Garden by the Bay: Interesting Facts You Must Know

Singapore is a small country, seen physically. However, its good development, including iconic attractions like Garden by the Bay, has propelled it to be the economic giant in Southeast Asia. As a meeting spot of diverse cultures and religions, Singapore boasts a vibrant atmosphere with a plethora of festivals and holiday celebrations to offer.

Singapore’s geographic location also brings more advantages to the country. It can be visited all year round whether it is for leisure or business. To increase the visiting number, the government makes a serious effort in infrastructure so tourists can enjoy their visit. As a small country that does not have many natural tourism resources, the Singapore government gives more focus to creating man-made tourism attract, for example, Garden by the Bay.

Garden By the Bay Interesting Facts

Garden by the Bay is a horticultural theme park located at Marina Bay, Singapore. This tourism object has been a national icon with a high number of visitors. If you want to experience yourself exploring this 101 ha large area, here are some interesting facts you should know:

Garden by the bay at night
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• The main vision of creating this park is to develop lush green spaces in the country and provide healthy work and life balance in the bustling city. It transforms from a garden city to a city in a garden, splitting into three areas, i.e. bay South, bay East and Bay Centrals. Each of them has different varieties of plants and trees from around the world that make it get listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site.

• An international competition was held to get a unique layout and design of the garden with 170 firms from more than 24 countries involved. Finally, Grant Associates, chosen to design bay South, and Gustafson Porter, selected to create the layout of Bay East Garden, appeared as the winners. All submitted concepts, plans, and models were displayed on an exhibition where locals could give their reviews.

• Inspired by Vanda “Miss Joaquim” orchid, Singapore’s national flower, the Bay South Garden is created and known as the biggest garden of the three. Its major attractions are two main conservatories, themed gardens and the SuperTree Grove, displaying diverse beautiful views.

• Garden by the Bay has created a new perspective for Singapore, from an urbanized nation to a green eco-friendly country. But still, the cutting edge technology implementation plays an essential role to provide energy-efficient cooling solutions. Photovoltaic cells are installed on the canopies of Super Trees which absorb the solar energy to be transformed for illuminating the trees at night.

May is a good month to visit a tropical country like Singapore. Have you decided when to go? It is great to go to Garden by the Bay at noon, but it will be more fabulous to visit at night as you can see the Super Trees looking so beautiful with the sparkling and colorful lights. Check out Airpaz website now to make sure you do not miss the flight.

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