Going to Mysore from Bangalore Airport: An Ultimate Guide

Being in Bangalore is not complete without visiting Mysore, which is very historical. Before leaving for Mysore, you should first read the following article about going to Mysore from Bangalore Airport. Let’s start. 

Going to Mysore from Bangalore Airport 

Going to Mysore from Bangalore Airport
Going to Mysore from Bangalore Airport / Pexels

As soon as you arrive in Bangalore, you should take advantage of the chance to tour Mysore. Mysore is accessible in various ways because it is a popular tourist destination in Karnataka.

The fastest and least expensive method to get from Bangalore to Mysore is by rail, which takes 2 hours and 50 minutes. The bus to Mysore takes two hours and thirty minutes, making it the quickest route to get from Bangalore to Mysore. The recommended mode of transportation from Bangalore to Mysore is via bus, which takes two and a half hours. 

What’s Mysore?

What’s Mysore
What’s Mysore / Pexels

On Chamundi Hill stands the city of Mysore, often called Mysuru. Mysore, the third-largest city in the state of Karnataka, serves as an important industrial hub for businesses in the IT, textile, and automotive sectors.

This place is also known as the “city of palaces.” You can find popular yoga, silk saris, sandalwood, and lovely historic architecture in this city.

Mysore is not only the cultural hub of the Indian state of Karnataka, but it is also a popular national tourism destination.

What to Do in Mysore? 

What to Do in Mysore
What to Do in Mysore / Pexels

There are many things you can do and see in Mysore. Below are some of them. 

1. Visiting Mysore Palace 

Visiting Mysore Palace
Visiting Mysore Palace / Pexels

You can go to Mysore Palace, the former residence of the Mysore royal dynasty, which continues to function as their current formal residence.

The 24th Lord of the Wodeyar dynasty commissioned the building of Mysore Palace, one of the biggest palaces in the country, in 1912.

The greatest time to go is right around Dussehra when the palace is at its most lovely and hospitable and the entire compound is gorgeously decorated and lit.

You can then go to Vijaya Dashami, the primary celebration that takes place every autumn, at that time. The festival’s centerpiece, the 10-day-long elephant procession march, is what draws most visitors.

Tourists from around the world come to the area to celebrate Dussehra because it is adorned to resemble a wedding. Members of the royal family and notable guests both attend the event.

On the ninth day of the festival, you can also see the parade of The royal sword Pattada Katti  across the city, on the auspicious day of Mahanavami.

Entrance Fee : 

  • Adults: 70 INR (0,85 (USD)
  • Children 10 to 18 years: 30 INR ( 0,36 USD) 
  • Study Tour: 10 INR /per pax (0,12 USD)
  • Parking: 40 INR 0,48 (USD) for a car  and 20 INR (0,24 USD) for a Two-wheel vehicle.

2. Enjoying Musical Fountains at Brindavan Garden

Enjoying Musical Fountains at Brindavan Garden
Enjoying Musical Fountains at Brindavan Garden / Pexels

Twenty-one kilometers separate Brindavan Park from Mysore. This park is located across the famous Cauvery River in India.

The primary attraction at Mysore’s Brindavan Garden is the magnificent row of musical fountains. When the park is lit up with laser lights and the fountain, it is timed to music and exhibited.

The beauty of Brindavan Garden reaches a new height at night. The scene is even more beautiful by the yellow lamps burning under the trees.

The ideal time to visit Brindavan Garden is between October and February because the winters are pretty warm. Around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius are the constant temperatures. Due to the oppressive summer heat and persistent rain, the visit is uncomfortable. The summertime high is 40 °C.

Entrance Fee : 

  • Adult: 50 INR  (0,6 USD ), Child: 10 INR  ( 0,12 USD)
  • DSLR: 100 INR 1,2 (USD)
  • Boat: RT before 6 PM cost INR 30 (USD 0,36), After 6 PM cost 60 INR ( 0,72 USD) ; One side after 6 PM 30 INR ( 0,36 USD)
  • Parking: 100 INR  ( 1,2 USD) – Inclusive of Toll

3. Visiting Somnathpur Temple

Visiting Somnathpur Temple
Visiting Somnathpur Temple / Pexels

Somnathpur Temple is another renowned temple in the Mysore area. At this temple, one of the most exquisite pieces of Hoysala architecture still stands majestically.

You shouldn’t skip this spot when sightseeing in Mysore – it is located around 35 kilometers away in the town of Somanathapura.

The best time to go to this temple is between the months of October and March. The rest of the year, due to the exceptionally high temperatures and excessive humidity in this part of the country, is unsuitable for travel.

Entrance Fee : 

  • Domestic tourist:  20  INR/ 0,24 USD (Cashless), 25 INR/ 0,30 USD (Cash),
  • Foreign tourist: 250 INR/ 3,02 USD (Cashless) 300 INR/ 3,62 USD(Cash)
  • Children up tp to 12 years: No entry fee
  • Videography: 25 INR/ 0,30 USD.

How to Get to Mysore?

How to Get to Mysore
How to Get to Mysore / Pexels

Mysore is one of the cities in Karnataka with the best transportation options, including access by air, rail, and road. Despite the fact that Mysore has a local airport, it is not fully functional and does not have connections to all significant cities.

The Mysore railway station can be reached by taking one of the numerous daily trains that stop here.

1. By Road 

By Road
By Road / Pexels

Bangalore is situated one hundred thirty-nine kilometers to the southwest of Mysore. The joint state highway between these two cities is in very good shape.

The journey from Bangalore to Mysore by road lasts roughly less than 3 hours and is quite gorgeous. The Karnataka Road Transport Corporation provides Mysore with excellent transportation management.

2. By Train 

By Train
By Train / Pexels

The centrally located railway station in Mysore provides access to all major Indian cities. Three lines run through the city’s railway station and connect Mysore to Bangalore, Hassan, and Chamarajanagar.

3. By Flight

By Flight
By Flight / Pexels

For those who want to fly into the city from across the border. A domestic airport inside the city border, regularly has scheduled flights to and from well-known locations including Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata, and Mysore. 

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Hopefully, this information about going to Mysore from Bangalore Airport is useful. Have a nice trip.


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