4 New Hidden Holiday Destinations in Indonesia Nobody Know

Indonesia archipelago comes with more than 18,000 islands. Domestic and foreign tourists have found some tourism resorts across Indonesia, but actually, there are still many unrevealed islands and hidden holiday destinations which are beautiful and have so many secrets.

It is because many tourists come to the famous islands or cities in Indonesia through travel agent such as Bali, Jakarta, Lombok, Yogyakarta, or Surabaya. Although exploring them is like exploring most of Indonesia, but it is still a little part of the archipelago offered. So, where to find hidden gems in Indonesia which many people don’t know yet?

Hidden Holiday Destinations – Sipiso-Piso Waterfall

sipisopiso waterfall

It is the best attraction in North Sumatra which most people won’t think before due to the popularity of Lake Toba. As we know, Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in Indonesia, but we never know its beautiful neighbourhood called Sipiso-Piso, the giant waterfall. It is 120-meter high and is located right next to the lake in Tongging village area.

Seeing the waterfall from above is breathtaking because you can see Lake Toba, too. If you walk down to the bottom of the waterfall, you can feel the cooling natural water. Your one-hour trip from top to bottom will worth it when you splash the cool water on your face and enjoy the beautiful scenery along your journey.

Hidden Beach – Lampuuk Beach in Aceh

lampuuk beach

The tsunami disaster in Aceh in late 2004 makes the city is called “the survived city”. It is popular with many people but what they don’t know is the tsunami has cleared up all the coastlines and created a beautiful landscape such as Lampuuk Beach!

It has pure white sand and becomes the attraction of the locals to spend their leisure time. The sunrise and sunset are gorgeous, the sea and sand are also lovely. Rent banana boats and jet skis for testing your adrenaline in-water experience. The beach is located around 20 minute-drive from Banda Aceh.

Hidden Holiday Destinations – Telaga Biru Cigaru

Cigaru is a suburban of in Banten, West Java, and is located in the neighbouring province of the capital. The tourist attraction is taken care of by the residents thus making it clean and manageable. TelagaBiru is an artificial lake that was built by an industrial sand-digging project.

telaga biru cigaru 2

The pit was filled by water after two years and because of the high acid level of the water, the water often transforms in various colours. Sometimes it turns to vivid blue, green, yellow, or even transparent! The high levels of acidic concentration in the waters make a certain attraction for the tourist. However, they may not take a dip in the lake. You can get on the wooden boat instead, by paying IDR 20,000 for rent.

To reach this place, you can drive or take a train from Jakarta to Tigaraksa, then continue with public transportation. Another good thing is this lake has no admission. You only need to pay the parking fee which costs less than SGD 1. The lake opens at 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM daily.

Hidden Gem – Kei Islands

kei islands

The islands are located in the East of Maluku and there are virgin beaches that you can enjoy. The white sand shore which lies for more than 5 kilometres feels soft and powdery. The waves are calm, the water is like a clear crystal, and the coastline is fenced by lots of coconut trees.

To get to the main island, Kei Ketjil, you can take a flight and transit in Ambon. Then, you need to fly to Kei Ketjil’sKarelSadsuitubun airport. The flights available are Wings Air, Lion Air, Garuda Airlines, and Trigana Air.

Those are the best destinations in Indonesia which are not popular yet. They can be the alternatives because they are still virgin and fresh. Book the tickets at Airpaz to fly to the destinations and enjoy the holiday.


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