How to Kill Time during the Transit at Bangkok Airport

Who wants to spend hours waiting for the next flight at the Bangkok airport? Your best idea is possibly playing with a mobile phone or laptop. But, it just works for an hour or two. What if it is a crazy long layover? It can be ten hours or even more. Do not you need a better idea to spend time and kill boredom during this transit?

Transit at Bangkok Airport

Crazy long transit is common in Bangkok International Airport. Thankfully, this international hub has impressive architecture design which will be a special attraction to all passengers. You can also find complete facilities for convenient waiting. If you have to wait for the next flight for hours, there are always fun things to do. You are able to book a sightseeing tour to visit the nearest attractions. But it is also possible to just spend the time in the airport, especially if you travel with kids and elderly people.

Things to do during the transit in Bangkok Airport


There is no need to leave the airport just to enjoy the Thai traditional foods. You can find them at the to-go counters and sit-down restaurants in the airport. The convenience shops are also available offering the ready-made choices of food as well as the Western standbys. Go to the Ground transportation and find 24-hour food court offering treats at affordable prices.

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Relaxing at the lounges

No matter flight class you fly with, the airport lounges are opened for all travellers. Just sit and have a relaxing time by enjoying some foods and WiFi internet connection. It is also a great place to have a more peaceful time, away from the crowd. Simply buy a one-time pass online or take advantage of the membership program.


Not always have time to visit Bangkok or Thailand? If your chance is just the transit time in Bangkok Airport, so you can make use of this for shopping the local souvenirs. You can simply go to the shopping spots, especially on the fourth floor where you can find more options to buy like the famous Thai silk at a reasonable price.

Relaxing at Chang Massage and Spa

You can also find spa facilities inside the airport. Treat yourself with some options of service including Thai massages, manicures and pedicures, facial treatments and more.

Surfing the internet

Who can resist the fast and free internet connection? You can keep in touch with anyone online from your social media accounts or simply browse any virtual media to update the information with the free WiFi at the airport. However, it is limited for 2 hours only per device. Alternatively, you can use one of the over 100 internet kiosks provided at no cost.


Do not have much time to take a rest before the flight? Invest your hours of transit for sleeping. Just find any available space in the airport and join other overnight sleepers at some best spots like the Observation Deck, seats near the Subway, around the prayer area and even the basement. If you are looking for some peace and privacy, just reserve a room at the Miracle Transit Hotel or Boxtel.

Sightseeing Bangkok city

The city of Bangkok is located 30km to the east from the airport. If you have 6 or more hours for the next flight, it is a good idea to go there. You can take a solo trip by buys or join an organized tour. Just book the tour at the booking desk at the Arrivals Floor.

Spending time inside the airport within the transit is the simplest way to kill boredom. Fortunately, Bangkok Airport has excellent facilities to let you do so. If you want some fresh air, you can book a sightseeing tour. Unless you can transform into a daredevil to travel all alone and make use of the local maps, you should rely on the guided tour.


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