5 Great Things to Do in Melaka Beach Malaysia

Melaka, especially Melaka beach is one of the most wonderful places to visit during your holiday in Malaysia and it is very popular both for the local and international tourists.

There are kinds of sunbathing and swimming beach Melaka to enjoy the tropical sun lights and enjoy perfect moments while staying in one of the best beach resorts in Melaka.

Things to Do in Melaka Beach


There are many interesting things you can do in Melaka Beach. If you want to enjoy more fun things than sunbathing in the beach resort in Melaka, you can go out and explore the beautiful things outside. Check out these below!

Check out these below!

• Release the baby hawksbill turtles in Padang Kemunting beach so they can back to the sea. Learn about how The Turtle Guardians work to repopulate the rare hawksbill turtles, providing safe places for the mothers to place their eggs and raise the baby turtles until they are ready to release.

• Deep-sea fishing from Pantai Siring, it will be the great experience for those who love sports fishing. After finish the fishing time, then enjoy the seafood by the beach Melaka with local sambal.

• Visit the Sky Tower Melaka to enjoy the town view from the 42nd floor of the tower, viewing the road under the tower from glass panel floors, and enjoy the beautiful view from the top that is featured by awesome outdoor gazebo design.

• Watching thousands of seashell collections in the Shore Shopping Gallery. You will amaze of the gallery because nearly all types of seashells in the world are exhibited there. See the giant aquarium of Arowana fishes and feed the turtles too there.

• Visit Masjid Selat; the floating mosque with its beautiful architectural design. There are many more fun activities that can be enjoyed when you want to explore more experiences outside the beach resort in Melaka.

There are many more fun activities that can be enjoyed when you want to explore more experiences outside the beach resort in Melaka.

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Melaka Beach Resort List

As the great development of Melaka in recent years, the city has become a welcoming place for tourists who need a comfortable place to stay.

Many resorts in Melaka Beach have been listed as great places for Melaka beach swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing under the warm sun.

The best beach resorts in Melaka are including the Shah Beach Resort Melaka, Philea Resort and Spa, Bayou Lagoon Beach Resort, Mabohai Resort Keblang, Puteri Resort, and etc.

You can choose one of them to become the best and more comfortable resorts to stay during your holiday in Melaka.

To spend the holiday in Melaka, enjoy the beautiful beaches, fun experiences and relax in the wonderful beach resort, you certainly should book flights from your place to Melaka.

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