Making the Most out of Hyderabad Airport Terminals

Welcome to the Hyderabad Airport Terminals!

Is it your first time visiting Hyderabad Airport? Or maybe it’s not your first time, but you’re still unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the airport? There’s no need to stress over it because you will be learning more about the terminal, facilities, and services of Hyderabad Airport in this article. So, let’s get into the details!

Hyderabad Airport Terminals


In the Hyderabad Airport article, we’ve mentioned that this airport only has one terminal. Said terminal serves both domestic and international flights, and everything you need can be found inside this single building. However, depending on the time of the year, there will be a special terminal that operates exclusively for Hajj pilgrims. This special terminal is called the Hajj Terminal, and it only operates during the Hajj pilgrimage period for flights heading to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

To find out more about the Hyderabad Airport terminals, let’s jump into the next section.

Hyderabad Airport Main Terminal


Hyderabad Airport’s main terminal is a single megastructure that’s capable of supporting both domestic and international flights. The building is divided into 8 levels, and you can find various facilities to make your time at the airport more enjoyable. Here are some of the facilities at the main terminal at Hyderabad Airport Terminals.

Free Wi-Fi at Hyderabad Airport Terminals


When you have just arrived in a foreign country, you probably want to reach out to your loved ones (or maybe, you just want to save up some mobile data). If that’s the case, free Wi-fi is just around the corner for you to use. Provided by Hyderabad Airport, all you need to do is fill in your mobile number and which country the number comes from.

If you have difficulty accessing the internet or have any questions related to the wi-fi in general, such as not receiving the code through the messaging application, you can reach the help desk directly. You can find help desks at these two locations. For domestic flights, you can find it near the internet kiosk at Gate 21, for international flights, you can find the desk near Gate 23.



When you are short on cash and need to withdraw some, there are available ATMs conveniently placed around the terminal. Two types of ATMs can be found at Hyderabad Airport Terminals, ATMs for national and international cards.

For more details, these are the areas that contain ATMs in Hyderabad Airport:
– International Terminal Arrivals
– Public Transport Centre
– Domestic Terminal Departure
– Domestic Terminal Check-in
– Domestic Terminal Arrivals
– Airport Village
– Car Park Area
– Departure Forecourt



To make check-ins easier, Hyderabad Airport provides self-check-in counters. All you need to do is to enter either the booking reference or the 13-digit electronic ticket number and how much baggage you are bringing. Afterwards, you can collect your baggage tag and boarding pass.


Do you feel like you have brought more stuff than you can bring? If so, a paid porter is available at Hyderabad Airport terminals. There are porters affiliated with the airport that you can order on the spot or unaffiliated porters that you can order beforehand.

Here are the tariffs of the paid porter service:
– Around 6 USD for up to 3 bags
– Around 12 USD for anywhere from 4 to 6 bags
– Around 18 USD for anywhere from 7 to 9 bags

Medical Assistance


In case of emergencies, medical assistance is always available. Alongside a 24-hour pharmacy, Hyderabad airport is equipped with 17 beds, well-trained doctors, and paramedics available 24/7. Ambulances are also always present as a part of disaster management. Moreover, state-of-the-art equipment also supports the medical assistance provided by the airport.

Lost & Found


In case of losing your belongings on the airplane, you can contact your respective airlines to retrieve them. However, when your belongings are lost or misplaced at the airport, you can contact the Lost and Found Department directly through the department’s telephone (040-66606064) or send an email directly to ghiallost&
You should note that you need to prepare documents to claim lost belongings, such as boarding pass, ID card, and proof of your belonging. For detailed information you can refer to, visit here.

Airport Lounges


To ensure passengers’ comfort, Hyderabad Airport provides comfortable lounge where you can relax while waiting for your flight. To access the lounge, you can either pay the fee or enjoy it for free if you book a Business or First-class flight.

The airport lounges at Hyderabad Airport terminals are Plaza Premium Lounge and Air Maharajah Lounge. Please note that the lounges are non-smoking facilities, meaning that you can’t smoke while you’re inside the lounge.

  • Plaza Premium Lounge
    Open time : 00:00 A.M. – 11:59 P.M.
    Fee : Around 18 USD (domestic) or 25 USD (International) per traveler for 3 hours
    Location : Domestic Departures, Airside, Level E, Near Gate 28 (Domestic)
    International Departures, Airside, Level E, Near Gate 32A (International)
    Facilities : Premium food, Snacks, Wi-fi, Flight monitors, Newspaper, Magazines, TV, Conference rooms, Internet terminals, and Telephones
  • Air Maharajah Lounge
    Open time : 4:30 A.M. – last departure
    Fee : Free if you are a Business or First-class passenger (No fee, however only for Air India’s First and Executive Class passengers, First and Business Class passengers, Air India Flying Returns Golden Edge and Maharaja Club members, and Star Alliance Gold passengers)
    Location : Domestic Terminal, near Gate 22
    Facilities : Snacks, Flight monitors, Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Internet terminals, Printers, and Copiers

On-Airport Hotel


This facility is also known as the airport lodge and is located at the Public Transportation Centre. The main functionality is to provide private rooms. Additionally, it also serves as exclusive rooms for ladies under request. Each room is facilitated with showers, storage for luggage, a cafeteria, and security.

Nearest Hotel Recommandations

Services for Disabled People


Aiding the airport in taking care of disabled people, Airport Kruz, an automated wheelchair service is available to be accessed by passengers. Located at the pick-up point to the boarding gate and vice versa, this service is a mix of electrical and manual wheelchairs.
If you are already planning to use this service, you can request this service before arriving at Hyderabad Airport. However, you can also register for the service on the spot at the Airport Kruz’s counters.

There are counters on each of the Domestic and International Departures. The fare for a domestic flight passenger is around 6 USD and for an international trip passenger, the fare is around 12 USD.

Take note, however, that this service is an addition to what is already being offered by the airlines. So, double-check whether or not you require this service and make sure that you don’t already have one similar service provided by your airlines.

Hyderabad Airport Hajj Terminal

In addition to the facilities featured in the main terminal, there is also a separate section of the terminal named Hajj Terminal. The main function of this terminal is for Hajj pilgrims during the pilgrimage season to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. This terminal is located adjacent to the main terminal.

Hajj terminal differs from the main terminal only in its purpose, which is for the Hajj pilgrims to Jeddah. However, any passenger can enjoy all of the facilities provided by Hyderabad Airport regardless if they’re on a normal flight or a hajj pilgrimage flight.

Now that you’ve got a gist on what to expect at Hyderabad Airport, you can plan start planning on what you want to do and which facility to use when you get there. Enjoy your trip! and don’t forget book your flight with Airpaz.


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