Getting to Know Hyderabad Airport, India’s Global Airport

If you’re a tourist planning to visit Telangana state in India, it’s likely for you to arrive at Hyderabad Airport. This airport is a best airport and bustling that is currently ranked 63rd in Skytrax’s World’s Top 100 Airports 2022.

What an amazing feat, isn’t it? With such an accomplishment, it will make you wonder what the airport is like and the facilities it has to offer.

Without further ado, let’s get to know more about the airport!

About Hyderabad Airport (HYD)

Hyderabad airport - about

This airport located in Shamsabad town, around 24 kilometers away from Hyderabad city – hence the name Hyderabad Airport. However, the official name of the airport is actually Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, which comes from India’s former prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi. If you’re flying to this airport, you’ll easily find the HYD airport code on your booking.

The airport was opened in 2008 to replace Begumpet Airport, the active airport at that time that had various problems, such as traffic snarls. Since its first operation, this airport has been the only international airport in Hyderabad city and its surrounding area.

In 2013, this airport received a 5-star award from the British Safety Council for its health and safety management system. Reflecting this, the airport provides various facilities you can enjoy, such as easy transportation, luggage storage, pharmacy, baby care rooms, restaurants and shops, and many more.

After learning a bit about the airport, let’s take a deeper look at what it has to offer. In the next sections, we’ll be diving into this airport’s terminal, restaurants, hotels, transportation, and duty-free shops.

Hyderabad Airport Terminal

hyderabad airport - terminal
International Departures terminal on Hyderabad Airports
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Did you know that Hyderabad Airport only has a single terminal? The single terminal can serve more than 12 million passengers each year. What’s even more incredible, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, this airport still served about 8 million passengers!

In this airport, the departure and arrival of both domestic and international flights operate in the same building. There’s also a special Hajj Terminal used for the pilgrims during the Hajj pilgrimage period.

The main terminal is separated into 8 different levels. Each level is interconnected and provides different facilities; there are restaurants that in both departures and arrivals, lounges at level 5 that you can use to rest, paid porters at level 3 if you need help carrying your bags, and more.

Hyderabad Airport Restaurants

hyderabad airport - Restaurants
You can find many restarurants at Hyderabad Airport
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After a long flight, getting meals in an airport is a common go-to activity. Don’t you worry about your meals because one of the attractions of Hyderabad Airport is its variety of selection of restaurants.

Whether you want vegetarian meals or traditional Indian street food, you can easily find them at this airport. There are a total of three kinds of places you can visit at Hyderabad Airport when you’re hungry, bars & restaurants, quick-service restaurants, and coffee shops.

Hyderabad Airport Hotels

Hyderabad airport - hotels
You can find nearest hotel at Hyderabad Airport

Tired after a long flight or do you need to rest to catch another flight? Hyderabad Airport hotels can solve your problem.

Within the airport area, there is an Airport Lodge that where you can get a shut-eye. The fee for your stay depends on the maximum time you choose to spend within, and there are also choices between rooms with and without an air conditioning that comes in different prices.

If you’re not feeling like staying at the airport, there are also hotels still around the airport area, such as Novotel and Hotel Elite by Signature Group.

Nearest Hotel Recommendation

Hyderabad Airport Transportations

Hyderabad Airport - transportations
There’s many transportations in Hyberabad Airport and ready to take you

Methods of transportation are the main concern when you travel aboard. Luckily, just like other facilities, transportation to and from Hyderabad Airport is not hard to find. Almost every single method of land transportation is present whenever you want to get access to and from this airport.

Whatever you want starting from your usual meter taxi, prepaid taxi, taxi strictly for women, and even car rental that also offers chauffeur services are available here.

Hyderabad Airport Duty-free Shops

Hyderabad Airport - duty free shops
You can purchase some souvenirs, brands and bring back to your home

Last, but not least, is the Duty-free shops in the airport. These shops provide items that you can purchase and bring back to your country, tax-free. Aside from having various brands, local and international, to choose from, they also offer sweet deals from time to time.

Selections of liquor, tobacco, cosmetics, confectionery, travel essentials and authentic handpicked souvenirs are waiting to be picked when you set foot into the shopping areas. You may want to make sure you have spare time to explore as to enjoy the shopping experience to its fullest.

Well, after seeing what Hyderabad has to offer, what are you waiting for? Traveling to India has never been this easy and when you’re there, Hyderabad Airport is ready to present you with the best India has to provide. If you’re looking to book a flight to Hyderabad Airport, come check for an easy and seamless booking experience.


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