Holi Festival Location: Countries Celebrating Holi Festival Around the World

People all around the world are excited about the upcoming Holi Festival 2020. As a traditional celebration in India, this festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil and welcomes spring. Although it is mainly a Hindu celebration, Holi Festival location is not limited to Hindu countries only. Outside India, countries in Asia and Europe also celebrate the festival. So, where is Holi celebrated?


Nepal is one of the countries other than India that celebrates Holi Festival. If you go to Kathmandu, you will encounter locals celebrating their 1-week Holi Festival with gusto. Locals have a custom of planting a chir (bamboo pole) on the street on the first day of Holi.

holi festival location - holi festival in nepal

Nepali women dressed in beautiful Sari will decorate it with strips of clothes representing good luck charms. And, during Holika Dahan, locals burn the chir in the bonfire.

During the Color Festival, locals consume bhang thandai (customary Holi drinks with marijuana) and gujiya (sweets made of dried milk powder and crushed nuts)—who knows, you might get a taste of them.


holi festival location - holi festival singapore

Another Holi Festival locations you should visit is definitely Singapore. The festivity of Rang Barsay Holi, their biggest Holi celebration, can be felt when people dance and mingle to the DJ or Holi music while being painted with colors.

You can enjoy the special food and sweets for Holi, water shower, and even drinks shower. If you’re looking for a more family-friendly celebration with entertaining events, dance performances, live music, and Indian delicacies, you should visit Rang De Holi instead.


holi festival location - holi festival australia

Home to multicultural people, Australia hosts many Holi parties or events in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. On this day, you may see people painting each other in colors while being dressed in white traditional clothes. Of course, a Holi celebration isn’t complete without Indian food stalls, music and performances, and traditional instruments.

Although, you can also see Hindu communities lighting bonfire during Holika Dahan on the street of their neighborhood. It’s a smaller inclusive celebration, and people from other religions can join in the festivity.


holi festival USA

If you’re looking for a Holi Festival location with a big mass, the USA is your choice. In Spanish Fork, you’ll definitely meet with thousands of colorful people in the Festival of Colors, and many of them are students from a nearby university. The event is inclusive and welcomes people from all faiths.

Last year, they even housed around 70,000 Holi enthusiasts. But if you’re looking for something more of a parade, New York people are ready to march with you while playing with colors. Or you might be interested in the Holi Festival in Houston, where the festival provides Indian street foods, a foam party, and Bollywood style dances.

United Kingdom

holi festival in uk

The UK is a Holi Festival location in Europe you should visit. The country has a big population of Indian people, so you will definitely get a Phagu Purnima experience. The celebration here has a line up of House and EDM music, accompanied by the mouth-watering Indian food and drinks.

The festivity mainly takes part in West London, but you can find other areas celebrating Holi like Reading, Scotland, and Manchester. A bit of information, you should know that the locals celebrate Holi Festival in the summer due to the challenging weather in March.

Holi Festival is a wondrous celebration you should visit. If you’re wondering what to wear to Holi Color Festival, you should dress in clothing you don’t mind getting colors and keep the clothes as memorabilia of Holi Festival. Book your flights to Holi Festival locations around the world with Airpaz. Happy Holi day!


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