How to Travel on a Plane with a 1-Year-Old

Travel on a plane with a 1-year-old baby is always challenging for most parents. The age can’t be called as an infant age anymore, but it also hasn’t been fully toddler. It is better to call them as a young toddler. Your baby must be more active in the young toddler age.

So sitting on a seat for a long time must be so boring for them. When you bring them on the flight, you need to have many ideas to make the young toddler enjoy their time on the flight.

Always keep him enjoy the flight so he will never cry and disturb other passengers. That’s why having a list of preparations regarding travel on a plane with a 1-year-old is very important.

Travel on a Plane with a 1-Year-Old

Travel on a Plane with a 1-Year-Old

Travel on a plane with a 1-year-old baby does present its own challenges for parents. However, we can indeed bring our baby without any hassle. Here are some tips on how to travel on a plane with a 1-year-old baby.

Keep the Baby from All Things That Make Him Cry

A young toddler will cry because of many factors such as hungry, get bored, sickness, feel uncomfortable, etc.

So make sure you have prepared all things that are helpful to avoid those factors before the flight. Make sure he is in good health during the trip.

Prepare some favorite snacks to eat when he starts feeling a bit hungry or bored, such as finger bites, potato chips, low sugar fruit juice, etc. You may also prepare some sweets and chocolates for occasional treats.

Besides the snacks, you also may not forget to bring toys for the young toddler playing in the flight or when waiting for the boarding.

Make sure you prepare more than one toys because the kid commonly gets bored too fast with one toy. Choose toys that are appropriate to his age like music, stacking cups, fill and dump things, etc. You also can bring a tablet to play some music and baby games occasionally.

So, the key is making the baby always busy and happy on the flight. So he will not cry and make you unable to enjoy the trip.

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Try to Make the Young Toddler Taking a Nap during the Flight

It is also important to make the young toddler taking a nap on the flight. It will make the trip more peaceful and free of stress for the crying baby.

A baby will sleep when they are tired. When you are waiting for the boarding time in the airport, always make the baby playing all the time. So they will fall to sleep on the flight. It will also make the baby doesn’t feel hurts in their ears.

Travel on a plane with a 1-year-old can be quite demanding, so don’t forget to follow the tips mentioned. Make sure you also choose the right airline that will give enjoyable flight. Visit Airpaz to find the best airlines and the best prices for the flights during the family trip.


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