Get to Know Honolulu Airport Terminal: Facilities and Services

Honolulu airport is the second busiest terminal in the United States. Not only because it hosts one of the most visited parts of the country, Hawaii, but it is also the hub for inter-island transportation. You will land at the Honolulu Airport terminal as a foreign tourist once you get on the plane to reach Hawaii.

Therefore, you need to understand the whereabouts as well as the things you can do at the terminals. In the information provided below, you can learn about the terminals in Honolulu airport and the facilities provided.

Honolulu Airport Terminal

Honolulu Airport Terminal

The Honolulu airport has a total of three terminals. Each of them has different functions and different types of flight to serve. As mentioned before, Honolulu airport facilities serve multifunctional services from domestic and inter-island to international flights.

Thus, it serves tourists and locals who want to reach the mainland of the United States, as Hawaii is a separate island.

Here is the complete guide to getting to know the terminals in Honolulu airport.

Honolulu Airport Terminal 1

Terminal 1 // Honolulu Airport Terminal

The first terminal in Honolulu airport serves domestic and United States airlines only. It is where the locals fly and land within the country. Moreover, it is also the oldest terminal in the airport.

In addition, it is located on the right wing of the main terminal. Honolulu Airport Terminal 1 has three levels of the building.

Level 1

Level 1 is the place where local passengers can claim their baggage. Located on the ground floor, Level 1 is also the final place for arriving passengers to exit the airport.

Level 2

Level 2 is the departure level where hosts check in for Gate A13 to A20.

You can find the airport concourse on this level which hosts several passenger facilities.

Level 3

Level 3 is the building for the Plumeria Lounge of Hawaiian airlines. Passengers who fly with these airlines can enjoy resting at this level.

When you want to transfer between each level, an escalator connects the level in this terminal. Facilities provided are an internet connection, ATMs, restaurant, lounge, information desk, and baggage claim.

Honolulu Airport Terminal 2

Terminal 2 // Honolulu Airport Terminal

The second terminal in Honolulu airport is terminal 2. In this terminal, you are most likely to land in this area. It is because this terminal is the only one that serves international flights.

The location is on the right wing of the main road in Honolulu airport. Aside from overseas airlines, a few American lines also land at this airport. In addition, the terminal has a total of three levels.

Level 1

The first level in Honolulu airport terminal 2 serves as an arrival gate for international passengers. Here you can claim your baggage and access the transportation methods available near the airport’s vicinity.

Level 2

Level 2 hosts the Departure gate and 3 concourses. Most gates for international flights are at this level. Moreover, you can also find airport lounges and restaurants here.

Level 3

The third level of the terminal serves as a food court and rest area for the crew. You can also use the facilities provided in terminal 2, such as a conference room, business center, postal service, currency exchange, duty-free shop, and many more.

Honolulu Airport Terminal 3

Terminal 3 // Honolulu Airport Terminal

The last terminal in Honolulu airport is Terminal 3. It is also known as the commuter terminal. It is due to its function as an interisland terminal and transit area only. Moreover, Honolulu airport terminal 3 is also the smallest terminal in HNL Airport.

There is only one level on this terminal. The ground level serves as the arrival and departure gate. At this level, passengers can also claim their baggage. Due to its small capacity, it only serves passengers from Mokulele Airlines. 

Facilities provided in terminal 3 include restrooms, a restaurant, a snack bar, local shops, and a car rental booth.

Inter-Terminal Transports

Inter-terminal transport // Honolulu Airport Terminal

The distance between each terminal is not far enough. However, it is not really approachable through walking. However, you do not need to worry if you have to transfer between terminals. Honolulu Airport transfer provides a free shuttle bus to go to each terminal.

You need to go to the ground level (level 1) to reach the shuttle bus. There is a bus stop in the ground area.

 The interval is usually around 10-15 minutes until the next bus arrives. There is a waiting line for flight passengers who want to transfer to other terminals. As for the opening hour, you can go on the shuttle bus free from 3 AM to 10.30 PM.

After knowing all the information needed about Honolulu Airport Terminal and the facilities provided, you can now be assured of booking a ticket to Hawaii.

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