All Things You Need to Know About Heathrow Airport Terminal

The airport in Heathrow, England, is among the busiest in the world. Before taking a flight to London, you should be familiar with Heathrow Airport Terminal‘s ins and outs. Let’s begin.

Heathrow Airport Terminal 

Heathrow Airport Terminal

There are four terminals at Heathrow Airport. Each terminal has a variety of amenities. Check the following information. 

Terminal 2 

Terminal 2

The terminal is divided into Terminal 2A and Terminal 2B. Except for Icelandair, all European airlines utilize terminal 2A for boarding and disembarking passengers. Turkish Airlines and Air Canada also utilize a similar structure for their short-haul flights. 

Terminal 2B is used by all foreign carriers. The sole airline operating out of Terminal 2B in Europe is Icelandair. 

The majority of flights to/from Terminal 2 at the moment are short-haul flights to Europe. From this terminal, a number of lengthy flights are available.

The ATR turboprop, the Embraer E-Jet family, and other tiny aircraft can only be accommodated in this terminal at Heathrow Airport due to their size.

1. Facilities

The followings are the facilities in Terminal 2:

  • Restaurants
  • Shopping area  
  • Fast Track 
  • Internet Terminals
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Foreign Exchange.
  • Money Machines

2. Services

Here are the services you can get at terminal 2.

  • Left Baggage

Here, you can reserve safe long- and short-term storage. Excess Baggage Company is in charge of running it. The following are the fees for using this service: 

  • 0–3 hours cost you £7.50 ($9,21); 
  • 3–24 hours will cost  £15 ($18,42), 
  • 24–48 hours: £22.50 ($27,64); 
  • 48–72 hours: £30 ($36,85); and 
  • 72 hours and more: £30 ($36,85) Extra £7.50 ($9,21) for each subsequent 24-hour period.

You can book this service here

  • Porter

This service covers both arrivals and departures. Your porter should be flagged down on the Terminal forecourts, as this service is available just as needed.

This service costs roughly £30 ($36,85) for 1 to 8 bags. Operates from 6:00 to 21:00 every day of the week

  • Bag Shipping

Excess Baggage Company provides a selection of unaccompanied baggage shipment and baggage courier delivery services out of Heathrow. 

You can arrange for courier or parcel delivery or shipping of bags. Organize shipment in advance here

  • Lounge

The Plaza Premium Lounge offers a place to unwind, revive, and pamper yourself before takeoff. They offer a variety of hot and cold foods along with prepared foods and specially made orders according to the hour of the day. 

Blue Badge holders have full access to all facilities, and hand sanitizer stations are located all over.  

Terminal 3

Terminal 3

In addition to the Virgin Atlantic hub and more than 20 other airlines, Terminal 3 is home to the first moving walkways in the UK. 

This terminal is mostly used for international flights. There are only a few short-haul airlines that operate out of this terminal. 

No Star Alliance airlines currently utilize Terminal 3. The majority of Star Alliance airlines now use Terminal 2. 

The other significant terminal users include Air France, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Iberia, KLM, and Qantas.

The following are the facilities and amenities in Terminal 2; restaurants, shopping areas, porter service, money machines, left baggage, bag shipping, Internet terminals, free Wi-Fi, and lounges. 

The lounges available are;

1. Club Aspire

The award-winning Club Aspire is the perfect spot to stop before you leave because it offers a full menu of food and drinks as well as a designated rest area. 

There is free food and beverage available. Champagne, prosecco, and mixed drinks are available for an extra fee. Three hours is the most you can stay.

2. No.1 Lounges

Delicious freshly cooked food, a free selection of free drinks, and a choice of settings to match your mood and goals are all available at Lounge No. 1. 

The Bistro, Clubroom, Library, and TV Lounge are located here. All day long, a variety of hot and cold foods are available. Additionally, a well-stocked bar serves a wide variety of beers, wines, and premium spirits. 

Blue Badge holders have full access to the lounge, and the maximum stay is three hours.

Terminal 4

Heathrow Airport Terminal

In order to make up for the terminal’s relatively great distance from the airport’s main terminal area, it was initially built as a facility for short-distance “point-to-point” traffic (CTA). 

The terminal’s architecture places passenger boarding doors close to check-in and security, allowing for quick passage of people through the structure. SkyTeam is housed in Terminal 4. 

There are many facilities that you can find in this Terminal, such as: 

  • fast track
  • free Wi-Fi
  • Internet terminals
  • restaurants
  • shopping center
  • porter service
  • money machines
  • left baggage
  • bag shipping
  • lounges that are available here is Plaza Premium. It is at the departure area of Terminal 4. 

Terminal 5 

Heathrow Airport Terminal

Currently, only British Airways operates most of its flights from Heathrow utilizing Terminal 5, but some short-haul destinations are served via Terminal 3 due to Terminal 5’s capacity limitations. 

On March 26, 2023, British Airways will relocate 12 of its long-distance flights to Terminal 3 and transfer its six short-distance flights from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5.

1. Facilities

This terminal offers a wide range of amenities, including fast track, free Wi-Fi, Internet terminals, restaurants, a shopping mall, porter service, money machines, left baggage pickup, foreign exchange, bag shipping, lounges, and left luggage facilities.

2. Services

Some lounges that are available here are Club Aspire Lounge, Plaza Premium Lounge, and Be Relax Spa. The Be Relax Spa is a haven of wellness and peace. It is located at Terminal 5B Gate 35 and Terminal 5A Gate 8, providing a full menu of services to help you relax and recharge before takeoff.

By now you know about the  Heathrow Airport terminal. To fly to London, make sure to only book tickets through Airpaz. There are many choices of airlines available. You can also download the app for easy ordering. Have a nice trip.


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