Will Indonesia become a “Travel Trends” in 2022?

17,000 islands sprawling on the equator form a beautiful country called Indonesia. More than 300 tribes and cultures live there creating one of the big diversities of society that you won’t find elsewhere. Then, thanks to the government’s involvement in managing these amazing places, Indonesia becomes one of the top vacation destinations. So, how about 2022? Will Indonesia become one of the destinations of the recent Travel Trends? We will learn more about it here.

The Tourism Trend in Indonesia


According to the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI), the tourism trend will focus on outdoor or nature-based trips. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people couldn’t leave their houses, so they seek a way to redeem those circumstances when the pandemic has subsided. Moreover, indoor vacation still is seen as a high risk for infection. Therefore, people try to find the outdoor destination as it has better safety, which will be predicted to become the Travel Trends 2022.

Because of that, many people tend to choose to travel in a small group with people that they know or are close with. It gives them a better experience and safety than traveling in a group with a stranger. For that reason, they try to get everything to be scheduled in a private manner. It includes the travel itinerary, the booking for accommodation, and buying tickets through online travel agencies. So, the companies in Indonesia try to adapt to this situation and apply more advanced online/digital features in their business system.

Furthermore, tourism in Indonesia is also predicted to develop even further thanks to better infrastructure development. It helps tourists to visit cities and provinces in Indonesia by land transportation, which is much cheaper. The local economy in various vacation destinations in Indonesia will also get many positive effects and benefits because of this situation.

However, the effect on national tourism will not be as significant as the prediction. Until the situation is safe enough to travel, the condition will be the same as last year. At least in mid-2022, we see that many tourists from Australia will visit Indonesia because the situation will be considered safe. However, the tourists from other countries, like China, might only start to come at the end of 2022. Therefore, proper regulation from the government is necessary to support tourism and restore its condition.

Does Indonesia Have A Chance to Enter the List of Travel Trends in 2022?


Even though the expert saw many limitations regarding Indonesian tourism, there is still hope. Based on the tourism statistics, we see a good number. For example, the number of foreign tourists that travel to Indonesia has risen by 13.62 percent over last year in January 2022. Those who enter Jakarta through air transportation per January 2022 also increase by 1,037 percent. An even higher number is seen on the visit to North Sulawesi. The number of visits in this area has increased by 7.6 percent. So, we believe that Indonesia has a big chance to enter the Travel Trends list.

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The Travel Destination in Indonesia


Another reason Indonesia has a better chance to be one of the destinations of the travel trend list is its travel destination. Indonesia holds thousands of beautiful places and paradise that you can’t find elsewhere. The beauty, experience, and atmosphere will give you the best vacation in your life. Here are examples of the destinations for Indonesia travel you can visit.

Dieng Plateau


You can find beautiful scenery of mountain views and jungles here. This place is located at 2,000 meters above sea level. It also has a beautiful multi-colored lake. The hot spring and ancient Hindu temples also become one of the best spots you can visit. Moreover, there are a lot of festivals, from traditional rituals to jazz performances.

Borobudur Temple


Borobudur Temple is and always has been a popular destination in Central Java. As the biggest Buddhist sanctuary in the world, this temple has beautiful scenery and interesting history you can learn. Moreover, the reliefs on its wall also tell you the story from the past. It also shows the amazing technique of stone carvings by people from the ancient kingdom.

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Komodo National Park


Here, you can see the largest lizard in the world, Komodo Dragon, in its natural habitat. Furthermore, this area also holds various beautiful spots you can visit, such as Rinca Island and Pink Beach in Padar Island. Adventure and a journey that calms your body and mind are what many Indonesian travelers seek here

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