Interesting Places to Visit Close to Shanghai Airport

Knowing some of the possibly accessed interesting spots around Shanghai Airport can help you save time and manage your trip during the layover. There are some possible places that you can visit while waiting for your next flight. Keep in mind that visiting these places requires some time, so make sure that your layover is more than 3 hours. If your layover is only 3 hours, it is better to stay around the airport and make use of the available facilities.

1. Relaxing at the Motel

Shanghai Airport - Relaxing at the Motel

Do you know that there is a motel, not far from the Maglev Station – right in the middle of Terminal 1 and 2? The rooms can be rented on a daily basis – or a daily basis if you want. It costs around 250 to 300 Yuan a day. If you have to wait for several hours and you don’t feel like travelling, just rent a room. You can take a shower and get some good sleep. You will feel fresh by the time you leave the motel – and ready for the next adventure ahead!

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2. Travelling around and Transportation Modes

Shanghai Airport - Travelling around and Transportation Modes

You have several ways to travel around the Pudong area. Feel free to use the Maglev train, the subway, the shuttle bus, or a taxi. You may want to go to People’s Square where you can find Shanghai Metro. These means of transportation are definitely going to the city centre and People’s Square and their fares are pretty inexpensive and affordable, except for the taxi. The taxi can cost 200 Yuan and it takes an hour to reach the city centre. Yes, it may be costly but it is the most convenient. The Maglev train costs 50 Yuan for a single trip and 80 Yuan for a roundtrip – taking 8 minutes to reach the city centre.

3. Urban Planning Shanghai Exhibition Hall

Shanghai Airport - Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

If you want to learn more about the city, and yet you don’t have much time, this place would be the perfect spot. The exhibition hall is a building with 6 levels of construction displaying detailed Shanghai’s scale models. You can also learn about the future planned expansion and development. There is an admission fee for adults, costing you 30 Yuan. If you get off at the People’s Square, that’s exactly where the building is located.

4. Zotter Chocolate Theater

Shanghai Airport - Zotter Chocolate Theater

Zotter is a chocolate brand from Austria. It has a renowned company that is constructing a factory in Yangpu District in Shanghai. They provide a special tour where visitors can learn about the chocolate making process. You can also make use of the tasting opportunity – you will enjoy different kinds of tasty treats. It’s chocolate – what can be not tasty about it? The tour takes around 2 hours to complete. The ticket is 180 Yuan for an adult. The factory is around 6.2 miles from People’s Square. The easiest way to reach it is by car.

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5. Subconscious Day Spa

Shanghai Airport - Subconscious Day Spa

If you need to wind up and get a little pampering, go to this place. Want to have a hot stone treatment? Want to get a relaxing facial treatment? This would be the perfect destination for you. They have so many services – the prices depend on the services. In general, treatments last for at least an hour. The costs range from hundreds of Yuan to almost a thousand. It is 2.2 miles from People’s Square by car.

If you just want to have fresh air outside of the airport without doing anything else, coming to People’s Square may seem like a good option. You can take pictures. You can relax and watch people with their activities. When it’s time to go back, you can do it leisurely.

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If you are planning to go to Shanghai for your next trip, plan ahead. Don’t forget to make some reservations including with for your flights!


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