Hong Kong, A Metropolis and Social Status Symbol in Asia

Developing into one of the world’s economic center, dynamic Hong Kong is filled with sparkling skyscrapers that adorn the city beautifully. It has a neat city structure and diverse tourist destinations, so it’s not surprising that country is a favorite tourist destination for neighbours and foreign countries. Now, Hong Kong holds the title of a metropolis and social status symbol in Asia. The country with the nickname Pearl of the Orient can be different and unique tourist spots for you and your loved ones.

Let’s Enjoy Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong

Enjoying a thousand in Hong Kong not only skyscrapers that you can enjoy but various rides can be used as stress relievers. Various rides build so that visitors can enjoy the different and memorable vacation.

1. Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

The place opened in 2005 compared to its California counterpart and divided into seven worlds: Main Street USA, Fantasy land, Toy Story Land, Tomorrow land, Adventure land, Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point. You can try family-friendly rides such as the Mad Hatter Teacups and a ghost tour of the Mystic Manor. But wanting to more adrenaline, you can try head for the RC Racer half pipe coaster in Toy Story Land, etc.

2. Victoria Peak

Hong Kong - Victoria Peak

If you want to see the loftiest views on the Island, visit Victoria Peak. As Island’s highest point, 552m, you can enjoy tremendous views of both Central and Kowloon across Victoria Harbor. Get Victoria Peak by the Peak Tram which is the 125-year-old funicular railway that climbs up steeply from near Hong Kong Park in Central. Here you can wander along the scenic 3.5km Morning Trail or enjoy the beautiful gardens up Mt Austin Rd, 500m northwest of the peak.

3. Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade

Hong Kong - Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade

Visiting Hong Kong don’t ever leave to walk in the Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade. You can walk on the scenic walkway along the southern tip of Kowloon and see scenic views of Victoria Harbour. You can start to walk from the KCR Clock Tower near the Star Ferry terminal to the Coliseum and other buildings. The Cultural Central and the excellent Museum of Art will be gotten before reaching the somewhat underwhelming Avenue of Stars.

4. Hong Kong Science Museum

Hong Kong Science Museum

As the fabulous museum, Hong Kong Science Museum plays host to daily interactive science demos like molecular gastronomy and robotics. You can see many various things include the world of mirrors, a food science area the 22-metre-high ‘energy machine’. It’s no wonder if many ranges of the stunning permanent exhibit here.

Tourist Attractions of Nature in Hong Kong

Not only is the light illuminating the skyscrapers that you can enjoy, but you can find unspoiled places here. You can spend your time relaxing and experiencing life close to nature.

1. Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park

The park located in Aberdeen, on the south side of the Island divided into two halves, Water land (lowland) and Summit (headland). Try kiddie-friendly rides in Whiskers Harbour and more action-packed in Hair Raiser rollercoaster on the Summit’s Thrill Mountain. In addition that, you can see the showpiece attraction of Water world, apart from showcasing 400 species of fish in different watery environments in the Grand Aquarium.

2. Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park

Between skyscraper hotels and banks on one side, you can relax in Hong Kong Park. The park having 8-hectare is one of Hong Kong’s most attractive green spaces. Relax your time by seeing beautifully-tended flower beds surround an artificial lake in the centre of the park. Don’t miss to walk through the Edward Youde Aviary, near the park’s south border, home to 90 species of birds.

3. Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

Hongkong - Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

Located in the land on the northern slopes of Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong’s highest mountain, this place spreads over 148 hectares. As a nature conservation centre, Kadoorie Farm was established to aid poor farmers in the New Territories. Feel fresh by walking around the vegetable gardens and greenhouses and you can also learn about fascinating organic growing methods.

4. Tai Mo Shan

Hong Kong Tai Mo Shan

The Mount having a meaning Big Hat Mountain stands 957m tall, the highest peak in Hong Kong. For reaching the summit, you have to make your way up the grassy slopes. It will be tired but the lookout provides stunning panoramic views of the northern and western New Territories. Don’t miss Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls having famous 35m-tall located pass a waterfall on your way up.

Religious Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong

Enjoy religious tourism with various types of sculptures and the like. You can find it easily because there are many religious relics that can raise your trust in God.

1. The Chi Lin Nunnery

Hong Kong - The Chi Lin Nunnery

This large Buddhist complex has Hong Kong’s most striking wooden architecture. The Nunnery built in the 1930s and rebuilt in wood in 1998 is a tranquil place, with lotus ponds and bonsai trees, and its beautiful wooden pagodas. The place looks more beautiful against a backdrop of Hong Kong’s green mountains and towering high rises.

2. The 10,000 Buddha Monastery

Hong Kong - The 10,000 Buddha Monastery

This quirky monastery is well worth seeking out because it has 10,000 Buddha statues. You can see at the walls of the main temple lined with row upon row of tiny Buddha statues in various poses. Try to reach a smaller temple and the monastery’s highest point because there, you can see a reclining stone Buddha above a koi pond and a waterfall cascading behind a tall statue of the Gautama.

3. Tian Tan Buddha

Hong Kong - Tian Tan Buddha

The place known as the Big Buddha is Hong Kong’s most recognisable and iconic landmark. Tian Tan Buddha built 12 years in the making having 34 metres high, and accessible to visitors by a gruelling 268-step route up to its seat. You can also find a wondrous, incense-filled sanctum that ranks among Buddhism’s most important institutions, Po Lin Monastery.

4. Man Mo Temple

Hong Kong - Man Mo Temple

First time entering in this place, you will see ceiling festooned with dozens of earth-coloured coils of incense burned by worshippers. As one of Hong Kong’s oldest Taoist temples, Man Mo has many histories. Here, you can see the four gilt plaques on poles outside the entrance and the Kung Sor hall used by the local Chinese community for settling disputes before the introduction of the present-day justice system.

Cultural Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong Never End

You can find various cultures and relics easily. The many museums and various places that hold Hong Kong’s culture will provide valuable lessons about the history of the past until now.

1. Hong Kong Museum of History

Hong Kong Museum of History

You can find the museum’s eight strikingly-designed galleries which are for knowing the formation of Hong Kong – from the territory’s prehistory to the present day. Here you can know also the territory’s unique culture and history. Pay attention to the first gallery, you can know Hong Kong’s natural environment and the first signs of human habitation. The next, learn about ancient China’s maritime expansion and trade and others galleries.

2. Hong Kong Visual Arts Center

Hong Kong Visual Arts Center

The place focusing on art education and exchange located in Hong Kong Park in Central. You can find a number of studios accommodating a wide array of disciplines from ceramics to printmaking. Here you can get a range of art training programmes to the public while also providing space for artists to experiment and create.

3. Tai O Fishing Village

Hong Kong - Tai O Fishing Village

Try to visit one of the very last traditional fishing villages in Hong Kong, Tai O. You can see the Tanka people’s home which stilts in the waters just off Lantau Island. You can know how they make a living by selling things like dried seafood and traditional Chinese snacks and running boat tours through the narrow waterways of the village.

4. Lamma Island

Hong Kong - Lamma Island

Enjoy your chill day trip to Hong Kong by visiting Lamma Island. This place discovers such a blend of traditional Chinese fishing village life alongside a multicultural, multinational community. You can get this place by ferry 30 to 45 minute from either Aberdeen or Central.

Taste Variety Food in Hong Kong

Taste Variety Food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not only a shopping paradise for fashion lovers but also a paradise for culinary lovers. Lots of local food that you can taste in Hong Kong, the city that never sleeps has a unique culinary style.

1. Dim sum

This food has been synonymous with Hong Kong. here, there are more than 2000 kinds of dim sum results of the creativity of chefs, which will make you fall in love with the delicious taste and its cute and beautiful shape. You can choose dim sum which is boiled, steamed, roasted and fried. With a variety of fillings too, from chicken, pork, shrimp, even vegetables.

2. Beef Brisket noodles

This bowl of Beef Brisket noodles should not be missed while on vacation to Hong Kong. A bowl of chewy noodles with slices of beef on top then doused with savoury broth. This food is suitable to be eaten in all weather but is more enjoyable to eat during the winter in December.

3. Hong Kong Milk Tea

For all bubble tea enthusiasts, Hong Kong milk tea must be included in your list when you are on vacation to Hong Kong. Made from black tea and milk mix, Hong Kong milk tea is very popular with Hong Kong people to sell up to 9 million cups per year.

4. Hong Kong-Style Macaroni

If Western countries have a menu of mac and cheese, Asia has macaroni soup. What makes it different from other countries, Hong Kong has a different serving style on its macaroni menu, which is they mix ham and eggs into the sauce.

Nightlife Venues in Hong Kong

Nightlife Venues in Hong Kong

Hong Kong which is famous for metropolitan will provide a beautiful night atmosphere. Various places are used as night tours so that your night won’t be bored

1. Temple Street Night Market

There is no harm in enjoying your night and visiting Temple Street Night Market when you have your vacation in Hong Kong. The market which is Hong Kong’s best night market has been extended for three blocks from Man Ming Lane to the north to Nanking St in the south. Many various things can be gotten here, you can get cheap clothing, fake Rolexes and other items.

2. Victoria Harbour

Enjoy your night by watching the Symphony of Light in Victoria Harbour which is a display of lights and laser beams from buildings on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon which can be seen on both sides of Victoria Harbour. The place to watch if in Kowloon is at Tsim Tsa Tsui waterfront promenade.

3. Tsim Tsa Tsui

This area is chosen by many visitors at night. Along Nathan Road is a bustling area especially the Mongkok shopping area because that is not enough to be explored just for one night. On your way, you can find the famous Chungking Mansion building which contains dozens of hostels and shops, Kowloon Mosque and Kowloon Park so that the area is very crowded at night.

Hong Kong Souvenirs

Hong Kong Souvenirs

Hong Kong was no less interesting than neighbouring countries as a shopping paradise and vacation. With a location that is relatively easy to reach, Hong Kong provides many tourist destinations as well as the shopping paradise.

1. Hong Kong clothing

Once known as the largest clothing manufacturer in China, Hong Kong has a reputation for cheap clothing shopping. Bergam clothing models are here. Of course the most suitable for souvenirs is the typical clothing of Chinese society. But if you want to shop, there are also modern clothes. Surely everything can be obtained at a cheap price, provided you dare to bid!

2. Chopsticks

Indeed, it feels like a mediocre item. But, the design contained in chopsticks is very thick symbolizing Hong Kong. Do not miss to buy it other than easy to carry, the price of chopsticks is cheap but very typical.

3. Name stamp

The stamp in Hong Kong has a unique and different design than the one you meet. If you look around it might be rather vintage and similar to the ones in Chinese colossal films that we have ever watched.

4. Tomica car

This is the best choice for your good friend who is a diecast toy car collector. Because the Hong Kong series Tomica car is quite special and almost hard to find. This manufacturer is indeed famous for replica vehicles that we meet every day. Like buses, taxis, and police cars.

5. Chinese Specialty Tea

If you have bought a set of tea, it’s strange if you don’t buy Chinese tea, which is mostly sold in Hong Kong. Moreover, this typical Chinese tea is sold at fairly cheap prices. Drinking tea has indeed become a culture of Chinese society, therefore the quality does not need to be doubted.

6. Typical Hong Kong Chocolate

To find authentic Hong Kong chocolate, you have to go to Wan Chai Market. Chocolate-based food products at Wan Chai Market are famous for their quality and taste. Moreover, the price is also quite affordable. So you can take it home with quite a lot. So that there will be many who are happy when you share gifts to the people closest to you.

Transportation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Transportation in Hong Kong

There are many ways you can go around Hong Kong. You can choose a taxi, ferry, train bus or cable car. The city is claimed to have one of the safest, most efficient Public Transportation systems and a convenient payment method in the form of an Octopus Card.

If you are on holiday in Hong Kong don’t miss to try a Double-Decker Tram. Classic vehicles such as old trains, whose tracks are in the middle of the highway are also one of the modes of transportation that can be tried while in Hong Kong. Trams only operate in the Hong Kong Island area. Choose the upper deck to enjoy Hong Kong air and different sights.

Enjoy your holiday with a different and memorable atmosphere by visiting Hong Kong. Various types of entertainment, special food, and unique souvenirs will make your vacation more beautiful than before. Behind the skyscraper, you can also find the beauty of nature and a beautiful garden.

So, how was it? Are you ready to embark on your unforgettable journey to Hong Kong? Don’t wait any longer – start planning your trip today and get ready for an adventure like no other! Book your flights with Airpaz and experience the magic of Hong Kong firsthand.

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