Great Hotels in Philippines With Refreshing Views

The Philippines has become one of the main destinations for traveling. The archipelago offers more than 7,100 exotic and beautiful islands to explore. Beaches, mountains, caves, historical sites, unique festivals, and cuisine are some of the many reasons tourists come to the country.

One important thing that is loved by travelers is the Philippines’ accommodation is inexpensive. However, you still can enjoy the luxury resorts offered on these tropical islands. Staying at the resorts will be an outstanding traveling experience for your life!

9 Great Hotels in Philippines with Eye Refreshing View

9 Great Philippines Luxury Hotel with Eye Refreshing View Form Room

1. The Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa

Hotels in Philippines- Shangri-La, The Philippines

It is a resort which is popular with excellent service. You can enjoy your privacy because the resort enabling you to do so. It feels like you stay at your island because you can ride a private speedboat from the Boracay coast to the resort’s gate.

There are a lot of best rooms here, but one of the best is the Seaview Suite. As stated in its name, the room lets you see and enjoy the sea directly from the room. The sunset view always appears in this room.

The other suites and villas at Boracay are designed in a combination of contemporary, classic, and regional tastes. You can also see lots of sea creatures under the sea on the marine sanctuary such as corals, fish, or clams.

Shangri-La Resort and Spa

Tired of exploring the island? Don’t worry, relax at the spa village around the resort. Also, spoil your tummy with the tasty restaurants available there. Shangri-La’s is established within an eco-reserve; everything that deals with the vacation is accommodated well here.

2. The Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa – Panglao Island, Bohol

The Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa

Want to stay within Filipino culture? You are at the right place. The Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa is designed with Filipino culture originated from the local customs on Panglao Island.

It offers luxury villas on the southern tip of Bohol. The highest class of the suite is the Presidential Villa which consists of two bedrooms and a gorgeous infinity pool with a whirlpool.

The Presidential Villa is not the only suite coming with a private pool, most of the villas here are facilitated by a private swimming pool. Around the resort, you can explore and enjoy the cliffs, caves, mountains, ravines, vegetation, and of course the sea.

3. Misibis Bay Resort, Cagraray Island

Misibis Bay Resort

The resort is excellent for adventurers because various outdoor activities are available and await you outside the room. Misibis Bay is built in Cagraray Island of Bacacay, Albay where the tropical nature and landscape are located. The landscape you might see is volcanoes, beaches, and the jungle.

The resort also provides adventure sports such as ATV riding, mountain biking, kayaking, dune buggies, jet skis, or sailboats. The adrenaline rush will make your vacation refresh your life for the next new phase of your life.

4. Nay Palad Hideaway, Siargao

Nay Palad Hideaway

It is a resort with a virgin because where you can have deep fishing and enjoy your fresh catch right away. If you’re too lazy to fish, just visit the restaurants that also provide fresh seafood.

Nay Palad Hideaway is such a nestled resort located between the white sand beach and old mangrove forests in Siargao. It supports the facilities of the indie kids’ area, comfortable and luxury villas, an indoor yoga studio, and the best palm view around.

you can enjoy the unique and convenient villas with private pools, outdoor terraces, private beaches, and fireplaces. It’s indeed a paradise to enjoy privately.

5. The Plantation Bay Resort, Mactan

The Plantation Bay Resort

Located in Mactan, Cebu City, the resort is an area with a private waterway along the wide grounds. The best place to stay in Quantum Villa. It has a private pool gazebo, four bedrooms and offers the luxury of creme de la creme.

Besides the comfortable indoor support, the resort facilitates outdoor activities such as archery, beach volleyball, tennis, or rock climbing.

6. El Nido Resorts, Miniloc Island

El Nido Resort

The El Nido Resorts is established in the eco area, El Nido- Taytay municipalities in Palawan in the northern part. El Nido resorts are on Miniloc Island, Apulit Island, Lagen Island, and Pangulasian Island. It is easy for tourists to move from one island to another through the resort.

The specialty of the resorts is that it has more than 30 diving sites for various skill levels. It is indeed a great resort for beginners and professionals. If you don’t dive, you still can go snorkeling and scuba diving.

Moreover, you can do many beach activities since there are many dozens of beaches to explore. Keep in mind that putting environmental sustainability is a priority.

7. Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa

Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa

Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa is a great getaway for a tropical vacation. It is one of the best destinations when you travel to the Philippines. Like other resorts, this resort is near the beach village that faces the sea and bay cottages. The sea is clean and blue. All ages may enjoy the resort, so you can take the whole family for a vacation here.

8. Aman Resort, Amanpulo

Aman Resort, Amanpulo

Aman means “peace” in Sanskrit and “island” in Tagalog. It indeed is a popular resort with the top luxury accommodation in Amanpulo, the private island of Pamalican, a group of Cuyo Islands.

The destination is also a romantic destination for the rich and popular people. Celebrities often desire a place like this resort; exclusive, private, complete amenities, and unlimited services. Even you can reach the resort by private plane

9. Boracay Grand Vista Resort and Spa

Boracay Grand Vista Resort and Spa

It is the most suitable place for people who love spending time by the pool. Many private pools are available in every suite. There is also the largest pool on Boracay island.

The resort is located in the northern tip of Hagdan Yapak and surrounds by the beautiful scenery of Boracay beaches and five-star facilities. The building design is luxurious and makes your vacation well spent. Children will love the private pools and enjoy the natural nice weather.

So, are you ready to spend your whole vacation in the Philippines resort? All of them are stunning and offer specialties. Book the flight at and choose what you want to do with your vacation. Then, choose the destination and resort you desire!

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