Get to Know the Remarkable Haneda International Airport

Are you planning to travel to Japan? If you are, you will likely stop at one of Japan’s biggest airports, Haneda International Airport. Enhance your experience in Japan by booking hotels, restaurants, and transportation at Haneda Airport. Get to know what services you can get here!

About Haneda Airport

Haneda International Airport - About the Airport

Haneda International Airport, also known as Tokyo International Airport, was one of Japan’s two existing international airports in 1931. The airport is in Ota, Tokyo; you can reach central Tokyo in just 20 minutes.

Haneda International Airport is known as the second busiest airport among other airports in the whole wide world as it reaches over 80 million passengers each year. Being one of the busiest airports in the world, the airport instantly gains its superiority in many aspects, including the number of flights, services, and facilities.

For the time being, Haneda International Airport serves 51 cities across Japan for its domestic flights and 35 cities for international flights. These flights are under 5 major airlines such as Air Do, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, Skymark Airlines, and Skynet Asia Airways.

Haneda and Narita Airport: Which Airport to Choose?

Airport in Japan

Two popular airports come to mind when talking about Tokyo: Haneda Airport and Narita International Airport. Both are popular and highly populated. Each airport provides beneficial yet different services and facilities based on the passenger’s needs.

If both airports are equally good, which should you choose when flying to Japan? To learn more about the difference between Haneda Airport and Narita Airport, follow the link to this article.

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Haneda Airport Terminals

Haneda Airport Terminals

Haneda Airport currently has three terminals. Passengers flying domestically will use either T1 (Terminal 1) or (Terminal 2). Meanwhile, passengers embarking on international flights will be using Terminal 3.

The three terminals are unquestionably thrilling on their own. Do not worry about feeling bored and hungry; each terminal is packed with shops, restaurants, and entertainment areas you can enjoy while waiting for your flight.

Will you be catching up on work between flights? Some terminals also serve conference rooms for people who want to hold business meetings while visiting Tokyo, holding events, focusing on their work, and renting private rooms.

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Haneda Airport Hotels

Haneda International Airport - Haneda Airport Hotel

Gone are the days of sleeping in the airport’s waiting room. Transits could become tiring and annoying when waiting for the next flight, especially with an incredibly long period between the flights.

What makes people feel content being at Haneda Airport is that they have easy access to hotels. Two hotels are directly connected to Haneda Airport: the Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Haneda and Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu.

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airpaz hotel 102

Haneda Airport Transportations

Haneda International Airport - Haneda Airport Transportations

Look around tourist destinations and hidden gems in Tokyo’s streets by taking various transportation choices with different price ranges from Haneda Airport.

The price could range from 300 yen to 11,000 yen depending on the transport and distance. If you are a practical person or in a hurry, consider using a taxi or limousine bus. However, suppose you are looking for more affordable transportation.

In that case, the Tokyo Monorail and Keikyu Railway are the perfect choices; they are easy to access since they are only a few minutes from Haneda Airport!

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Haneda Airport Duty-Free

Haneda International Airport - Haneda Airport Duty-free shops

After you arrive at the terminals, you might find yourself getting carried away by what is before you, the Duty-Free shop! Buying souvenirs for your families, loved ones, and friends and buying a token for yourself while in a foreign country has been a ritual for everybody.

To purchase those things, Haneda Airport serves Duty-Free shops located inside the terminals. A wide range of goods is sold in this outlet, including food, cosmetics, perfumes, miscellaneous goods, cigarettes, and many more.

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Layover at Haneda Airport

Haneda International Airport - Haneda Airport During Layover

Sitting or doing nothing for a long time can be tiring. Flight layovers are one problem that passengers avoid during traveling. However, this only happens if there’s nothing to do or nothing fun around.

There are many things that Haneda International Airport serves that make your layover at Haneda Airport much more fun. Boredom will only pass across you. Instead, you will figure out that layovers are relaxing and exciting if you know what services Haneda Airport can offer.

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Haneda International Airport sounds exciting, doesn’t it? The airport sounds like a dreamland, let alone the destinations around the airport. Wait no more, and start planning your trip now. You can easily book a flight and hotel at Airpaz anywhere and anytime!


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