Flight & Travel: Hanoi Airport & Everything You Must Know

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia that offers beautiful and exotic natural attractions but is relatively cheap for travelers. Before looking any further at the wonders of this country, the following information about Hanoi Airport is just as important for you. Especially for those who are planning a vacation to this country.

About Hanoi Airport

Hanoi Airport

Hanoi International Airport, or Noi Bai International Airport (NIA), is one of 4 airports in Hanoi. This airport is located 45 km northeast of the city of Hanoi. The Hanoi Vietnam Airport code is HAN. Here is comprehensive information about what you need to know about this airport.

Terminals & Facilities

Terminals Facilities 3

NIA Airport has two terminals. The first one, Terminal 1 (T1), accommodates only domestic flights. While the second one, T2, inaugurated in 2015, is a terminal that serves as a hub for international flights. 

The building of both T1 and T2 consists of 4 floors. The first floor is the Arrivals Hall while the second floor contains immigration and transit services. The 3rd floor is the Departures Hall. And last, Hanoi Airport lounges and restaurants are on the fourth floor.

You can find facilities at the NIA terminal, including baggage claims, an information center, a medical clinic, currency exchange, transportation desks, etc.


Hanoi Airport

One of the things that passengers look for when they transit have a late arrival or early departure is lounges and hotels. You can stay at the Hanoi Airport hotel, which offers facilities and services for your pleasant stay.

Some recommended hotels close to the airport include:

  • VATC Sleep Pod

It is a capsule hotel that you can find at T1 and T2 of the airport. Room rent starts from 8.23 USD a night here.

  • New Sky Hotel

It is a 2-star hotel that is only a 5-10 drive away from the airport. The price to stay at this hotel is around 15-59 USD a night.

  • Hanoi Airport Hotel – Convenient & Friendly

It is a 4-star hotel with more than 15 room options and complete facilities for families and children. The rental price at this hotel is about 32 USD.

  • Paragon Noi Bai Hotel

A 4-star hotel that provides more than 15 room options with complete facilities for families and children. The rental price at this hotel is about 32 USD.

  • New Airport Hotel Hanoi

It is a hotel that is only 12 minutes away from the airport. This hotel is one of the pet-friendly hotels and provides rooms for around 25 USD a night to rent.

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Transportations 12

If you are on vacation to Hanoi, you can find Hanoi Airport transport services on the ground floor of this airport. Transportation services that you can use to get to downtown Hanoi or its surroundings include:

  • Public Bus

Bus lines 7 and 17 can take you from Hanoi airport to the city center. Travel time by public bus is about 1.5 hours. Meanwhile, the fare of this transportation is around 0.40 USD.

  • Express Buses

You can use express bus 86 to travel around downtown Hanoi. Travel time using this mode of transportation is about 45 minutes with a one-way ticket for 1.90 USD.

  • Taxis

You can find this service outside the Arrivals Hall T1 and T2. The journey from the airport to the city center takes about 30-45 minutes and costs an average of 11 USD.

  • Shuttle Buses

Travel time with the Hanoi Airport shuttle is about 75 minutes. The fare of taking the shuttle bus is around 1.70 USD.

  • Rental Cars

The final transportation option is by renting a car. The cost of renting a car is around 35-70 USD/day.

Duty-free Shops

Hanoi Airport

This airport provides duty-free facilities for passengers who are stuck or stranded at the airport for hours. They can explore the duty-free shops in the Departures Hall of T1 and T2, as well as the Arrivals Hall of T1. Duty-free shops at the airport include:

  • NIA Duty-free shop,
  • Lotte Duty-free,
  • JDV Jalux Duty-free Vietnam

In these stores, you can buy quality goods such as liquor, cigarettes, cosmetics, perfumes, etc., from well-known brands such as Innisfree, Tom Ford, Hermes, Mediheal, Bobbi Brown, etc.

Best Things to Do in Hanoi

Hanoi Airport

There are many interesting attractions and activities for you. You can add it to your itinerary when you plan a vacation to Vietnam. Some of them are as follows:

  • Street Food Touring at Hanoi Weekend Night Market

There are lots of Vietnamese street foods that you might regret not trying. Examples include Bun Cha, Pho, Banh Cuon, and many more.

  • Trekking in Sapa

Trekking in Sapa is a worth-trying experience because after arriving at the top, you will find extraordinary views of the mountains and green rice terraces.

  • Watching the Water Puppet Show

This activity is suitable for those of you who are on vacation to Vietnam with your beloved children. This art has been preserved since 1000 years ago and is usually performed in ponds or lakes.

That’s all information about Hanoi Airport and all things about traveling that are important for you to know. Visit Airpaz to get attractive price offers on flights and hotels for your holiday needs.


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