Guide to Suphattra Land Thailand

For those who want to try another tourism attraction that is unique from the beaches and temples in Thailand, Suphattra Land Thailand will become a great choice. Located in Rayong, the destination is also a perfect one for the fruits and vegetable lovers.

Suphattra Land Bangkok is the paradise of local tropical fruits and veggies, which are organic and freshly picked. Visitors can learn about general knowledge about agriculture there and then view the 320 acres plantations with cable car and pick as well as taste the delicious fruits.

To explore the plantation and the garden, there are some dropzones that will direct the visitors to different plantations. In one of the drop zones, the visitors will enjoy fruits and veggies buffet where they can eat kinds of fruits and veggies as much as they want.

How to Get to Suphattra Land


To get to Suphattra Land Thailand from Bangkok by Suphattra Land transport, you should drive towards Rayong on the motorway. Take the Ban Bung to Ban Kai direction by turning left on the Route 3138. When you have been at the Ban Kai, then turn right at the T-junction of Ban Kai Hospital.

Drive away from the hospital and then turn left and head to the Nikhompattana district. Continue driving for about 8 km and when you see an old PTT petrol station on the left side, then the Suphattra Land location is on the right side of the road.

Suphattra Land Opening Hours and Entrance Fee

When you visit Thailand and want to experience the journey of agro-tourism and delicious fresh fruits enjoyment, you can come anytime to Suphattra Land Bangkok. It opens every day from 7 am – 5 pm. The Suphattra Land ticket is 400 baht per pax, an interesting price since you can see the paradise of tropical fruits and veggies there.

Suphattra Land Activities


After entering the Suphattra Land area, a cable car will ride to go around the orchards and garden with 320 acres of width. It includes a guide that will explain every section of the plantations. Along the journey, you can have 3-4 drops zones depending on what fruits are ripening. In each plantation, visitors are allowed to pick some fruits and taste the freshness.

Be careful and listen to the guide’s instructions so you don’t get any problem. There are two drop zones where you can enjoy kinds of Suphattra Land fruits and vegetables as well as the local salad made from the fresh ingredients. On the last drop zone of Suphattra Land Thailand, presenting bee farm, where visitors learn about how to farm honey bee and how to differentiate fake and original honey.

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