How to Get to Beijing from Capital Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport, known as well as IATA, PEK, ICAO or ZBAA, is the main door to enter China by flight. It is located in the northeast of Beijing city, about 32km far. It means that you need transportation to get to Beijing from Capital Airport. Covering about 1480 ha of land, BCIA is known as the sixth biggest building in the globe. Its Terminal 3 is even ranked as the second largest terminal in the world after Dubai International Airport.

Reasons to Visit Beijing

There are many reasons why you should visit Beijing. This city is so much popular among business travelers. The modern and well-developed environment creates convenient space for white-collar visitors meeting with clients.

On the other hand, the mix of new and old attractions always invites tourists on vacation. The city hosts many heritage sites, including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Summer Palace, to travel back in time. Those who wish to stay as a modern human can visit shopping centers, boutiques, cafes, bars, restaurants, and other top-notch places.

Put simply, everyone can find places to visit based on their own preference and budget, as well, in Beijing.

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Get to Beijing from Capital Airport

Get to Beijing from Capital Airport

There are several ways to get to Beijing downtown from Beijing Capital International Airport. You can choose whether you want to take the fastest option or wish to enjoy the trip a little bit longer.

1. By Train

One of the main transportation options from the airport to downtown or vice versa is the airport express train. It is not only the fastest way to transfer but also the cheapest one. you just need to pay for RMB 25 for a single trip.

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The train has four spots to stop, i.e. Dongzhimen Stop, Sanyuangqiao Stop, T3 Stop and T2 Stop. If you are from the airport, you can get on the train from B2 of Parking Garange No. 2 at Terminal 2 or F2 of Parking Garage No.3 at Terminal 3. The operation time starts from 06:20 a.m. until 23.10 p.m, with 12 minutes of interval time.

2. By Shuttle Bus

If you want to enjoy the surrounding environment when transferring from the airport to downtown, you can take the Beijing airport bus. It is also the recommended option for transportation when you do not bring much luggage. be sure you check out the routes and fares information.


Here are places where you can get the bus tickets:
 Gate No.1 inside of F1 at Terminal 1
 Gate No. 9 to No. 11 outside of F1 at Terminal 2
 The exit of Zone A, opposite of the exit of Zone C on F2, next to Gate No. 5, 7 and 11 on F1 at Terminal 3.

3. By Taxi

If you are looking for flexible transportation and do not mind the cost, you can jump in a taxi. The fare is surely higher than the shuttle bus or express train. However, the taxi is more convenient when you need to reach downtown as quickly as possible whenever you want.

There are several stops to find taxies at the airport, i.e.:
 Outside of gate 1 to 5 on F1 at Terminal 1
 Outside of gate 5 to 9 on F1 at Terminal 2
 Follow the provided signs inside of the Terminal 3 building

4. By Car Rental

If you wish your transportation get ready once you arrive at the airport, you can book a private car. Contact the local travel agency in advance to rent the vehicle along with a tour guide and driver for your ease. This transportation option is suitable when you go in the group and have much luggage to carry with.

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