Gimpo Airport Transportation Options

Incheon International Airport is probably the biggest airport in South Korea but if you need to fly to China or Japan or to other domestic destinations (like Jeju Island), you will have to go to Gimpo Airport. Naturally, you want to know possible ways to reach the airport – as well as to leave it once you arrive. Since the airport mostly caters to domestic flights and some destinations in China and Japan, you should know your way around and how to reach the airport.

The Bus

Gimpo Airport- Bus

There are basically 3 different ways when dealing with airport transportation: the subway, the taxi, and the bus. The bus, for instance, has different destinations – whether you are going to Seoul or you are heading to Incheon. You should be able to find the bus stop at the front side of the passenger terminal.

Here are some popular destinations for the bus service:

  • Bus no.6706 is heading to Lotte World. You can find it at platform no.6 on the first floor outside the Terminal 1 exit. It takes an hour to reach Lotte World. The fare is 7,500 won per adult while kids between 6 and 12 years old are charged 4,500 won. The bus has 30 minutes interval, operating from 5.30 AM to 11.10 PM
  • Bus no.6021 is heading to Myeng-dong Station with some stops at Chungmuro Station, Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station, Seoul Station, etc. It is easy to find at platform no.6 on the first floor outside the Terminal 1 exit. It takes 43 minutes to Seoul Station, and around 50 minutes to Myeong-Dong Station. The fare is 7,000 won. The bus has 35 minutes to 50minutes interval with operational hours between 5 AM and 11.10 PM
  • Bus no.6000 is heading to Jamsil with some stops. You can also find it at platform no.6 on the first floor outside the Terminal 1 exit. It takes around 80 minutes to reach Jamsil Station. The fare is 7,000 won. The interval is around 50 minutes, operating from 5.30 AM to 10.55 PM.

Besides those schedules, there are no.6008 to Yeongdeungpo Station, no.6014 to KTX Gwangmyeong Station, and no.6003 to Seoul University.

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The Taxi

Gimpo Airport - Taxi

Finding the taxi is easy – they are located in the front area of each terminal. The fare is based on the destination. But in an overall sense, the fare is costlier than other means of transportation. If you are using the big taxi, the fare is up to 5,000 won for 3 kilometers, with 200 won added for every 40 seconds or 160 kilometres. If you are using the small one, the fare is up to 3,000 won for 3 kilometers, with 100 won added for every 35 seconds or 140 kilometres

The Train

Gimpo Airport - Train

You can use the AREX to be connected to international and domestic terminals via the passageways. Use the line no.5 or no.9. In the event that you are using line no.2, you should transfer to no.5 at Kkachisan Station or Yeongdeungpogu Office. It takes 23 minutes to reach Seoul Station from Gimpo Airport Station. The fare is 1,450 won. The train has 3 to 18 minutes intervals, operating from 5.43 AM to 0.34 PM.

If you are using the subway, the numbers are the same (no.5 or no.9).

  • No. 5 is connecting Gimpo Station and Jongro Sam-Ga Station. It takes 44 minutes with 1,650 won for the fare. It has 4 to 8 minutes intervals, operating from 5.34 AM to 11.59 PM.
  • No.9 is connecting Gimpo with Express Bus Terminal Station. The fare is 1,650 won with a total time of 32 minutes in between the two places. The intervals are 4 to 6 minutes.

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