How Do You Know If Your Passport Has Been Rejected?

Traveling abroad should require some preparations including a passport that should be had before the departure or before you apply for a visa. Planning to make a passport must be something important. You also should know the rules such as the expiration time, the application process, etc.

For those who apply for a new passport or just need a renewal, some problems might occur, including the rejected application. So how do you know if your passport has been rejected? Find some of the most common reasons below, so that you can avoid them.

Passport rejected

Submit Appropriate Photos

Make sure the passport photos are appropriate and avoid many factors that make it unqualified, such as the photos have been more than six months old, having the colored background (not white or off-white), you wore headphones or other features in the photos, wearing eyeglasses, and making unnatural smile.

Pay the Right Amount of Money

Submit the right amount of money for the passport fee so your passport will not be delayed. Make sure that your payment is made out to the State Department, no matter it is money order or checks.

Pay the right amount of money for the passport application and processing so that the officer can process the passport book printing soon. Pay attention if the passport to renew is expired because the fee might be higher.

Legal Reasons

Applying for a passport will be more difficult if you have some legal problems. Be sure to settle your finance so that you can be eligible to make one.

Plan to make your passport because the information is commonly gotten in two to three weeks for the processing. The process will be longer if you have the problem with the court.

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Make Clear Photocopies

When you should make photocopies of some documents, and then make sure they are clearly copied. No matter you should copy them in the actual size or make them bigger.

The photocopy results should be clear and no other things written on the pages. If you don’t make the copied documents clear, then it may become the reason for how do you know if your passport has been rejected.

Additionally, you also should prepare all required things completely such as child support, consent form, letter of authorization, signatures, birth certificate, identification, probation or felony, etc.

When you have prepared all requirements well, then getting the passport will be much easier and faster.

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