When you are travelling to Hong Kong, the first thing you see is the great Hong Kong International Airport. When going around this massive place, it would be handy to know your way around. As one of the world’s international airports, the place has its facilities that would provide assistance and convenience to the passengers. So, what can you expect from the airport and what kinds of facilities to find there?


Wifi at Airport

Just like other international airports, you can find free (and convenient) WiFi connection all over the airport. There are also extra internet accesses via desktop computers at several locations within the terminal. You shouldn’t have any problem getting yourself connected to the net. 


If you want to have a postal service, there is a post office in Terminal 1 at the Departure Hall. It should be easy to spot it. The airport also provides pay-phones there are 150 of them scattered all over the airport. 

Facilities for the Disabled

airport wheelchair

One thing to like about this international airport is the fact that it is disabled travellers-friendly. You can find escalators, toilets, ramps, and lifts that are easily accessed by the wheelchair. The shuttle train is also accessible by the wheelchairs. The walkways and escalators have their audio warning signals. Expect to find phones and toilets with Braille signs that would make it convenient for them. The airport also installs various induction loops and tactile path guides at various places in the airport. 


Wheelchairs are available without extra charge, but passengers should inform their airline about their needs (for the wheelchair) before their travel. There are also car park spaces for disabled drivers in car parks 1 and also 4. 

Money and Currency

airport atm

If you want to find ATMs and banks, you can easily find a bank in Terminal 2. Terminal 1 and 2 have ATMs and well as currency exchange services so you shouldn’t worry about it. 

Foods and Drinks

Restaurants in Airports

You won’t starve while at the airport. You can find many options of drinks and foods at the airport. There are cafes, coffee joints, full-service restaurants, and also fast food outlets to appease your appetite.  


airport mall

All international airports have their sections for shopping. They know that most travellers may not have the time to find souvenirs or items during their trip so they provide duty-free shops, designer boutiques, and many other shops there. If you are between a layover, you can seriously spend a lot of time doing some window shopping and real shopping!


You can expect a pre-order service as well as the pick-up for the duty-free items. The airport has a convenience store operating 24/7 – it is located at Terminal 1 at the Arrival Hall. You can also explore SkyPlace at Terminal 2 or SkyMart at Terminal 1 


sleeping in airport

If you want to sleep comfortably, go to the airside so you can have many and various sleeping areas. You will only find very little space at the landside. There are plenty of armrest-free benches and seats at the airside so it would be comfortable for sleeping – you can stretch out freely. But make sure to bring noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs so you won’t be disturbed by the noise. It is a busy place, especially at night, so you would constantly be disturbed without them.


If you want to sleep soundly without too much noise, you can go to the resting rooms, sleeping chairs right behind the shops (close to the food court), relaxation rooms, and semi-secluded lounge chairs. It would be great if you can find areas that are not close to the main busy sections and get yourself armrest-free chairs. If you are willing to spend more, you can find some hotels at both Terminal 1 and also 2. 


There is no need to worry about a thing when travelling to Hong Kong. Don’t forget to consult airpaz.com to plan and manage your flights, as well as choosing the air carrier like China Airlines or Air Asia.