Hua Hin and the Many Places of Attractions

Hua Hin is a beach resort in Thailand and the place has its own interesting spots to explore. Just because it is a beach resort, it doesn’t always mean that you will have to spend the whole day on the beach. After a while, swimming and sunbathing can get old, and the sea view can be boring. It’s a good thing that Hua Hin offers a lot of other places of interest that you can explore alone or with your loved ones.

Hua Hin General Tourist Destinations

Hua Hin is known for its relaxing atmosphere and whimsical flair. Whether you are travelling alone or with families, there are some right places for exploration. Be sure that each place has its own appeal and winning elements.

1. Hua Hin Vineyard Hills

Hua Hin Vineyard Hills

If you are sick and tired of the beach view, going to the hills will provide the extra break that you need. Going up the hill is amazingly appealing and entertaining. This vineyard is 45 kilometres away from Hua Hin, on the western side. There will be a wine tour on a daily basis, allowing visitors to see the process of making wines. The place is quiet and peaceful, perfect for those looking for a relaxing place. However, if you are into crowds and noise, it may not be the perfect spot to go to. One of the highlights is Sala Restaurant where you can enjoy also a relaxing dine.

2. Black Mountain Water Park

Hua Hin - Black Mountain Water Park

Just like other water parks, this one has all the fun entertainments and enjoyment that everyone will love. This is a perfect go-to place when you are travelling with your family and kids. You can enjoy the lazy river, the many swimming pools, the water slides, and the wave pools. You can also find food centre and other enjoyment there.

3. Khao Takiab

Hua Hin - Khao Takiab

This village is lively and fun, and you can enjoy the relaxing beach atmosphere. If you are looking forward to having an enjoyable holiday there, this would be the perfect spot to go. Besides the attractions for tourists, you can also find temples. In fact, this area houses quite a lot of temples, including Wat Huay Mongkol, with important cultural and also historical values. If you are tired of the beach, you can go to Khao Takiab Mountain to enjoy the more impressive view. It is situated 10 kilometres away from Hua Hin.

4. Artists Village Baan Sillapin

Hua Hin - Artists Village Baan Sillapin

If you are into art so much, this is the village to go to. The place isn’t far away from the city centre – you just have to travel a little bit to the western side. You will find a lot of art galleries and also studios. Do you want to enjoy the sculpture or painting class? Feel free to do so. You can also enjoy some relaxing time at the coffee shows and enjoy the artistic view. Or you can go to the gift shop and find various artistic items there. You will enjoy your time here, for sure!

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Hua Hin Nature Destinations

If you like going on an adventurous journey or you like interacting with animals or you are into engaging nature, then there are several places that are worth checking out for. You will have a better relationship with Mother Nature and you can teach your kids to love animals through a direct contact.

1. Hua Hin Safari

Hua Hin Safari

If you are into natural exploration and wildlife learning, taking part in this safari will really make your day. Not only you will enjoy the nature trip – which will present you the town’s view from above – but you can also interact with wild animals. This program is included in the adventure park, and you can choose between polo, horse carriages, and also elephant trekking. You can have this activity with friends or families, but be sure to book first. They also offer hotel pick up, which is a great additional service.

2. Hutsadin Elephant Foundation

Hua Hin - Hutsadin Elephant Foundation

The location is located on the seaside. That’s why it is also called the seaside city. But it is also a perfect place to care the gentle creature – yes, the elephant! You can play with them – feed them, bathe them, and even play with them. But they aren’t supposed to be ridden so don’t expect them to ride the elephants. All of the elephants are friendly and gentle. This would be the perfect spot for learning more about the elephants. That’s why you should tag along with your kids so they can learn about nature directly and naturally.

3. Khao Hin Lek Fai

Hua Hin - Khao Hin Lek Fai

If you have tons of energy to spare, and you want to remain active during your stay, you should come to this Flinstone Hill. You will have to break a sweat climbing the hill, but it is worth the efforts. Once you are at the top, you will see an amazing view. A lot of tourists like to come here for the sunset although you can always check it out any time of the day. If you want to add a little challenge, you can cycle or run up the hill – be warned, though, that it would be difficult and challenging. The area upward has some stalls in case you need refreshments.

Hua Hin Shopping Destinations

When you are travelling, one of the chances you want to have is to shop, right? And just like other tourist destinations, Hua Hin also has several popular shopping options. Where would you go for fun exploration?

1. Cicada Market

Hua Hin - Cicada Market

Do you like window shopping – looking at the merchandise and marvelling their display? Do you like buying things for souvenirs or memorabilia? This market is said as one of the best outdoor markets in Thailand, thanks to the vibrant, fun, and lively atmosphere. Besides the stalls and sellers, you will also find street performers. If you are into art so much, this is the perfect place to explore because it is one place to sell oil paintings. The major highlights of the spot are speciality food shops, pineapple speciality store, and oil paintings. No need to worry that you won’t find the place – every local knows where it is so you can always ask them.

2. Plearn Wan Village

Hua Hin - Plearn Wan Village

Known as the shopping village, you can find almost anything in this place. The market is pretty complete and most visitors consider it quite important in their exploration and trip. Expect to find a wide array of items there, such as food, gift items, souvenirs, clothes, and many more! Even if you aren’t interested in shopping, you will find the vibrant colours and fun atmosphere to be quite entertaining and whimsical.

3. Night Bazaar

Hua Hin - Night Bazaar

If you like shopping so much and you don’t know the fun activity to do at night, come to this night bazaar. Also often called the night market, the place is right in the heart of the city. It opens from 6 PM to 11 PM. Not only you can find many attractive items and souvenirs, but you can also find many Thai souvenirs. Looking for speciality Thai foods? You have come to the right spot! You can find tons of signature dishes here. The price is relatively affordable but not overly cheap.

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Hua Hin Historical Destinations

Each area in Thailand has its own history – not to mention that they have their own cultural influence and aspects. If you want to learn more about the place, these are some great places to go.

1. Ratchapak Park

Hua Hin - Ratchapak Park

This is a theme park with historical value. The park is set up and designed to honour past Thai kings – from Sukhothai period to Chakri current period. The park is divided into 3 distinct areas, allowing you to explore the park around. After all, it is quite vast and you will have a satisfying time exploring it around. If you want to know the 7 most respected kings of the past, come to the first area – you will be able to find their bronze figures. You can also find the big plaza that is used for ceremonies and parades.

2. Cha-Am Maruekhathaiyawan Palace

Hua Hin - Cha-Am Maruekhathaiyawan Palace

As one of the historical spots in Thailand, this palace has a beautiful and unique architecture. This place was formerly used by King Vajravudh as the royal palace as well as the holiday villa. Its main highlight is the artistic construction. The construction consists of 16 different buildings from teak and then raised by the concrete pillars. As if it weren’t enough, they are linked by walkways around the palace. If you want to learn more about this palace’s history as well as marvelling the beautiful structure, you should come to this palace.

3. Wat Bor Fai

This is the unique landmark of the area – so you should visit it if you come to Hua Hin. The Wat is a house to many temples – and you can explore them when you come to this place. You will love the colourful architecture as well as learning about the historical aspects of the place. If you want to, there are also many cultural values to enjoy from it. You can’t help but marvel the very old construction that is still maintained very well. You should be able to find shady spots to protect you from the sun. Those spots can also be used for a picnic.

4. Hua Hin Railway Station

Hua Hin Railway Station

The railway station holds an important historical value. The place was set up during King Rama VI, and some of the constructions were great! The main construction is impressive while the waiting room has this majestic flair in it. The building has the unique and signature style of Thai cultures, such as the bright hues and many Thai concepts. The building was constructed from wood and then painted in bright tones – even the trains are quite bright and colourful. The railway station is still working and functioning, even until now. If you want to take a ride, you can use it. You can go to the nearest resorts or Bangkok.

Hua Hin Religious Destinations

Thai people are pretty religious. Since the country has one of the biggest Buddha community in Asia, it is pretty logical to see many temples in different areas.

1. Wat Khao Takiab

Hua Hin - Wat Khao Takiab

We previously talk about Khao Takiab as one of the areas to visit, but we haven’t discussed further the Wat or the temple. This is actually one of the most popular temples in this area. One of the coolest things about it is that you can see it from far away. If you are interested in coming here, there is a parking lot to accommodate the vehicles. You can reach the place on foot or by driving. The parking lot is pretty interesting in its own nature because you will be able to see Buddha statues and some statues of dinosaurs. Be aware of the macaque monkeys – you can find them on the top – because they won’t hesitate to steal your things, especially the small items that they can easily grab.

2. Wat Huay Mongkol

Hua Hin - Wat Huay Mongkol

The temple was designed to honour Luand Phor Thuad, a popular monk in Thailand. The man was believed to be able to perform miracles. By building his statue, people believed that ‘he’ will protect them. Many people come here to ask for good luck, health, fortune, and also happiness. If you walk under the elephant’s belly (there is an elephant statue on each side of the statue), you will have better luck.

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Transportations to Hua Hin

Reaching Hua Hin is pretty easy because there are several methods available. You can use the bus if you want to. The buses from Bangkok to Hua Hin are available at the southern Bangkok Bus Terminal. Reaching Hua Hin from Bangkok takes around 3 hours. If you prefer the train, you can do it too. As it was mentioned before, Hua Hin Station is pretty popular, thanks to its reputation as the landmark.

If you like flying, you can take Nok Air associating with SGA Airlines that connect Hua Hin Airport and Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. With the flight, it only takes less than an hour. One way trip will cost you 3,000 baht.


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