Top 5 Most Visited Islands in Eastern Visayas Philippines

Eastern Visayas Philippines belongs to the regions that always get typhoons, which is why it is underrated. However, the region features many natural beauty and amazing island gateways. All tourists love the islands and experience great vacations there.

Canigao Island Leyte

Canigao Island Eastern Visayas Philippines
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Located in Mantalom Leyte, Canigao Island is a beautiful uninhabited island that is reachable in 15 minutes sailing off the town. The white sanded beach perfectly matches the turquoise color of the sea.Tourists enjoy walking barefoot along the beach and snorkeling. Some cottages are available on the island provided by the local tourism authority.

Cuatro Islas

Cuatro Islas means Four Islands because it consists of four islands with picturesque views between Inopacan and Hindangtowns. All of the islands have beautiful beaches with white sands, sapphire blue water, wealthy marine life, and lush vegetation. Every island has their uniqueness and all of them are wonderful to explore.

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Kalanggaman Island

Situated in PalomponLeyte, Kalanggaman Island is one of the most beautiful eastern visayas Philippines. Firstly known as a stunning island in 2013, the island boasts two sandbars on both sides. The local authority limits the visitors on the island only up to 500 tourists only. It is aimed to preserve the beauty. It is also great to enjoy the underwater world of the island by diving.

San Pedro and San Pablo Islands

San Pedro San Pablo Eastern Visayas Philippines
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San Pedro and San Pablo Islands are neighboring eastern visayas Philippines islands in similar shape.On the bigger island San Pedro, palm trees grow around the island, covered by the white sand, clear torques water and corals. Meanwhile, the San Pablo is the smaller island that always provides peaceful atmosphere and unspoiled beauty. The twin islands are only 30minutes from Hinunangan. Enjoy the paradise views whenever you get there.

Sila Island

sila island Eastern Visayas Philippines

Sila Island is the one with unique beauty with the pink sanded beach like Hawaii. Located in the Northern Samar, the island features wonderful rock formations that make it increasingly beautiful. The best time to visit the island is in summer because the pink sands get its perfect vivid pink color.

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