Halal Restaurants and Their Menu in Korea

Finding halal restaurant in Korea is relatively easy these days. The nation understands that the number of tourists coming to their country is increasing, and Moslem tourists are included in them. It creates a business potential as well because most tourists are now very conscious and ‘picky’ of what they consume. No need to worry. There are some Moslem restaurants serving halal foods – and they are certified.

Some Moslem Restaurants Serving Halal Foods

1. Murree Korean Moslem Food

Murree Korean Moslem Food

This comfy restaurant isn’t far from Seoul Central Mosque (located in Itaewon) so it is pretty popular. If you are looking for a combination of spicy and tasty halal dishes, you can find Korean and Indian serving there. Expect such thing as Biryani and Tandoori Chicken, or Dakdoritang (spicy Korean chicken stew) and Bulgogi (meaty barbeque). You can also enjoy Kimchi fried rice known as Kimchi Bokkeumbap. The price range is pretty affordable, ranging around $10 to $20 per portion. Another cool thing is their refillable side dishes – you can really have a satisfying and fulfilling meal!

2. Makan Halal Korean Restaurant

Makan Halal Korean Restaurant

Also located in Itaewon, this restaurant also serves halal foods. You can find such dishes as Dakdoritang, Mul naengmyeon, or Bulgogi. Mul naengmyeon is cold noodles and they are refreshing during hot summer weather. Another thing to like about this restaurant is that they provide packed lunches, which is a takeaway package in case you don’t have the time to dine in. The price range is around $10 to $20 per portion. Reaching the restaurant is fairly easy because it is across the Seoul Central Mosque. You will have no problem looking for it.

3. Yang Good BBQ

Yang Good BBQ

Travellers coming to Korea often deal with the difficulty of finding halal Korean BBQ, but no need to worry because now you can always come to Yang Good BBQ and have a go. It is located in Gangnam and it has such a pleasant atmosphere. Be aware, though, that they serve alcohol. But you can be sure that their meats have a halal certificate. You can enjoy marinated lamb dishes with Korean BBQ sweet sauce glazing. If you choose the unmarinated one, you can also have it. Expect other dishes like lamb soup or Doenjang-jjigae. This soybean paste stew has a unique taste that you find appealing. The price range is around $10 to $40.

4. Dongmun in Nami Island

Dongmun in Nami Island

In case you are travelling to Nami island and you want to find a place to eat, this restaurant is halal certified so you won’t have to worry about the quality of the dishes. Their menu is quite plenty, consisting mostly of Asian foods, including Pho To from Vietnam. You can find dishes such as Bulgogi, Jajangmyeon, and Bibimbap (mixed rice). If you have been exploring Nami Island, you can always drop by at this restaurant and have an enjoyable meal. The price is quite affordable too, around $10 to $20.

5. Chunja Daegutang

Chunja Daegutang

This restaurant is located in Hongdae, and it is pretty cosy although it is little and quiet. The name alone means codfish soup, and their signature menu has codfish as their main ingredient. You can enjoy such thing as Daegu-Jeongol (or cod hot pot) and Daegu-Ppoljjim (steamed cod). The price range is probably higher when compared to other dishes and restaurants, but it is going to worth your spending. Expect to spend around $10 to $50 per portion.

6. Osegyehyang Vegetarian Restaurant

Osegyehyang Vegetarian Restaurant

This restaurant offers vegetarian menus that are unique and also tasty. Instead of meat, you will find other replacements. For instance, they have a dish from mushrooms for the meat, called Tang Su Yuk. It is unique and also tasty at the same time! Most of their dishes are made from soy products and veggies. The price range is around $15 to $30. It is not far from Anguk Station. Get off from Subway line 3 and continue on foot for 5 minutes.

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