Guangzhou with Its Many Destinations

Guangzhou is a big city in the southern area of China that has its own unique appeal. If you want to find a city that combines new and modern setting with the old-school flair, this is the perfect place to go. The city is home to many beautiful areas and interesting spots, ideal for family holiday or even a business trip. You will never get bored coming to this place as long as you know what to look for and where to go.

Tourist Destinations in Guangzhou

There are tons of places in Guangzhou that you can explore and visit – either alone or with your loved ones. Some of them require an admission fee while some are pretty free. Be sure that these spots will enrich your travelling experience.

1. Chimelong Tourist Resort

Guangzhou - Chimelong Tourist Resort

If you are looking for an international circus, safari park, an amusement park, a bird park, and a water park, you should head this area. You can say that it is a pretty complete resort, especially for the entertainment. This is an ideal place for family holiday, especially if you tag the kids along. If the entertainment factors aren’t enough, you can always visit Zhuhai, the neighbourhood city, with its Ocean Kingdom Aquarium. Mind you, though, that the place will be swarmed with people during weekends and holidays.

2. Shamian Island

Guangzhou - Shamian Island

This is a small island that is separated by a small canal from the main island. It used to be a crucial port for foreign exchange and trade – lasting from the Song Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. The island is small but it is rich in history. It looks like a European town right in the centre of China. If you want to enjoy a peaceful time while strolling around or enjoying the view, or you simply want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the crowd in Guangzhou, this would be your perfect area.

3. Huacheng Square

Guangzhou - Huacheng Square

There are several landmarks that you can find in this modern square. Expect to find International Finance Center, the new library, Guangdong Museum, and Canton Tower in this square. When you come to this spot, you can explore those landmarks freely – don’t forget to take pictures too. This square is also beautiful at night, thanks to the lights.

4. Canton Tower

Guangzhou - Canton Tower

If you want to see the city from above while enjoying a tasty meal or a warm cup of coffee, this place will suit your needs. The tower is 600 meters in height. At night, the lights can illuminate the surrounding areas, creating a nice view. You can find restaurants, coffee shops, and observation decks there. If you want to challenge yourself, there are even rides that will test your courage.

5. Pearl River Night Tour

Guangzhou - Pearl River Night Tour

If you are looking a way to spend your nights (instead of staying inside the hotel room), then you should take the night tour around Pearl River. There will be light shows at the river, creating a beautiful view at night. After all, Pearl River is the third rivers in China with its expansive length, covering 2,000 kilometres. If you want to join the cruise, it will be a perfect option to explore the river – and the impressive riverside view.

If you prefer going on foot, feel free to explore the Scenic Corridor which is 23 kilometres long and it is located alongside the Pearl. You can stroll while enjoying the nice air. It is quite fun to roam around the area.

6. Redtory

Guangzhou - Redtory

If you are into arts, this area should be included in your list. The area was once the home of factories but now it is home to art studios, galleries, fashion stores, modern offices, and also artsy coffee shops. This is an area often used in photography and other art inspirations. If you want to watch the art exhibitions, you should go to this Yuancun 128 4th Cross Road in Tianhe District.

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Historical Destinations

Guangzhou has an impressively long history of its own, and there are some historical places to visit. You can also witness some of the collections at museums or you can come to the old structures. View their majestic construction and take their pictures.

1. White Cloud (Baiyun) Mountain

Guangzhou - White Cloud (Baiyun) Mountain

The interesting thing about this mountain is the beautiful view as well as the historical relics. The mountain has 30 peaks, so it is quite interesting. Not to mention that there are 6 zones developed there – each of which has their own special features. If you reach the peak, you can see the Guangzhou and also the Pearl River. Looking forward to enjoying a peaceful holiday with a beautiful view overlooking the city? This mountain should be on your must-visit list. You can reach the mountain by bus – it costs only CNY 5. Get off once you reach Yuntai Garden Station.

2. Han Nanyue Western King’s Tomb Museum

Guangzhou - Han Nanyue Western King's Tomb Museum

Into history so much? If you want to learn more about Han Dynasty history, this is the right place to do so. You will see the collections of the Han Dynasty, showcasing a history of 2,000 years ago. The tomb was found in 1983 after being hidden for 20 meters under the ground. The tomb has 750 big stones along the colourful murals. One of the highlights is the silk-jade garment from 2,291 jade pieces that are connected to one another by the silk thread. That’s why this garment is the only one in the world. The ticket is CNY 12. To reach the place, take the bus ( it is the easiest route) and you can reach Jiefang North Road Station.

3. Guangdong Museum

Guangzhou - Guangdong Museum

This is a construction that has an extensive collection of Guangzhou history. The museum is easy to reach because it is close to Huacheng Square. You can enjoy the main exhibitions that include Guangdong Natural Resources and Guangdong Culture and History. You can also check the schedules of temporary exhibitions – they often hold such an event.

Religious Destinations

Sometimes people are traveling for the spiritual reason, and coming to some of the right places can provide peace, enlightenment, and spiritual freedom. Guangzhou is the place where different belief is mixed together so you should be able to find different spots in this city.

1. Six Banyan Trees Temple

Guangzhou - Six Banyan Trees Temple

This is an ancient Buddhist temple built in 537 by Emperor Wu. Later on (during the Northern Song period), the temple was rebuilt again. You can find Flower Pagoda with its nine-story construction inside this temple. The temple itself comes with the colourful exterior. This temple is located in Zhongshan Liu Lui at 87 Liurang Road.

2. Sacred Heart Cathedral

Guangzhou - Sacred Heart Cathedral

This Catholic cathedral was completed in 1888, – after being in the construction for 25 years. It is pretty unique because it was built from granite. In fact, it is one of only several cathedrals built entirely from granite. The masses are generally held on weekends and in the mornings, in Korean, English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. People like to come here because of the beautiful and majestic architecture. If you want to pray, you can do it here.

Natural Destinations

Despite the modern development and setting, Guangzhou still has some of the green environment. In fact, you can find some of the well-preserved gardens all over the city. Each spot has its own signature style and characteristics.

1. Yuexiu Park

Guangzhou - Yuexiu Park

This is the biggest park in the city with impressive sceneries. The highlights include Guangzhou City emblem, Ming Dynasty City Wall site, and also Zhenhai Ming-era Tower. If you take the bus, head to Yuexiu Park Station.

2. South China Botanical Garden

Guangzhou - South China Botanical Garden

This place is located in the northern area of Guangzhou. Built in 1929, this botanical garden is the biggest and also the oldest garden in China. The conservatory and garden hold thousands of collections of plants. You can explore the Neolithic village remaking as well as visiting the unique Magic Forest. It provides a unique learning experience for the kids.

3. Baomo Garden

Guangzhou - Baomo Garden

This place isn’t exactly located in Guangzhou but in Panyu. It is around 1 hour from the city centre. If you want to see the example of exquisite art gardening of the Southern Chinese construction and architecture, this would be the spot. This Garden was built near the end era of the Qing Dynasty. Too bad that it was destroyed and damaged in the 50s. It is a good thing that reconstruction began after a few years and now the beauty has been restored.

Culinary Explorations

Guangzhou is like the melting pot of culture and ethnicity, including the foods. You can find the local foods as well as the international ones. Looking for a fusion? You can easily find it in this city. Some of the highlights include street foods that are popular for the tastiness.

Guangzhou - Culinary Explorations

1. Maan Coffee

You won’t be able to find heavy meals or a complete serving, but this place is popular for the tasty snacks. Besides the foods, the ambience is also relaxing and comforting. The sitting space is convenient and you can try different kinds of dishes. As the name suggests, the speciality is coffee although honey tea is also popular. It costs only CNY 90 for two people.

2. Street Foods

Some of the street foods are popular and they can be easily found at street vendors. Baked fish with black beach and ginger sauce is quite trendy here because it is tasty. The fish is baked together with bok choy cabbage, garlic, salt, and black bean within a clay pot. The result is a tasty and warm dish with a nice smell.  Ji Zia Bing or Chickadee biscuits are another variants of a tasty snack. It is a cookie, really, with round and small form and crisp and firm texture. It has a nice chicken flavored taste in it.

Do you know that you can find a local beer here? Guangzhou has its locally brewed beer that has pale gold hue, low alcohol content, and slight sweetness called Harbin Beer. You should be able to find it easily around the city.

3. Pandan Indonesian

If you are looking for traditional dishes coming from Indonesia, this would be the perfect spot. You will find halal foods with original Indonesian recipes. Basically, you will find a lot of tasty foods here because everything is prepared and cooked carefully, rich in spices and herbs. Be sure to reserve a spot during the weekends because it is usually packed and swarmed with people. The standard cost is around CNY 90 for 2 people.

Transportation to Guangzhou

There are some ways to reach Guangzhou from many spots in the world. Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is 28 kilometres away from the city centres. You can choose any flights to reach Guangzhou from Laos, Beijing, India, Vietnam, Shanghai, and other places. Finding the flights there should be easy. The airport is pretty convenient because you can find lines for buses and taxis. Using the train to reach the city is also easy because there are 3 stations that manage the transportation. The one on Huanshi Road is the biggest while the one in Huadu District is smaller. You can find trains from and to other big (and also small) cities from Guangzhou.

The buses are also convenient, catering to big and small routes around the city. You can find long-distance buses that reach small areas in other provinces. If you prefer water transportation, the city has a lot of important ports that can connect the city to other areas. You just need to choose the right ports and the right service.

If you want to move around the city conveniently, use the Metro. This subway is pretty convenient, covering 13 lines. The fare system is pretty fair – the longer you travel, the more you have to pay. The subway connects important spots in the city, such as Foshan City, airport, and railway station. The taxi is also another alternative option for travel. It is inexpensive unless you are travelling far away. You can use the city bus for an inexpensive way of travelling. If you want the healthier option, there are dockless bikes for sharing. It uses an app, allowing you to use the bike easily. Once you are verified, you can use the bike. The rate is between CNY 0.5 and CNY 1 for half an hour.

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Guangzhou is captivating, isn’t it? Well, if you’re planning on visiting this lovely city, make sure to book your flight and hotel only at Airpaz for great deals! Happy Traveling!

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