When you are travelling, you want to make sure that transportation is well-covered. It is one of the essentials because it will give you freedom in moving around. When you are coming to Hong Kong International Airport, you want to make sure that it would be easy to reach the airport as well as travelling to other areas from the airport. It’s a good thing that the airport facilities in Hong Kong, including transportation system in Hong Kong is well developed and constructed. So, what are your choices for good transportation?

Airport Express

This is one of the best airport railways systems in the world. It is fast and it can reach the destinations in no time. It is also pretty convenient. The location between the airport and the city centre is around 35.3 kilometres and yet it only takes 24 minutes to reach the city centre. It even only takes a minute from the airport to Asia World-Expo.

Airport express MTR to Hong Kong Airport


The Airport Express has 5 stations, which are Airport Station, Kowloon Station, Asia World-Expo Station, Hong Kong Station, and Tsing Yi Station. From the airport to Tsing Yi Station, it takes HK$70 per person. To Kowloon Station, it is HK$105 and it is HK$115 to Hong Kong Station. You can use terminal 1 and also terminal 2 to access the service. The train would come once in every 10 minutes with operational time from 5.54 AM to 11.28 PM. From 11.30 to 00.48 AM, the intervals would be once every 12 minutes.

Airport Bus

a bus going to airport

The public bus also serves a route to the airport. You can easily use it to travel between the airport and the city centre, and vice versa. The bus isn’t only inexpensive but it is also comfortable. The bus travels to different routes, namely route B, S, N, E, and A. Different routes have different services.

Airport Taxi

Taxi service is one of the most convenient services that you can enjoy. If you are travelling with a lot of baggage or kids, the taxi would be the best option to take. You should go to the Taxi Station to gain access. It is on the ramp (left-hand section) right outside the Arrival Hall.

airport taxi

Taxis are available in 3 different colours, depending on the areas they operate. The blue one is the Lantau taxis, the green one is for New Territories, and the red one is the urban taxi. All of them cater to the airport but none can access the Discovery Bay.

Shuttle Bus

shuttle bus only for airport

The hotel shuttle bus service is offered by Vigor Airport Shuttle Services Limited. It covers the area of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Each spot has its own operation time. From hotels it is between 4.50 AM and 10 PM. from the airport, it is from 7 AM to 11 PM or between 11 AM and 5 PM.

Resident Shuttles

shuttle bus for picking up residents

There are the so-called residents’ shuttles from Park Island and Discovery Bay (and the nearby areas) to the airport. The Discovery Bay operates 24 hours (the fare is HK$32 per person) while Park Island’s operating hours are between 6.30 AM to 1.30 AM (the fare is HK$24). You should be able to find the service at terminal 2.


ferry carrying people to airport

Do you know that you can also use the ferry from the airport? It serves several ferry connections from the SkyPier at the airport. But such a service is only available for transfer passengers, NOT for Hong Kong passengers. The ferry serves Macao and PRD (Pearl River Delta) with several ports like Zhongshan, Guangzhou Nansha, Shenzhen Fuyong, or Guangzhou Lianhuashan.

Car Rent

renting a car

This would give you the easiest and the most convenient way of travelling around the city. It may be the costliest way but it is worth the comfort.

As you can see, there is no need to worry about moving around the city when coming to Hong Kong. Don’t forget to plan your itinerary too. Go to airpaz.com to manage your flights and choose carriers like AirAsia or China Airlines.