Going to Namdaemun Market From Incheon Airport: Best Tips!

As the Hallyu Wave progresses worldwide, South Korea has become one of the most desired tourist destinations. Not only does it have a beautiful culture, but South Korea is also famous for its culinary options. This becomes obvious when going to Namdaemun Market from Incheon Airport.

Going to Namdaemun Market from Incheon Airport 

Going to Namdaemun Market from Incheon Airport

As a tourist, you will first arrive at Incheon International Airport. Therefore, you need to choose one of the transportation methods to reach Namdaemun Market.

Namdaemun Market is located forty-five minutes away from the airport. Additionally, you may need to make transfers several times when going to Namdaemun Market from Incheon Airport.

What is Namdaemun Market?

What is Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market is South Korea’s largest traditional market, housing more than 10,000 sellers. 

You will encounter numerous stalls offering a wide variety of products. Within this market, you can shop for street food, souvenirs, apparel, and much more.

Furthermore, it stands as one of the oldest markets in South Korea, with its establishment dating back to 1964.

As a tourist visiting Korea, Namdaemun Market serves as both a heaven for shoppers and a cultural heritage site to explore. 

What to Buy at Namdaemun Market

What to buy at Namdaemun Namdaemun Market

As mentioned above, there are approximately 10,000 stalls, ranging from individual vendors to grocery stores. Additionally, the market is renowned for its street food. Below is a list of some of the street foods available at the market:

  • Tteokbokki

If you are a fan of Korean culture, you are likely familiar with tteokbokki. Tteokbokki consists of chewy rice cakes served with a spicy sauce.

Koreans often enjoy this dish as a snack during gatherings or as a quick bite during breaks. Upon your arrival at Namdaemun Market, you will encounter numerous stalls offering Namdaemun tteokbokki.

  • Odeng

In contrast to tteokbokki’s rice cakes, odeng features fish cakes known for their pronounced fish flavor and soft, chewy consistency. 

It is commonly enjoyed with a spicy broth and other types of dumplings. Many stalls within Namdaemun Market offer odeng, allowing you to choose between regular and spicy varieties.

The spicy version typically includes gochujang sauce in its broth, enhancing the overall flavor experience.

  • Hotteok

Another crowd-pleaser at Namdaemun Market is hotteok, a sweet Korean pancake filled with brown sugar. It is the perfect treat to indulge in during the winter season.

Alongside the classic brown sugar filling, options like cinnamon and nut fillings are also available, allowing you to choose your preferred flavor.

  • Mandu

For those familiar with Korean street food, mandu needs no introduction. These dumplings are filled with a variety of ingredients, often including pork and sometimes even chicken.

Furthermore, mandu comes in numerous variations, including stewed, steamed, and fried. You can savor mandu while exploring Namdaemun Market.

Other popular street food in Namdaemun market include kalguksu, bunggeopang, and corn dogs.

Tips for Going to Namdaemun Market from Incheon Airport

Tips for Visiting Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market boasts hundreds of stalls. This fact alone highlights just how many people visit the market every day. As a tourist, it’s essential for you to be well-prepared.

Here are some tips for your visit:

  • Shop Before Noon

Namdaemun Market is most crowded around 1-2 pm when many people usually arrive to shop. Additionally, the crowds persist until the night. To avoid the rush, it’s better to shop before noon.

Furthermore, shopping earlier means you will not have to wait in long queues to enjoy your Namdaemun street food

  • Bring More Cash

Although the capital city’s facilities mostly rely on electronic payment methods, this does not hold true when going to Namdaemun Market from Incheon Airport. Most sellers prefer cash as payment. Therefore, it is wise to ensure you have enough cash on hand before heading to Namdaemun Market.

  • Haggle The Price

Recognizing that visitors come from diverse backgrounds, many sellers may exploit this by inflating prices above the norm.

Consequently, it is a good practice to haggle and negotiate with sellers. This primarily applies to accessory sellers and is less common among food vendors.

By following tips before going to Namdaemun market from Incheon Airport, you will undoubtedly have an enjoyable experience during your visit.

Nearby Attractions

Nearby Attraction at Namdaemun Market

Not only can you roam around the market, but you can also visit nearby attractions such as City Hall, Shinsegae Department Store, and Lotte Mart.

Therefore, you do not have to spend the entire day exclusively at Namdaemun Market; there are also other interesting sites nearby to explore.

How to Get to Namdaemun Market?

How to get to Namdaemun Market

After arriving at the airport and settling into your hotel, it’s important to familiarize yourself with tips on going to Namdaemun Market from Incheon Airport.

Several transportation methods are available:

1. Bus

You can reach Namdaemun Market by taking the Seoul City Tour Bus, which includes a stop at the market for passengers to visit.

2. Subway

The subway train is the most convenient way going to Namdaemun Market from Incheon Airport. Take Seoul Subway Line 4 to Hoehyon Station. 

3. Taxi/Car Rental

If you are in a hurry, you can opt for a taxi or car rental. This transportation is a more flexible option, allowing you to customize your destination. 

That covers everything you need to know about going to Namdaemun Market from Incheon Airport. Start planning your trip now by booking your flight exclusively at Airpaz!


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