How to Go to Bangkok City from Don Mueang Airport by Train

Don Mueang Airport (DMK) is the oldest airport in Asia that officially opened for commercial traffic in 1924. However, due to the opening of Suvarnabhumi Airport, DMK closed. It re-opened in 2007 to professionally host the low-cost carriers which serve both domestic and international routes. So, if you take an affordable aeroplane like Thai AirAsia X, Nok Air, or Thai Lion Air, to go to Thailand through Bangkok, you are likely going to land on Don Mueang Airport.

How to Go to Bangkok City from Don Mueang Airport(DMK) by Train


What is the first thing that come out of your mind once you knew that Don Mueang is an old airport? Aren’t you worrying about the transportation options? Well, as it is known as the secondary airport after Suvarnabhumi, you can still expect good facilities.

There are several types of transportation to choose to get to the centre of Bangkok City from DMK. You can go by taxi, bus, rental car, private vehicle (car/van/mini bus) or train. Simply choose one among of them that suits your budget and travel needs. An easy option, however, is taking the train.

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You can’t find a railway station inside of the airport. The nearest one is located within 800 meters from DMK. You just need to walk on the sky bridge for about 8 minutes to get there from terminal 1. The fares differ depending on the train class and type. There are four types, i.e. Ordinary, Rapid, Express and Special Express. The reaching time can also vary based on which train type you get on to. To know how much you have to pay for the tickets, you can visit the official website of Thai Railway Company.

The railway station opens daily from 6:25 am to 22.16 am. There is also some fixed schedule, like 3:36 am, 4:14 am, and 5:50 am. There are frequently a couple of trains running at each hour that will take you to Bangkok Railway Station Hua Lamphong in the centre of Bangkok City, located 29 kilometres far from the airport.

Why Take the Train From Don Mueang Airport (DMK) to Bangkok City

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Going to Bangkok city from the airport by train is the most convenient way if you do not have much luggage to carry with. You can easily find the ticket booth at the airport or book the tickets online through Thai Railway Company website.

Compared to other transportation facilities, taking the train is the cheapest one, and even considered as the fastest way since it is not affected by the traffic jam. As Thai people prefer taking this public transportation as well, you must be aware of the commuters who usually travel to and from work, especially during the rush hours.

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Guide When Arriving at Don Mueang Airport

DMK is smaller than BKK, but it continues to be renovated. Be sure you carry things in bags to easily walk through the staircases reaching the Immigration after walking off the plane. Some airlines arrive at the similar time, causing unexpected long line at the Immigrations. You have to be patient. Check your luggage again before taking a leave through the exit gate.

Millions of tourists visit Bangkok every year. They come from various attractions from food, historical landmarks to the fine hospitality. The amazing mixture of traditional and modern cultures is also unique. It means you will have a long list of things to do and places to visit. Make sure you are ready with the budget then. To start saving, you can visit Airpaz to find the most affordable flight tickets. Since Don Mueang Airport hosts low-cost carriers, you can expect more for the more economic trip by air.


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