still have to wait for a couple of hours. You don’t really like to walk around. That’s okay. Take out your smartphone or mobile devices and stay connected to the net. The airport has free internet all over the place. But mind you, though, as you are only allowed to use the free service 2 hours, max, for each device. Yeah, that’s the downside but you get at least 2 hours of time to send emails, browse the net, contact your family or friends, and update your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

4. Lounge Relaxation

Suvarnabhumi Airport - Lounge Relaxation

Sounds like a good plan, right? The problem is, you don’t fly First Class. You don’t even fly Business! Well, if you think that lounges are only for those who fly Business or the First Class, you seriously need to update your knowledge. There are actually some lounges that can be used by all kinds of passengers. You only need to buy a pass, which is valid for one time only. The purchase can be arranged online. Or if you have a lounge membership offer or program, make use of it. Keep in mind that not all lounges are offering their services to all travellers – some of them remain exclusive to Business passengers or First Class travellers. Make sure to get read the airport’s guide or ask around.

5. Shopping Time

Suvarnabhumi Airport - Shopping Time

If you still have the extra cash to spend, there are tons of shops at the airport. It has pharmacies, bookstores, duty-free shops, souvenir shops, and much more. If you want to buy local Thai silk, go to Jim Thompson – they sell the silk at affordable and reasonable prices.

Thailand has a lot to offer, including the airport. If you know your way around and have a long transit, you can go on a Suvarnabhumi tourism tour! Be sure to plan and book everything early, including your flight tickets with Airpaz.


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