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Listening to the word blossoms, your mind will immediately describe the natural beauty of the country with the nickname of the Cherry Blossom Country, Japan. The country located in the western end of the Pacific Ocean is one of the developed countries that has a variety of uniqueness. Just imagine, only Japan in the Asian region has the second largest gross domestic product after the United States. In addition, various modern technologies in the fields of telecommunications, machinery and robotics are familiar in the country of blossoms.

The advancement of technology in Japan, as well as the tourism sector used as a favourite place for tourists to visit. Japanese tours offer a variety of destinations such as temples, beaches, ski areas, fruit plantations, cherry blossoms, museums and much more. You can visit 47 prefectures in Japan which are divided into eight regions. These eight regions in Japan are Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu-Okinawa. Each of these regions has unique tourist characteristics and cannot be found in other regions.

All Things You Must Know about Japan Tourism

Japan is an archipelago in East Asia. It is located at the western end of the Pacific Ocean, east of the Sea of Japan, and is adjacent to the People’s Republic of China, Korea and Russia. Because Japan consists of 6,852 islands is called an archipelago Island. You can know the main islands from north to south are Hokkaido, Honshu (the largest island), Shikoku, and Kyushu. About 97% of Japan’s land area is on its four largest islands. Tokyo is de facto the capital of Japan and is domiciled as a prefecture. Tokyo Raya is the name for Tokyo and several cities in the surrounding prefectures.

Geography of Japan Tourism

There are so many tourist attractions in Japan that are interesting to visit, the country with its capital in Tokyo despite being a very modern and advanced country, but still has beautiful natural attractions and is already famous in the world. Some famous tourist attractions in Japan can you make the choice to spend vacation time with your family or your closest relatives.

The state of Japan is mountainous with steep slopes and there are many hot springs. The number of mountains in Japan is estimated at 1,500 and 192 of them are volcanoes. Japan’s natural condition is relatively unstable so Japan often experiences earthquakes. Having four seasons, Japan has a variety of natural attractions that will make your vacation more meaningful.


It is one of the most coveted seasons for tourists to Japan. The reason why many foreign tourists choose to visit Japan in spring is the cool air temperature, and the many spring flowers and the natural beauty of Japan which certainly cannot be missed.


Sakura has become an icon of Japan even though it has grown in several other East Asian countries. Usually, cherry blossoms bloom in mid-March to mid-April. Sakura began to flower at the end of March. For the Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka areas, the right time to enjoy sakura is until the 2nd week of April. If you don’t have time, Sakura can still be enjoyed on the 3rd week of April in the Tohoku area, and the first week of May in Hokkaido.

Land of the Rising Sun Source: juliekhuu
Source: juliekhuu


It is a dense pink flowering shrub. This flower is actually called “Kusa Hanatsume” or the Latin Phlox subulata, but because this flower has 5 flower petals and a pink colour, it is finally known as Shibazakura. Shibazakura usually grows in spring, around mid-April to late May.

Hitachi Seaside Park

It is located in Ibaraki Prefecture about 2 hours from Tokyo with an area of 190 hectares. It is divided into seven garden areas which each area has its own theme and uniqueness that grows a variety of different flowers in each garden. The main park area is Miharashi Hill. At Mitarashi Hill, flowers grow in blue Nemophila that bloom in spring, which is from the end of April to mid-May.


Summer in Japan is famous for its festivals and fireworks, but there are still many other interesting things that you can meet during the summer in Sakura Country. There are many opportunities to feel the best moments of summer, for example feeling refreshed and relaxing after you hear the sound of furin or wind chimes and the breeze blowing. But you need to be vigilant because the weather in Japan will become damp and very hot.

Yurikehama Beach

One alternative tourism in Japan is to visit the beach. During summer like during the holiday season, there is an interesting beach to visit, namely Yurikehama Beach. This beach is in Kagoshima Prefecture. There is a white sandy island that can only be seen at low tide. The best time to visit this area is from June to September. If you plan to travel to Japan during the holiday season, then this beach can be an attractive alternative.

Awaji Island

Have you ever seen the sea water lit in blue? If you have never, you can visit the Tourist Attractions in Japan, Awaji Island. There, you will find truly stunning views of the beach that you may not have seen before. One of them is the blue light that meets the shoreline. This view can be seen from April to September. People call it a blue sea firefly. But actually, this scene can occur because of the existence of small living things in the sea itself.



Another tourist spot in Japan that fell in June this year is Shirakami. Shirakami is a mountainous area in Aomori Prefecture to Akita Prefecture. You will find beautiful natural attractions there. Moreover, this place has entered the UNESCO world heritage site. This place has a green landscape in summer, from mid-June to the end of summer. One of the interesting things that can be visited there is a very beautiful lake. His name is Lake Juniko. This lake is clear blue and can be used as a means of refreshing with your family.

Moiwa Mount

Travel to Japan during the summer with family can also be enjoyed from Sapporo, precisely at Moiwa Mount. This one place is an observation point that will give a beautiful view to visitors. Visitors who come to enjoy Sapporo from an altitude of 531 meters above sea level. From the mountain, the view that is obtained is a 360-degree view. The best time to get there is before sunset so you can get a beautiful change from the light to the dark.


Usually in September, autumn begins to enter northern Japan, then begins to move south until early December. So that you can fully enjoy the beautiful and romantic scenery presented in Japan in this period. Autumn colours in Japan are always fascinating. One moment that must be enjoyed in autumn in Japan is to witness the colourful beauty of maple leaves in Japan which is often called Momiji.


The yellow, red, brownish, orange blends unite to produce an extraordinary composition of natural scenery. Momiji’s attraction makes local people or foreigners happy to visit Japan to enjoy the scenery in areas full of maple trees that change colour to red during autumn.

 Yoyogi Park

It was used as an Athlete Village for the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and opened as a public park in 1967. In this park covering an area of approximately 54 hectares, 6 species of trees grow in autumn, such as 1,000 Zelkova Serrata trees, 200 ginkgo trees. , 100 maple trees, and so on. No wonder if this park is the main destination for Momijigari. The park is easily accessible from the station so many residents visit it. There are those who come for picnics, some who ride bicycles, some who practice musical instruments, hold events, others open flea markets. If there is free time in your tour schedule, spread a picnic carpet and try to enjoy the colourful beauty of the leaves in this park.

Hamarikyu Park

It can be found among tall buildings in the city. The pond in this park is directly connected to Tokyo Bay so the view of the pond will change every time the sea water recedes. This pool is the only pool with sea water in Tokyo. Around it grows maple trees and Acer Buergerianum trees whose leaves change colour in autumn. In the middle of the pool, floating a building for a tea ceremony connected by two bridges. There are also sold matcha and wagashi drinks (traditional Japanese snacks), you can enjoy the reddish trees while enjoying Japanese snacks.


 Mount Takao

It can be reached by train for 1 hour from Shinjuku. Here there are 8 climbing packages that can be selected according to the length of time and level of difficulty. Not only at the peak, but you can also enjoy the beauty of patches along the way up the cable car when heading to the top.

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Winter is here and many people are already busy planning their year-end holidays. Many interesting tourist destinations but Japan is often an option for tourists to spend year-end holidays. No wonder, the uniqueness of culture, the delicious local cuisine complete with beauty when winter is hard to beat.

Sapporo Snow Festival

It is the biggest winter event in Japan that has been held regularly since 1950. This festival is held precisely in Sapporo, Hokkaido. As for this festival, there are various exhibitions such as exhibits of various carved works made of snow and ice, then there is competition in sculpting snow which is made into a statue and can be followed by all participants from various countries around the world.


Shiga Kogen Ski Resort

Visit the largest ski area in Japan even one of the largest areas in the world rankings. Shiga Kogen has 21 ski resorts that merge into one so that even though many visitors are not bothered to serve it. Shiga Kogen has a very large area, this can be proven if you want to surround the Shiga Kogen, it takes about 2 days. The northern part of the Shiga Kogen is flanked by two Saju mountains that have a height of 2000 meters and the southern part of the area has hot springs from the peak of Mt. Yukote.

Takaragawa Onsen

Located in Gunma precisely on the edge of the Takaragawa River you can ski. In addition to skiing or playing snow, one of the activities that can be done while on vacation in the winter is bathing. Takaragawa Onsen has been established since 30 years ago, but until now this place is still visited by many tourists. The route to Takaragawa Onsen is if you are from Tokyo, you can take a car for about 2 hours.

Popular Tourist City in Japan

Choosing a destination city for a vacation in Japan might be very difficult because there are so many cities that deserve to enjoy a vacation. The country which is a place where technology and ancient traditions combine beautifully and harmoniously is unique and has its own charm. Here are some city references that can be used as your vacation spot.


Wanting to get around Japan, you can start from this city as a place to introduce Sakura Country. The attraction of Tokyo is in a culture that is very thick, history and trends in society. Have time to stop by Tokyo Tower, one of the best places in the city if you want to enjoy the views of Tokyo with the backdrop of Mount Fuji. Inside the tower, there is also a wax museum and art gallery.

Source: Beauty Of Japan
Source: Beauty Of Japan
  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
  • Meiji Shrine
  • Sensoji Temple
  • Ueno Park
  • Tokyo Imperial Palace
  • Akihabara
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Shibuya  Pedestrian Crossing

Never miss Tsukiji Market when enjoying a vacation in Japan. There, you can find Seafood, sushi and Monja Yaki which is a traditional local dish in Tokyo. For you all finding instagrammable things, see cafes, sweets and drinks, and lots of new shops for making your social media more meaningful.


The next city that is recommended to visit is Kyoto, Japan. The city saves historic sites and more than 15 of them fall into the classification of UNESCO World Wealth Heritage. The city is known as “The Thousand Year Capital” is a source of many aspects of Japanese culture that we know today. Don’t forget to visit Gion District. There is also a traditional restaurant and a typical Japanese tea shop.


  • Kyoto Tower
  • Arashiyama
  • Fushimi Inari Taisha
  • Hokanji Temple
  • Gion District
  • Tenryu-Ji Temple
  • Kyoto Imperial Palace
  • Philosopher’s Walk

Do not let your vacation be uncomfortable because of hunger. Here, you will find Nishiki Ichiba Market which has more than 100 shops and restaurants that you can use to take a break. You can enjoy a variety of foods and drinks ranging from tea, local food and Kyoto vegetables to fresh seafood for souvenirs.


Osaka, which is one of the big cities in Japan, is worth visiting. Here there is a combination of history and modern economy. When to Osaka, a time to visit The American Village (Amerikamura) which is included in 10 tourist attractions in Japan. This place in the Minami District is very representative of the Western culture and its atmosphere is similar to cities in the United States. There is a replica of the Statue of Liberty, international bars, fast food restaurants and nightclubs.


  • Osaka Castle
  • Universal Studio Osaka
  • Hozenji Temple
  • Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
  • Umeda Sky Building
  • Sumiyoshi Taisha
  • Winter Ski and Snowboarding Nearby Osaka

Having vacationed in Osaka, You have to try instant noodles and cup noodle in Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum inventing the world’s first instant noodles and founding Japanese Nissin. Don’t miss Kuromon Ichiba Market serving some of the top quality and freshest ingredients available as like Otoro or Matsusaka Beef or Fugu.

Transportation in Japan

Japan as one of the trendy tourist destinations provides various choices of tourist attractions located in big cities or in remote Japan. No need to worry, because, with the technological sophistication of the sunrise country, there will be easy access to the attractions you want. You can get a very complete transportation system from all types of aircraft, buses, local trains and fast trains (Shinkansen).

Land vehicle

The train is one of the most practical means of land transportation in Japan. Every day, the trains are crowded, especially during peak hours. Most trains in Japan are in the form of subways. To ride it, you can buy regular tickets or IC cards, in the form of a multi-trip card that can be used on trains and buses. However, almost all major cities in Japan provide transportation in the form of buses as well. Yes, maybe because private vehicle parking costs are very expensive, making Japanese people prefer public transportation. Others are the taxi, rent the motorbike or car can also use to visit the place you want.


Marine vehicles

If you are the type of traveller wanting to be cheap, there is no harm in choosing a ferry as an alternative means of travel. The ferry is available twice a day, in the afternoon and evening. With ticket prices around 10,000 yen. As a suggestion, you should choose this mode of transportation in September-December or January-March because ticket prices in those months can be cheaper. Oh yeah, if you’re easy to get seasick, it’s better to just use other transportation.

Air vehicle

You can use air transportation when you want to go home or go to various countries because you are going to uncomfortable to have a vacation in Japan using an air vehicle.

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National Holiday in Japan

Japan has a total of sixteen different national holidays, and above all, most companies take “Obon” (summer vacation) in mid-summer, including holiday years. But large shops there are usually open every day, except for a short time before the New Year.

Stores that can always be relied upon to open every day throughout the year, for 24 hours, are mini markets. School holidays and also long summer holidays begin in July to throughout August, while winter holidays are one week before the end of the year. There are also spring holidays between March and April.

Japan has a typical year-end party in April – in contrast to most western countries, the Japanese begin their fiscal year (closed book) in April, along with the start of cherry trees. Because this affects all schools and companies, you can find calendars and memo books in Japan starting in April just like those who started their new year in January.

Taste Traditional Japanese Food

Even though the country is not too big, Japan has a big influence on the world. Japan is also known as a country with a very strong traditional culture, even many people who come from other countries love the unique Japanese culture. In addition to traditional culture and its very unique pop culture, Japan is also famous for its unique and delicious food. Many typical foods from Japan have been worldwide. In general, traditional Japanese food is a healthy food because it consists of enough protein, relatively low in calories, and contains important nutrients.


This Japanese food has been famous in the world, made from rice which is formed with side dishes in the form of seafood, meat, raw vegetables or cooked. There are many other ingredients that can be served or made side dishes if you do not like raw fish, such as boiled shrimp and grilled eel. Types of sushi are fermented, namely sushi, but the most typical types are Nigirizushi and Temakizushi. Sushi can be found in all corners of Japan, if you are looking for a delicious one, look for sushi restaurants in high-class areas such as Ginza or those close to fishing ports.



Ramen is a Japanese noodle that actually comes from China and has become a very popular dish in Japan. The distinctive feature of this ramen is the form of thin and yellow noodles, which are hand-made or machine-made. At first glance, ramen noodles are similar to instant noodles in Indonesia, but these noodles have a smaller diameter.

One thing that makes ramen different from other processed noodles is broth or broth. Ramen broth can be categorized into four types, namely Shoyu (soy sauce), zodiac (salt), miso (fermented bean paste), and tonkotsu (pork in the country of origin). The first three types are flavourings while the last is original broth. In Japan, there are many restaurants that serve ramen, in most stores also available cup ramen which can be eaten with hot water which is also provided.


This unique and unique food must be familiar to your ears, right? For those of you who like watching Japanese anime movies, you will often hear it. This Dango is made from rice flour which is formed round like Takoyaki, this cake is made with different flavours, the choice of taste starts from red beans, sesame, to the taste of green tea. Serving Dango is like serving a Satay, which is a Dango ball, inserting a wooden stick. After that, this cake is doused with sugar sauce or red bean sauce.



It is Japanese-style “rice cakes” made of rice filled with tastes, such as salmon, chicken, fish eggs, umeboshi (dried plum), then wrapped in nori. Usually, onigiri is round or triangular. Onigiri can be eaten directly and can also be added with special sauces that can enrich the taste of Japanese cuisine. This food is one of the foods that almost all students or office workers bring.


Do you know Doraemon? Yes, the cartoon cat robot character really likes this cake. This Dorayaki cake, besides being popular in Doraemon cartoons, is also very popular in Japan. This Dorayaki cake is a traditional Japanese cake, round and slightly bulging. In the centre of the cake contains red beans or various flavours.

The original Dorayaki cake is dorayaki which in the middle contains red beans. When you are in Japan, you can find it in a stall or booth that is open on the side of the road. Dorayaki will be more enjoyable when he is in a warm state. Even so, this cake is also a lot of favourite souvenirs for tourists visiting Japan.


It is the most popular snack sold on the streets of Japan. Takoyaki is truly delicious Japanese cuisine, made from squid that is shaped like a meatball, then baked or baked. The exterior of the Takoyaki looks crispy and crispy, while the inside feels soft, juicy, and has a lot of flavours. Almost at every festival, night market, or outdoor concert you can find Takoyaki’s sword with its typical cart. The smell of Takoyaki also definitely invites visitors to buy it.


It is a dish consisting of meat and vegetables boiled in an iron pan. This food is usually enjoyed with a sauce known as Warishita, which is made from soy sauce and sugar. The ingredients and method of eating Sukiyaki have many variations depending on the region of origin. Some areas add beaten eggs to the broth to make the taste lighter and more delicious. If you are looking for a large beef dish, then this food is worth trying.


Japanese Souvenirs

Until now, Japan has always been a fashion model for several countries in Asia. Although Japanese fashion fashions are rather quirky, yet still the style of fashion and style of Japanese youth is widely followed by people in countries in Asia, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

When on vacation in Japan, you don’t need to worry about food. The reason is, Japanese food is certainly familiar on our tongue. Examples of Japanese food that are widely sold in our country are sushi, bento, and ramen. In addition, Japanese Cuisine has a taste that is not much different from other Asian specialities.Well, satisfied to take a walk and taste the unique cuisine of Sakura Country, now is the time to hunt for some typical Japanese souvenirs for relatives and friends in Indonesia. What are the souvenirs from Japan?

Traditional Sandal

Geta is a name for Japanese clogs. Traditional sandals made of wood are used together with yukata or kimono. So, you can buy these clogs to complete the yukata that has been wrapped for souvenirs.


It’s eating utensils that are very commonly used. Not only in Japan. Chopsticks are also used in China and Korea. However, in Japan, there is a shop that offers chopsticks of various sizes, shapes and colours. The shop is Hashi Mikura. In this shop, you can request chopsticks that are written with a specific name, date, or message. Don’t worry about quality, because all the chopsticks sold here are of very high quality.


Maneki Neko

Japanese people usually display Maneki Neko in their shops or businesses. This cat statue with one hand raised up is believed to bring good luck. Wow, if you want to share this luck with relatives in your homeland, there’s no harm in buying a Maneki Neko for souvenirs. Even though in your country there are also many who sell it, but the original Japanese Maneki Neko is certainly more unique and interesting.

Tokyo Banana

Banana from Tokyo? How does it feel? Wait a minute, Tokyo Banana is not a banana that is harvested in Tokyo. This is a name for a creamy soft cake that is processed from throwing bananas. It has delicious taste will surely make anyone who tries it addictive. Lately, Tokyo Banana has always been the target of foreign tourists visiting Japan. Of course, this delicious cake is very suitable to be used as a souvenir for families at home. The price of this cake is not too expensive, 4 pieces of Tokyo Banana are sold at 483 yen.


It is traditional Japanese clothing. A yukata is a form of informal kimono. In the past, Japanese people used Yukata if they wanted to bathe in public baths. But now yukata is used during summer festivals, for example during fireworks, Matsuri, or dancing during Obon celebrations. Bringing yukata as a Japanese gift to friends and family at home is a pretty good idea. The reason is, this yukata price is much cheaper than a formal kimono so you don’t have to spend too much.


Japanese Culture

Japan is known as a country that has a variety of traditions. Even the tradition has been applied since hundreds of years ago. Japanese people are well-known as a person who is very guarding and preserving the traditions of their ancestors. This is believed to be able to bring blessings and a better life. In addition, this tradition is also a step to maintain the values of politeness, religion and culture of the country itself. Here are Japan Culture

  • The bowing tradition. It is very famous in Japan. This tradition is considered important as a symbol of respect for others.
  • Ikebana. It is the art of flower arrangement that is very popular in Japan. Japanese people believe that flowers are a place for the gods to dwell.
  • Matsuri. It is a Japanese cultural festival that is often held in the summer. Matsuri is a tradition of prayer for some people who have desires to be realized.
  • Drinking Tea. Usually, Japanese people will entertain guests with tea ceremonies. Even the way of serving tea itself becomes a mirror of the personality of the person who made it. Amazing fireworks festivals. They are always held in Japan every summer. Usually, at this festival, the number of visitors who arrive will be very large.
  • Kabuki. It is a theatre art that combines dance and music. When watching Kabuki, people seemed to be hypnotized by the thick culture of Japanese people in the past. A number of people even saw the actors in this festival make a creepy effort.
  • Sipping noodles. It must be done when you want to eat ramen (Japanese noodles). This tradition is a sign that the food is delicious.

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Talking about the country with the nickname of blossom country is never bored. It because many varieties of unique things can you find there. You can enjoy with the natural tourism place and another way, you can know the culture of Japan and things that be allowed to miss our traditional food and some souvenirs. So, what are you waiting for not visiting Japan as your destinations? Visit Airpaz now to get great deals for your flight to Japan!


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