Have You Washed Your Face Mask Properly?

Covid-19 makes us paralyzed at first, but as time advances, we got to adapt ourselves with the new situation. One of the methods is to wear self-protection masks in order to shield out body from inhaling the pathogenic virus. Surgical masks are the type of mask recommended, but not all people can get this mask. Instead of using a disposable face mask, these days you can get a washable face mask instead. Wondering how to wash face mask after using it? Scroll down and you’ll find the answer.

Two Methods of How to Wash Face Mask

When the pandemic starts to become a global ‘trend’, masks become the number one necessity. However, due to this unexpected situation, not all people have the same chance to get disposable surgical masks—which is considered close to ideal mask to guard you from the virus. That’s when people started thinking how to create a mask which is reusable.

Let’s say you have already equipped yourself with more than a dozen pieces of reusable face masks. Given that it is not a disposable thing, you should know how to wash mask and make it ready to use again.
It turns out that CDC and experts have recommended proper methods of how to wash face mask. As obtained from various sources, here are some tips of how to clean face mask.

Hand-washing the face mask

Talking about how to hand wash face mask, there are no specific rules of how to do it. All you need to do is to use soap and water—and experts like Dr. Gabriela Vazquez, an associate epidemiologist at Tufts Medical Center said so. It is not your bathing ‘soap’, but detergent that you use to wash your clothes.

If you plan to hand wash the reusable face masks, make sure to use warm water. Make sure to properly wash it—not merely dip, squeeze, and dry your masks.

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Using washing machine

Wondering how to wash face mask with a washing machine? It is just the same as washing your other clothes. However, you need to do this special treatment for your dirty mask: dry your mask with hot air-drying technique. This is to make sure that the remaining perilous particles be killed.

If possible, consider using hot water to wash the face masks as well. Although it does not mean you need to use boiling water to wash your face masks, high temperature (not warm) help to stop the living activity of the virus particles existing on your mask.

After laundering your face mask, be it with a help of washing machine or hand-wash, do you still need to iron the mask? Well, according to Good Housekeeping magazine, you can iron the mask on linen or cotton setting.

How Often Should You Do It?

After knowing about how to clean face mask, let’s proceed to talk about the frequency. So, how often you have to clean your face mask? Experts have different answers for this question, but they have one specific thing said in common: it depends to how often you use the mask.

According to Dr. Cassandra Pierre, an expert from Boston Medical Center, it would be better to wash the mask every day, especially when you are often going out be it for running errands or just going to work. This is carried out to clean the collected droplets on the mask surface.

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Think about Having Some Extras

Even when you already know about how to wash face masks, it’s not an impossible thing that you may laze around and wearing the same face mask given that it doesn’t look dirty at all. Well, it’s never good to re-wear the already-used face mask. Droplets are truly tiny particles, and you cannot see it unless you use this good old friend: a microscope.

Therefore, it’s not enough just knowing about how to wash face mask. It’d be a great decision to have a spare, unused face mask always ready on your bag, because you’ll never know that you’ll have someone in front of you sneezing hard and showing covid-like symptoms. When that happens, you should spare a moment to change your mask, put the old, dirty one in a secure plastic bag, and wear the new one.

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Implementing the Health Protocols

After all, wearing mask and knowing how to wash face mask won’t suffice to guard you during this pandemic. You need to implement health protocols as well as a preventive act to protect you from covid-19 infection.

Therefore, don’t forget to:
• make sure that your face mask covers not only your nose, but also your mouth and chin;
• keep your personal hygiene, especially your hands, before putting on your mask, after taking it off, and after you touch it;
• avoid attending crowds as much as possible;
• clean and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces regularly;
• eat nutritious food and take supplement if required; and
• get vaccinated, if you haven’t had it.

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