All Things You Need to Know about Hong Kong Airport Transportation

Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the busiest cities on earth. In Hong Kong, it’s rare to find any tranquil times or days. Despite the city’s congestion, the transportation and traffic management system in Hong Kong is extremely organized and effective. 

Only by using contemporary public transportation can you go around Hong Kong. What kinds of forms of transportation are available in Hong Kong? Learn more about Hong Kong Airport transportation in the article below.

Hong Kong Airport Transportation

Hong Kong Airport transportation

An Octopus Card is required in Hong Kong before accessing the public transit system. You need this card to enter Hong Kong’s stations or bus stops. Thus, you no longer need to prepare coins for payment. 

You can purchase this card at the airport’s train ticket counter. One ticket costs HKD 150 (USD 19,16)  and has a balance of HKD 100 (USD 12,77). However, you can only use the remaining HKD 50 (USD 6,38); the remainder must be deposited. 

If your card balance runs low, you can top it off at a station’s ticket window in Hong Kong. You can also use this card in Hong Kong’s “Seven Eleven” to pay for public transit.

The following is the existing transportation in Hong Kong. 

1. Airport Express 

Airport express // Hong Kong Airport transportation

To reach the city center, take the Hong Kong airport express. You no longer need to leave the airport because the station is nearby. The travel time to Causeway Bay or Kowloon is only 30 minutes. You can continue your travel by bus, MTR, or other modes of transportation after reaching the city center. 

An Airport Express ticket costs about HKD 100 per person (USD 12,77). Bring a map of Hong Kong’s public transit system with you, so you’ll know which station to exit at. Ensure you don’t go down the wrong path to avoid getting lost.

2. Airport Bus 

Airport bus // Hong Kong Airport transportation

This bus might be a more affordable means of transportation. You must first exit the airport in order to board the airport bus, though. 

Because this double-decker bus features transparent glass, it also has the benefit of allowing you to take in the scenery as you travel. The journey to the city’s center takes around an hour. The cost of the bus ranges from HKD 40 to HKD 50 (USD 5,11 to USD 6,38). 

For a fantastic view, climb up to the second story of the bus. You can then alight in the neighborhood or city that corresponds to your final destination and continue using other forms of transportation.

3. MTR

MTR // Hong Kong Airport transportation

Use the MTR for touring the districts and cities of Hong Kong. Did you know that Hong Kong’s metro system has existed since 1979? The present rail length is around 218 kilometers or 135.6 miles. 

Hong Kong has 155 MTR stations, including 87 rail stations and 68 light stops. The railway extends to Disneyland Resort in Hong Kong

The starting fare for one station is HKD 3.6 (USD 0,46); for all stations, it is HKD 22 (USD 2,81). Keep in mind to check the Hong Kong MTR route map beforehand and make sure your Octopus Card balance is at least the minimum amount required for the fare.

4. Tram Ding Ding

tram ding ding // Hong Kong Airport Transportation

You can utilize the Ding-ding Tram to travel throughout Hong Kong and take in the city’s sights. This tram is a vehicle with unique rails that has two upper and lower decks. 

To more freely explore Hong Kong, board the tram from the back door and select the upper deck. There are only the western and eastern routes, which together make up all the trails. In accordance with the distance you go, fares range from HKD 3 to HKD 22 (USD 0,38 to USD 2,81). 

5. Taxi 

Taxi // Hong Kong Airport Transportation

You can take a taxi if you want a speedier choice. Hire a taxi for travel to areas not served by trams or the MTR. The first 3 kilometers of a taxi ride in Hong Kong cost between HKD 50 and HKD 100 (USD 6,39 to USD 12,77). To pay for a cab, have the correct change on hand. Additionally, be sure to confirm the fare before boarding. 

6. Star Ferry 

Star Ferry // Hong Kong Airport Transportation

Taking the Star Ferry can travel to some of the nearby tiny islands that Hong Kong has. You may use this ship if you’re traveling to Kowloon and Macau. Star Ferry is open twenty-four hours a day. 

The price ranges from HKD 50 to HKD 100 for one way (USD 6,39 to USD 12,77). You should purchase tickets at the official counter to receive the best deal. 

7. Rickshaw 

Rickshaw // Hong Kong Airport transportation

A rickshaw is a traditional transportation type still used in Hong Kong. A rickshaw is a conveyance that humans pull. This means of transportation is available in tourist areas and in Hong Kong’s countryside. 

The fee ranges from HKD 30 to HKD 50 (USD 3,83 to USD 6,39), depending on the distance. Always remember to negotiate a price to have the best deal.

Those are some Hong Kong Airport transportation modes that you can use. As for plane tickets to Hong Kong or other cities in the world, all you have to do is click here. Or you can download the Airpaz application.


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