Interesting and Unique Places to Explore while in Chiang Mai

If you are coming to Thailand, and yet you want to try a different holiday experience besides the busy and crowded places like Pattaya or Bangkok, why not coming to Chiang Mai?

The area is on the northern side of Thailand, known for its hills and natural sceneries. Of course, you can still enjoy the city atmosphere at the heart of Chiang Mai, but it can be a great place to escape everyday’s hustle and bustle. If you want a quiet place where you can spend quality times together with the loved ones, Chiang Mai is your best option.

Mae Rim


Are you into adventure travel and exploration? Do you wish to spend more time in the outdoor or spending some nights surrounded by the natural view? Come to Mae Rim and see what the place has to offer.

It is popular as the place offering outdoor adventures and extreme sports, like zip lining, ATV tours, canopy walks, and such thing alike. You can also trek to Doi Mon Cham, the tallest peak in Mae Rim mountain.

Staying there is also pleasant because there is a sense that you are spending quality time with Mother Earth. Expect to find riverside restaurants and also waterfalls, so you should enjoy your stay! Mae Rim is easy to reach from Chang Mai and it only takes an hour of the land trip.

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Doi Inthanon


If you want to spend a night at the national park, there are plenty of hotels to stay – but if you prefer the outdoorsy methods to stay, you can rent the chalets or camping. This national park is located at the highest point in Thailand, so it can be a bit chilly there – sometimes even frosty.

It takes 2 easy hours to reach from Chang Mai and people generally include a day trip to the area. If you like natural sightseeing, you will find a lot of areas to explore, such as caves, hiking trails, and also waterfalls.

Mae Ping River

Want to take a river tour? Go to this river and take part in the boat tour. You can enjoy the natural scenery while enjoying the relaxed afternoon. The tour takes around 45 minutes and there are several operators that can manage the trip. By the end of the tour, you will stop for lunch at the local farmer house. It is your choice to see the jasmine rice production or simply relax in the garden.


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Catmosphere, the Cat Cafe

The concept of the cat cafe has been popular in Japan and China, and now you can find such a place in Chiang Mai. The Catmosphere is a cat cafe with space and extraterrestrial topic. You can see UFOs and spaceships on the wall while the cats are roaming free.

Although the price for the beverage is a bit higher (when compared to the regular cafes), most cat lovers don’t mind. They know that the money is well spent for grooming and caring the cats. During weekends or busy periods, visitors can stay for 2 hours, max. It should be enough to pet the cats, anyway.

Bai Orchid and the Butterfly Farm


Orchids are super popular in Thailand because it is the symbol of the country. If you see the symbol of Thai Airways, you will see the orchids. The plantation is located outside the city, so it is easy to reach. You can marvel the exotic beauty while exploring around.

If you want to buy the seeds, you can do it too. One thing unique about the souvenir shop is that they dip the fresh orchids and turn them into jewellery. The butterfly farm is next to the orchid plantation. In case you want to explore it around, you can do it easily.

Of course, there are still many other interesting places to visit while in Chiang Mai. If you are planning your next trip there, you can get cheap flight at Airpaz. So what are you waiting for? Happy traveling


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