Guide to the Great Sukhothai Kingdom in Thailand

The Sukhothai Kingdom in Thailand is another popular destination and most-visited by those who love exploring the ancient city. It was the capital of Thai in the 13th century C.E and Siam’s first capital established by the King Ramkhamhaeng.

In the Sukhothai Historical Park is the place where many monuments and temples restored. The amazing heritage makes it as another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Thailand.

The Sukhothai Kingdom is also the place that also houses other interesting places such as Ramkhamhaeng National Park, Ramkhamhaeng National Museum, The Royal Palace, Wat Mahathat and Sri Satchanalai National Park.

Sukhothai Kingdom History


Sukhothai Kingdom Thailand was Siam’s capital in 800 years ago or between 1238 and 1257. The name of the kingdom means Dawn of Happiness in the Thai language. The first dynasty was named Phra Ruang Dynastyand founded by Phokhun Si Intharathit.

Many kings ruled the kingdom for about 120 years when Siam became the capital city. The most famous king was King Ramkhamhaeng the Great. He led the most dynamic monarch, creating Thai Alphabet, and found politics, religion, monarchy, and influence expansion.

Although the kingdom’s golden era does not exist anymore, the ruins of the twin Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai cities are always admired and respected by all visitors.

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How to Go to the Sukhothai Kingdom


From the Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok, you can take Bangkok Airways to reach Sukhothai Airport; the nearest airport to the Sukhothai kingdom. The 1 hour 15 minutes flight is available twice daily and costs about 2,290 Baht.

From the airport, take a shuttle to get to the resort. Low-cost flights are also available, provided by Nok Air and AirAsia from Bangkok to Phitsanulok Airport. Then you should take a van to reach Sukhothai.

Alternatively, you also can take a train from Bangkok or Chiang Mai to reach Phitsanulok in about 7 hours. Then continue to Sukhothai by bus in about 1 hour.

If you choose to reach the Sukhothai Kingdom by bus, it is also very easy. Travel to the Sukhothai Kingdom by bus can be from Mae Sot, Phitsanulok, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai.

The kinds of activities that you can do at the Sukhothai Kingdom

When you visit the Sukhothai Kingdom in Thailand, you can do kinds of activities such as renting a bicycle to explore the old Sukhothai, get around with tuk-tuk, enjoying sunrise beauty at the park, visiting the Sri Satchanalai Historic Park, walking around the early morning fresh market of new Sukhothai that offers delicious foods, exploring the local lifestyle by motorbike,trying the tasty noodles of Sukhothai, visiting the Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary, as well as cycling through the local farms and rice fields with mountain bike.

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