Have a Delicious Meal at These Hyderabad Airport Restaurants

Having a meal in the airport may or may not be something that you do often, but when you do need to grab a meal, there are plenty that Hyderabad Airport Restaurants can offer. These meals are top-of-the-line and you’ll probably want seconds after finishing your first meal.

Aren’t you curious about what meal you can get at Hyderabad Airport? Worry not, below you can see the list of restaurants, what they serve, and where to find them, let’s check them out!

List of Hyderabad Airport Restaurants & Bars


If you have some time to spare, eating at a restaurant is always a good choice for a fulfilling meal. Take a seat and get comfy while waiting for you mouth-watering food to arrive. Oh, you’re not that hungry? There are selections of bars that you can drop by for some drinks.

1. Barley & Grapes Café

India’s first airport brewery at Barley & Grapes Cafe
Location: Aero Plaza

With a European-style café ambiance with great foods and fabulous beverages, Barley & Grapes is always ready to serve you. Themed with an eco-friendly ambiance using recycled wood and furniture, this is a great place to hang out with friends and family.

This restaurant provides a selection of fresh-from-the-oven starters, such as; pizzas, burgers, pasta, and a few western café favorites. Additionally, small selections of fine bottles of wine carefully selected are ready to accompany your meals.

2. Buffalo Wild Wings

American casual dining restaurant and sports bar in India
Location: Aero Plaza, Car Park Level, Level 1

Also referred to as the best chicken wings in town, this place boasts its bold and unique flavor through its chicken wings. Aside from their specialty, they also serve burgers, nachos, quesadillas, wraps, salads, sizzlers, and many more. The main attraction of this place is the large-screen TVs to enjoy while dining on your meals.

3. Island Café & Bar

Express Cafe & Bar in hyderabad airport
Location: International Departures

As the name suggests, this restaurant is both a café and a bar. The main attraction of this restaurant is the wide range of their selections of beers, wines, and soft drinks.

Despite them taking a pride in their drinks, it doesn’t mean that their quality of food is second-rate. To accompany your orders, their fresh and tasty food is always on the menu to be ordered.

4. Monsoon Bar

Delicious and Quality food & Good Beer at Mosoon Bar and Kitchen
Location: Domestic Departures

With its signature Oriental, Mediterranean, and Indian cuisines, Monsoon Bar is always ready to satisfy your taste buds. Accompanying your meals are the eye-pleasing décor and the graceful plating of the food. As a combination of both, you’ll surely come back another time to taste more of their cooking.

5. Network bar

Relax and get some snacks, beers, classic cocktails, the signatures
Location: Domestic Departures

When looking for a place to socialize with friends or colleagues, Network Bar is the perfect place to go. Snacks, beers, classic cocktails, the signatures of this place are always worth it to be tried. Whenever you are tired of traveling, this is the perfect relaxing place.

6. Noodle

Enjoy a warm bowl of noodles at Noodle Restaurant
Location: Domestic Departures

When you want to enjoy a warm bowl of noodles, this restaurant is a go-to place. With a variety of noodles from various regions in Asia. Supporting their lines of delicious noodles, fresh dim sums, soups, and rice bowls are ready to be enjoyed.

List of Quick Service Restaurants

Are you tight on schedule but you feel like you can eat a whole cow? The quick service restaurants at Hyderabad Airport is ready to fill your stomach at speed record!

1. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

krispy kreme1
Location: Arrivals – Airport Village, Car Park Level, Domestic Departures

Krispy Kreme is a well-known company that serves the highest quality doughnuts on its menu, with glazed doughnuts serving as its signature. When you want to have a cup of coffee and classic glazed doughnuts, you know where to find them.

2. KFC

Location: Aero Plaza, Car Park Level, Domestic Departures

Who hasn’t heard of KFC? Many argue that KFC is the most popular brand of fried chicken in the world. With finger-lickin’ good chicken, and their special Hot & Krispy chicken, it will surely bring nostalgic feelings.

3. Pizza Hut

pizza hut1
Location: Aero Plaza, Cark Park level

Serving pizzas, pasta, beverages, and desserts, Pizza Hut is one of the most well-known brands of pizza in India. With the combination of fresh ingredients, tastiness, and affordable price, this pizza joint in Hyderabad Airport is one when you are craving a bite of that tasty slice of pizza.

4. Cold Stone Creamery

cold stone creamery1
Location: Arrivals

Feeling like enjoying something sweet to clean your taste buds after a heavy meal? Cream Stone is serving creamy and exotic ice creams that you can customize as you like. With their unique method of making ice cream, it is sure to make a memorable experience.

5. Indian Paradise

Taste an locale indian food with freshet and hygiene ingredients
Location: Domestic Departures and International Departures

When going to another country, one thing you should not miss is experiencing their street foods. While it’s technically not on a street, Indian Paradise still provides one of the most high-quality dishes. Using the freshest of ingredients to whip up their recipes, this joint is a friendly choice whether you want to try a vegetarian meal or just a non-vegetarian one.

6. Ram Ki Bandi

Taste varieties of dosa at Ram Ki Bandi Hyderabad
Location: Aero Plaza, Car Park Level

Originally starting its journey as a food truck in a heavy-traffic area, Ram Ki Bandi has since made a name for itself by serving varieties of dosa, a thin pancake made of fermented batter of ground black gram and rice. The restaurant itself is known to serve the best dosas in the whole of Hyderabad and you don’t even have to go looking far away for it.

List of coffee shops

You might be looking for a dose of caffeine to boost your energy level, and lucky for you, there are many coffee shops to choose from!

1. Starbucks Coffee

Location: Arrivals
Starbucks Coffee is one of, if not the most popular coffee-serving businesses in the world. One of which is here at Hyderabad Airport. With a wide range of hot and cold beverages, this store is to keep an eye on when you are craving a cup of coffee during your time at Hyderabad Airport.

2. Madras Coffee House

madras coffee house1
Taste a local south indian pure filter coffee near Hyderabad Airport
Location: Aero Plaza, Car Park Level

The main attraction of this coffee shop is providing you with a great cup of filtered coffee at an affordable price. Infusing their coffee with authentic, freshly brewed South Indian taste and accompanying them with other Tamil Nadu food, this place brings to the surface the authenticity of a cup of coffee.

3. Barista

barista india coffee1
Barista is the best coffee shops specializes in Coffee
Location: Domestic Departures

Where there is a shop that specializes in brewing delicious coffee, there is also a shop that does the same, but with tea. Well, if you like both, Barista will be one of your best experiences. Not only specializing in arabica coffees, but they also have a wide selection of teas and sweets to enjoy.

4. Café Coffee Day

Cafe coffee day
Enjoy your delicious and refreshing experience at Cafe Coffee Day

This joint is destined to be a place where you can enjoy your coffee while hanging out with your friends. With a variety of pastries to savor while sitting down, chatting, and enjoying a cup of coffee and spending time with your friends is more enjoyable.

5. Nescafe

You have probably heard of this name before, in some countries, it is commonly known as a company that makes instant coffee. However, at Hyderabad Airport, there is a kiosk that provides great espressos and coffees. Not only that, but this place also serves some Maggi Noodles, bakery snacks, and delicious chocolates.

Now then, have you decided what you want to grab when you’ve arrived at Hyderabad Airport? Don’t forget to savor the experience to the fullest! Remember to book your flight first though, which can be dones at Airpaz.com!


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