Top 2 Green Spaces in Singapore: The Perfect place to Visit

Traveling with kids demands more preparation, especially about their needs and the right places to see during the vacation, including visiting green spaces in Singapore. You also can get some great places to see while traveling to Singapore with kids.

You should bring the kids there so that they will enjoy the vacation much more. Not only shopping malls and amusement parks, Singapore also have green spaces that are perfect for the kids to explore and learn the nature.

Green Spaces in Singapore

Green Spaces in Singapore

Green spaces are a necessity in any city, especially in densely populated ones like Singapore. Besides serving as recreational areas for local residents, green spaces can also be attractive tourist destinations for foreigners. Here are the green spaces in Singapore that you must visit.

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden
source: leisureandme

This green spaces in Singapore is the first one dedicated for kids and it is perfect for the energetic kids. The children can learn about nature and burn their energy off in this garden. The educational areas in this garden are designed very interesting for kids, like the stations of Magic of Photosynthesis and the sensory garden.

Besides, the children also can have many other fun activities at the playground, interactive stations, and the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The garden also features the tree house slides, maze, sandpit to play and get dirty, as well as the waterworks that let them soak into it.

If you get hungry while you are in the garden area, try the Kidz Café that is specially made for the children, with the special menu for kids as well as the tiny chairs and tables. For the adults, try the nice coffee of the café to help to keep up with the children.

In addition, you also can try another great cup of coffee in the Cluny Court’s Da PaoloGastronomia, it is located at the opposite of Botanic Gardens MRT station. The garden is free to visit. Don’t forget to wear hats and sunscreen or just visit the garden in the early morning or the late afternoon to avoid the hot sunny day.

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Children Garden of the Far East Organization

It is a children’s garden in the Marina Bay complex as the part of the Gardens by the Bay. The amazing garden has a typical design for 1-12 years old children. Consisting two areas, the children can explore the garden and learn the nature based on their age.

For the kids less than 6 years old, the wet and dry playground is separated with the older children’s by dense gardens, so that they are not disturbed each other. In the older children’s area, the garden features rainforest tree houses surrounded by climbing ropes, twisting slide, and spider net. A water area is also another feature of the garden for enjoying cool off time.

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