A Brief Guide to Koh Chang in Thailand

Koh Chang in Thailand is the second largest island in the country, located in Trat Province, eastern Thailand. The island with the white sandy beaches is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand.

Most visitors love the island as a great place for diving, snorkeling and hiking through the jungle. It also houses kinds of wild animals such as elephants, birds, deer, and snakes.

Since it develops as a tourist destination in 2000, the Koh Chang Island Thailand grows rapidly but still quieter than Phuket and Ko Samui, including in the high season and in the good Island weather.

Getting to Koh Chang Island

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From Suvarnabhumi Bangkok, you can take one of three times flight per day to Trat Airport, the nearest airport to Koh Chang Island by Bangkok Airways. The journey will take about one-hour and the return flight tickets cost 2,000 – 3,800 baht according to the traveling season.

From the airport, you should continue with minibus transfers to Koh Chang Resorts. The minibus transfers cost 500 baht per person and 900 baht per person for the return tickets. The price is including ferry crossing to the Island.

Besides by plane, you can also take the bus as a more economical transportation to Koh Chang in Thailand. The bus ticket is including the ferry crossing to the island.

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Koh Chang Island Activities


For the wonderful beauty of the corals and rich kinds of the fishes, Koh Chang Island Thailand is loved most for fishing and scuba diving. However, the thick jungle and the diverse wildlife is also the great place to explore for trekking.

Besides, you also can join the local cooking class to learn about popular Thai cuisines cooking. The class costs from 1200 baht per course. The activities of the local people on Koh Chang Island are also interesting to be sightseeing, including when they visit and pay at the famous temple.

Hotels Available

Most hotels in Koh Chang Island Thailand are situated on the west side. Along the road, you can find many guest houses and resorts that offer the accommodations in kinds of class.

So it will never be difficult to find a place to stay when you spend your holiday on the island. However, the cheapest and the best accommodations are commonly full on the weekends and holidays. So make sure you book in advance before traveling to Koh Chang Island in Thailand.

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