How to Get Bali Visa on Arrival at the Airport

Bali is one of the most popular holiday destinations. Many tourists like to enjoy the natural beauty and distinctive culture of Bali.

To stay in Bali, a visitor will need a Bali Visa on Arrival.

What is a Visa on Arrival? A VoA is the type of Visa that allows Bali’s visitors to stay up to 30 days.

This applies to foreign tourists who want to stay longer in Bali. The VoA is only for recreational and educational purposes only.

Thus, a visitor is not allowed for commercial purposes.

How to Get Bali Visa on Arrival?

How to Get Bali Visa on Arrival
How to Get Bali Visa on Arrival / Unsplash

The Visa on Arrival applies to more than 80 countries in the world.

In order to get one, you need to check whether your country is on the list.

Moreover, applicants also need to fulfill all the requirements before visiting Bali.

The Visa is now available in physical and electronic versions. Also, some countries may still need to be added to the electronic version.

In addition, due to pandemic, a visitor above 18 years must show a vaccination certificate maximum of two doses of vaccine.

Visitors under 27 years may need to show a PCR test to ensure they are free from Covid-19.

What to Consider Before Getting a Bali Visa on Arrival?

You need to consider some things before applying for a Visa on Arrival.

1. Make Sure Your Country is on the List

Make Sure Your Country is on the List
Make Sure Your Country is on the List / Unsplash

The Visa is only available for certain countries. Even though most countries are on the list, some still need to be processed or available.

You can check on their official website.

2. Decide Your Purpose

Bali Visa on Arrival is only for recreational purposes. Visitors should not use the Visa to work or to do business in Bali.

The local regency may deport you to your origin country if you do not follow this rule.

3. Choose the Form of The Visa

Now Visa arrival in Bali has two types of forms. The first is the physical one, while the other is the electronic version.

The physical version is much cheaper, while the electronic one is easier and more flexible since it will not get lost.

4. Learn How to Extend the Visa

Visa arrival is only valid for 30 days, and after that, you cannot roam freely in Bali unless you come back home or the government deports you. 

Therefore, you need to learn the Bali Visa on Arrival extension rule and policy in case you have unplanned things to do that make you have to stay for more than the eligible period.

After considering these things above, you can now start applying for a visa by following these steps.

Applying for Bali Visa on Arrival

Applying for Bali Visa on Arrival
Applying for Bali Visa on Arrival / Unsaplsh

To apply for a Visa, here are some steps you need to take at the airport.

  1. Apply it at the arrival gate in the airport if you want a physical Visa
  2. Prepare your passport. Make sure it is valid and holds the same identity as your identity ID. The minimum passport’s validity is 6 months and must be valid after the period of the Visa.
  3. A vaccine certificate. Tourists above 18 years old must show vaccine certificates. You must at least get two doses of vaccine before applying for a Visa of Arrival. As for applicants under 18 years old, a certificate of at least one dose of vaccine or PCR result can do.
  4. Prepare your identity card. It can be an identity ID or driver’s license. The reason is that the staff will need to validate your identity.
  5. Follow the staff’s instructions before you get called again.
  6. After checking, you can get your physical VoA.

The Bali visa on arrival costs around 35 – 40 USD (50,000 IDR).

In addition, if you do not have time to apply directly at the airport, you can apply online.

How to Apply Online VoA Application:

  1. Visit the website to register online.
  2. Next, register using a valid email before you can apply.
  3. Confirm your email by checking your inbox. If you still need help finding the email, you can go to the Spam box.
  4. After confirming your email, log in to the website
  5. Prepare your passport, and make sure your passport is valid for at least the next 60 days.
  6. After that, the system will direct you to upload your Bali Visa on Arrival documents, including your passport, ID card, and other inquiries.
  7. Wait until your Visa is ready. The system will send your online VoA through email.

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