Let’s Get Familiar with Don Mueang Airport (DMK)

As one of two airports serving international and domestic flights in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region, Don Mueang Airport is a busy airport.

Because of his busy schedule, you have to know a lot about Bangkok Don Mueang Airport so you don’t get confused among so many people. In this article, you will find all the complete information about DMK Don Mueang Airport.

About Don Mueang International Airport (DMK)

About Don Mueang International Airport (DMK)
About Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) / Pixabay

DMK Airport is one of the oldest airports in Asia that is still operating and the oldest international airport in the world. This is because its first flight was on 8 March 1914 by a Royal Thai Air Force aircraft.

Then on 27 March 1914, the airport was officially opened as the Royal Thai Air Force Base and finally operated commercially in 1924. The aircraft that made its first flight at this airport was KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Although it was closed and replaced by Suvarnabhumi Airport in March 2007, Don Mueang International Airport was finally operating again after undergoing renovations.

This airport became famous as an airport with low-cost airlines in 2015.

The distance of this airport from Bangkok is about 27 km, with various supporting facilities that are complete and comfortable for the passengers. There are airport hotels, easy transportation access, and other facilities.

Terminals & Facilities

Terminals Facilities
Terminals Facilities / Pixabay

There are terminals at DMK International Airport, Terminal 1, and Terminal 2. Terminal 1 handles several domestic flights and all international flights at this airport.

While Terminal 2 of this airport handles regional and domestic flights, terminal 2 has four levels, each of which has a different function.

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Hotels / Pixabay

When you are on vacation in Thailand, and your destination is close to Don Mueang International Airport, you can stay at the Don Mueang Airport hotel or the surrounding hotels.

Airport hotels and their surroundings are beneficial when you have a very early flight or arrive at the airport in the middle of the night.

If you want a very close distance to the airport, then you can choose Amari Don Muang Airport Hotel. This hotel is directly connected to the airport with an air-conditioned walkway, so you can immediately rest in your room within a short walk.

No need to worry about the facilities. This airport’s nickname is one of the world’s best airport hotels, and it answers all.

In addition, there are still several other hotels that are close to the airport. The hotels are Moca Hotel, 12 The Residence Hotel & Apartment, Don Muang Hotel, Checkin Hostel @DonMuang Airport, Donmueang Place Hotel, and more.

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Transportations / Pixabay

Because of its location, which is still close to Bangkok, access to transportation is not a barrier when you land here. Many transportation options offer different prices and comfort.

You can use airport taxis, tuk-tuks, and city buses. In addition, there is also a car rental that offers more flexibility to its users.

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Duty-Free Shops

Duty-Free Shops
Duty-Free Shops / Pixabay

Duty-Free Don Mueang Airport is a place you must visit, especially if you want to hunt for souvenirs without paying taxes. You can find an airport duty-free shop in the departure and arrival areas.

There are many types of goods that you can get here, such as cosmetics, liquor, foods, drinks, perfumes, branded items, as well as local Thai products.

You can visit King Power Duty-Free and other shops that provide products from well-known local and world brands. Let’s find out about the duty-free shops in DMK!

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Going to Pattaya from Don Mueang Airport

Going to Pattaya from Don Mueang Airport
Going to Pattaya from Don Mueang Airport / Pixabay

After Bangkok, Pattaya is the second place that has the most visitors from all over the world. This city, which has three main areas (Naklaa, Jomtien, and Pattaya Beach), has many attractive tourist destinations that you must visit.

If you land from Don Mueang Airport, the distance between these two locations is around 160 km, with a travel time of about 2 hours if the traffic is smooth.

Some options if you want to visit Pattaya from DMK Airport are:

  • Airport Shuttles and Buses

You must take the Airport Shuttle to Suvarnabhumi Airport first without paying a fee. Then take a bus bound for Pattaya from the Suvarnabhumi Airport bus terminal. This first step is relatively economical, but the travel time will be much longer because you must change vehicles and wait for the bus.

  • Public Bus

You can choose a bus that goes to Mo Chit Station and continue by bus to Pattaya. Travel time with this method can be faster than the first option.

  • Taxis

This option is the most convenient, but more expensive.  But you can still save money if you ride in a group.

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You can now take advantage of all the facilities and services at Don Mueang Airport and even travel to nearby attractions with greater confidence, right? If you are sure to land at this airport, don’t forget to book flights and hotels with Airpaz, surely more convenient and cost-effective.


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