Going to Karon Beach from Phuket Airport: A Complete Travel Guide

Karon Beach is one of the popular tourist destinations when on vacation in Phuket, Thailand. When it’s your first time going to Phuket, and your goal is this beach, then going to Karon Beach from Phuket Airport is important information.

Not only that, but you also need to know activity recommendations while on this beach. This is so that you can immediately travel without confusion after traveling from Phuket Airport to Karon Beach. Let’s find out all the information in the following article!

Going to Karon Beach from Phuket Airport

Karon Beach offers stunning beach beauty

Ignorance and lack of preparation when traveling to a new place can sometimes make the trip unpleasant and cause regret.

This is because you spend more time confused. After all, you don’t know which place to visit. Even if you prefer to avoid making plans, knowing brief information about this place is very important.

What’s Karon Beach?

 Karon Beach offers spectacular views of the bright blue sea and powdery golden sands

The distance from Karon beach to Phuket Airport is about 47.7 km, and it is one of the longest beaches in Phuket. This beach is about 5 km long and overlooks the Andaman Sea.

This white sand beach is popular because it ranks highly among tourist sites. This beach area is suitable for people who want to spend time alone or who like crowds.

The situation is relatively quieter in the area at the north end of the beach, so it is suitable for those who prefer tranquility. Whereas the south end area has more visitors and is busy, it is the best place to build interaction.

When entering the months of May-October, this beach area has dangerous riptides and swells. Therefore, if traveling during this period, you should be more careful and pay attention to the warning flags.

If you ask, “Is Karon beach a good place to stay?” The answer is yes! You won’t be bored in the Karon area; there are many things to do.

What to Do at Karon Beach?

Even though you are on the beach, you can do many free and paid activities at Karon Beach and around this popular tourist spot.

1. Enjoy the View and Walk Along the Beach

Enjoy the clean sand at Karon Beach

The first activity you must do is walk along the white sandy beach and enjoy the scenery. This activity will be even more fun and memorable if you do it at sunrise and sunset.

2. Doing Parasailing and Jet Skiing

How to play Parasailing and Jet Skiing at Karon Beach

Parasailing and jet skiing are perfect for tourists who like challenges and test adrenaline. You don’t need to look for a place to buy tickets because the operators of these two rides will go around looking for customers. One game costs around 700-800 THB (20.11-22.99 USD).

3. Visit Karon Temple Market

How to Visit Karon Temple Market

This market is quite popular among tourists because of its uniqueness, where this market only operates two times a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Curious people often take the time to visit this market at night.

There is no fee to enter the market area; your expenses depend on how much you shop. You can buy cheap tropical clothes and enjoy local food. Remember, try the sticky mango rice, one of Thailand’s characteristics!

4. Dino Park Mini Golf

Dino Park Mini Golf is suitable for holidays with family

This area is perfect for visiting with your family and friends. Amu can find nuances like the Jurassic Park movie. Many imitations of various kinds of ancient creatures are seen at this place, located at 47 Karon RD, Karon, Phuket, Thailand.

You can enjoy the game “Dino Park” after playing on the beach for 30 to 40 minutes. Not only that, but there is also a restaurant that provides “Dino Burgers.” The Dino Bar also offers many delicious drinks.

Tickets to enter this area are around 382.80 THB (11 USD) for adults and 348.00 THB (10 USD) for children under 12.

How to Get to Karon Beach?

Several transportation options can take you to Karon Beach, such as:

1. Buses

bus // how to get to Karon Beach

Transportation by bus is the cheapest and easiest to get to the airport. Buses leave every hour and take the route from the airport to Karon Beach. The cost of one trip to the beach is 200 THB (5.75 USD).

2. Metered Taxis

Metered Taxi can be an option to go to Karon Beach

There are many red and yellow taxis at the exit area of the arrivals terminal. You can directly order a taxi from the drivers and go to Karon Beach.

First, you will be charged 100 THB (2.87 USD) as a Phuket Airport to Karon Beach taxi fare. Then the fare will depend on the distance to the destination.

3. Rent a Car

Rent a Car to go to Karon Beach

To be more flexible, you can rent a car by visiting the car rental counters in the Arrivals Hall section. Then choose one of the car rental providers listed there. The rates for each company can be different, so survey the prices first.

After getting information about going to Karon Beach from Phuket Airport, you can immediately prepare for your trip. Book flight tickets and hotels at Airpaz because it’s faster and more effective!


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