Getting Around Singapore with Public Transportations

Singapore is a small country with a fast and efficient public transportation system. You do not need to bring your own car or hire one to get around. You can join with the million commuters taking public transport.

Private vehicle ownership is strictly controlled and monitored by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to lessen traffic and avoid congestion on the road. Instead, the government provides a cost-efficient transport system which eventually brings economic benefit. Commuters can save more time on their everyday trip to work and be more productive.

Whether you are a visitor or decide to relocate to Singapore, it is important to know how to get on public transportation in this country. Here are also things you need to know when getting around:

Ez-Link Smart Card

ezlink guide 1

You must have EZ-Link Card or the CEPAS (Contactless e-Purse Card). This smart card is the cost-effective way to pay for bus and train in Singapore, much cheaper as well rather than paying with cash. You can get it for $12 from the nearest TransitLink Ticket Offices, usually found at MRT stations, with a stored value of $5. You can also reload the cards there.

Using the smart card is very easy you just need to tap it when you get on and about to get off from the bus or train. You will be charged based on the total distance and deducted accordingly. You can even use it to buy foods and drinks from vending machines.

Study the Train Network – MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)

MRT is the best option for public transportation to go to popular tourist attractions. There are five lines that you can choose based on your destination, i.e.: East/West Line, North/South Line, Circle Line, North/East Line and Downtown Line. If you see the map, available at all train stations, you will see some stations are overlapping. It means you can switch between the five lines when you need to. Adequate announcements are also provided to help you get the right direction.

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Buses to Everywhere You Go

Singapore bus 1

The large network of public buses allows you to find many routes to various places in Singapore. it is the best choice for first-time visitors because you can also enjoy sightseeing during the trips. Avoid the rush hour to get the seat close to the wind

Fast Trips with On-land Taxis

If you are in hurry, taking a taxi is the right option. It is also recommended to travel in a group and short distance trips. You can also hail it anywhere. However, you will need to be patient when catching this public transportation during the rush hours.

Get on River Taxis for Shortcut

If the place you are going to is just across the river, you do not need to take a twisting route on the conventional in-land vehicle. You can simply jump on a river taxi (bumboat). There are currently 5 stops available i.e. Clarke Quay, Esplanade, Robertson Quay, Clemenceau, and Boat Quay.

All public transportation choices in Singapore are worth trying. However, you need to consider the distance length and mileage especially when you just have limited time on the next visit. To start saving the transportation budget, you can book the plane tickets at Airpaz website.

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