Best Guide to Kanchanaburi in Thailand

Kanchanaburi in Thailand is an interesting destination to visit when you travel to Thailand. Besides the beautiful views of the river and the hectic modern center with the popular Kanchanaburi nightlife, Kanchanaburi is also interesting for the dark history. All of the histories are described in the memorials and museums established there.

Kanchanaburi Thailand was the place where prisoners of war and the Asian labor forcedly worked together under the colonialism of Japanese army during World War II. They worked to build the rail route from Thailand to Myanmar.

Kanchanaburi in Thailand

The dreadful story of the workers was written in a book entitled The Bridge over the River Kwai and then followed by a movie creation in 1957. Since then, Kanchanaburi becomes well-known and visited by many tourists.

The travelers from all over the world come to visit the museums, war cemeteries and try the Death Railway built by the forced workers with blood and tears. Those who are going to go to the Wild WestNational Parks of Thailand and enjoy their days in the riverside resorts also commonly pass Kanchanaburi

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Train from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi


The first train departs from Thonburi Train Station Bangkok at 7.50 am and then arrives at Kanchanaburi location at 10.25 am. The next train departs at 1.55 pm and arrives at 4.24 pm. If you buy the ticket with River Kwai Bridge to cross, then you should pay 100 baht per person.

To continue the trip to Nam Tokor so-called Death Railway, the ticket costs 100 baht too for Kanchanaburi– Wang Pho (the nearest station to Nam Tok) direction. Alternatively, you can ride a special tour train to the Death Railway. The ticket costs 300 baht and then you will get the air-conditioned train, soft drink and also a certificate that states you have tried the railway.

Kanchanaburi Accommodation

In Kanchanaburi Thailand, you can find many guest houses, hotels, and resorts. Because of the River Kwai Bridge is one of the main attractions in the area, you can find more accommodation options near the bridge.Book the hotels in advance so that you can get the free pickup service from the nearest airport to Kanchanaburi.

However, if you haven’t booked any hotel in Kanchanaburi, it might be interesting to try staying at the raft room, a floating hotel on the river for at least one night. For a standard double room, the hotel price starts from less than 300 baht for the budget hotel, 300 – 500 baht for the mid-range hotel, and more than 1000 baht for a splurge hotel.

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