Essential Guidelines: Kuala Lumpur Airport Terminal

You can go wherever you want with your family, whether spending a holiday at Sepang’s World Game Museum or Subang Jaya’s Extreme Park. However, firstly you should know essential information such as the Kuala Lumpur Airport terminal, so you don’t spend too long navigating the airport.

Kuala Lumpur Airport Terminals

Kuala Lumpur Airport Terminals
Kuala Lumpur Airport Terminals /

It’s commonly known that Kuala Lumpur Airport code is KUL. Besides knowing its code, it would be better to know other things, such as this airport’s terminals, so you can navigate the airport easily. 

The available terminals in Kuala Lumpur Airport are two, namely Terminal 1, more commonly called KLIA. The second one is Terminal 2, which is better known as KLIA2. 

The first terminal, the KLIA terminal, is the main terminal at Kuala Lumpur Airport. This terminal controls not only domestic flights but also international flights. 

Meanwhile, the second terminal is referred to as KLIA2. This recently established terminal takes care of low-cost and regional airlines.

Kuala Lumpur Airport: KLIA Terminal

Kuala Lumpur Airport: KLIA Terminal
Kuala Lumpur Airport: KLIA Terminal / Freepik

The Kuala Lumpur Airport Terminal 1 consists of 2 parts: the primary and the satellite building. Several levels are used in each of these buildings as the Arrivals and Departure Halls for domestic and international passengers.

For a more detailed explanation, here are some of the facilities available at the KLIA terminal:

  • Clinic
  • Baby Care Place
  • Muslim Prayer Quarters
  • The Charging Room
  • KUL Kidzania

Apart from the facilities above, several services that you can find in this terminal include:

  • Lost & Found,
  • Information counters,
  • ATMs,
  • Free wifi connection,
  • Currency exchanges, etc

For passengers who require a place to rest comfortably, there are plenty of lounges they can make use of. Some of them are:

  • KLIA Premier Access
  • Sama Sama Express
  • Malaysia Airlines Golden
  • Thai Airways Royal Silk
  • Snooze KL
  • Plaza Premium
  • Singapore Airlines SilverKris
  • FlightClub
  • China Airlines Dynasty
  • The Emirates
  • Cathay Pacific

Some lounges, such as Snooze KL, Flight Club, and Plaza Premium First, are open 24 hours, while other lounges open at 5 or 6 AM. You can locate most of these lounges on L2 or L3 of the main and satellite building.

Amenities available in the lounges, as mentioned above, generally include food & snacks, Wifi, TV, magazines, telephone, and so on. Passengers must pay additional fees for services, e.g., printers, copiers, showers, conference rooms, etc.

To use the facilities and services at one of these lounges, a passenger must book plus pay about 238 MYR (54.03 USD)/ 5 hours. With that, you will get entry access to use the lounge services for 3 hours.

Kuala Lumpur Airport: KLIA2 Terminal

Kuala Lumpur Airport: KLIA2 Terminal
Kuala Lumpur Airport: KLIA2 Terminal / Freepik

KLIA2 consists of 3 parts: the main building, the satellite building, and the shopping mall.

The services you can get at Kuala Lumpur Airport Terminal 2 are:

  • Lost & Found

You can report your lost or exchanged items at this amenity situated at L3 Departure Hall. The office is open from 4 AM-12 AM.

  • The Butterfly Effect

This service is accessible to passengers with special needs, such as people with disabilities. The Butterfly Effect’s office is at L5 of the main building.

  • Airport CARE Ambassadors

This kind of service is available, for instance at information counters. The Care Ambassadors will assist you in finding the facilities or show you what you can do while navigating this airport.

  • Special Assistance

This airport provides assistance for passengers with special conditions, such as disabilities, in the form of ramps, elevators, etc. Wheelchairs, strollers, or other tools the airport offers are free of charge

  • WIFI

You can connect your gadget to the free WIFI in all areas of the airport. If you have connection difficulty, you can ask the Care Ambassadors at the information counter for help.

For those searching for a lounge to rest in, KLIA2 provides several lounges for you to rent. Some of them are:

  • Malindo Executive
  • Plaza Premium
  • Sama Sama Express
  • AirAsia Premium Red

Most of the lounges above are located on L2 and L3 of KLIA2. Lounges like Plaza Premium are situated in 3 locations.

Meanwhile, the lounges’ services are almost the same as those in KLIA, such as non-smoking spaces, Wifi, food & drinks, TV, shower, and so on. The entry price starts from 168 MYR (38.14 USD) / 2 hours.

Inter-terminal Transports

Inter-terminal Transports
Inter-terminal Transports / Freepik

You can move from Kuala Lumpur Airport Terminal 1 to 2 or vice versa by using the shuttle bus. If your starting point is KLIA, you must go out to Door 4 on KLIA’s L1. Meanwhile, if you are at KLIA2, the bus stop is at Bay A10, L1 Transportation hub. 

You only need to wait at these bus stops for 2 minutes. The bus will come every 10 minutes. 

Later, the bus will take a break for 10 minutes at the Long-term Car Park (LTCP). So, if you are in a hurry to get to KLIA, you may want to change buses to ready-to-departure buses to reach KLIA earlier.

So, that’s all the essential info about the Kuala Lumpur Airport terminal you need to know. Need essential trip necessities such as flight and hotel booking? Get the best offers at Airpaz.


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