Istanbul Airport is the World’s Biggest and Nicest Airport

The modern airport in Turkey, known as Istanbul Airport, is a source of national pride for the Turkish people. It is mainly because it is one of the most luxurious and largest airports in the world. If you are interested in more information, have a look at this.

About Istanbul Airport

About Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport is situated on the European side of the city in the vicinity of Atalca, Goktürk, and Arnavutkoy. In addition to being the most luxurious and extensive airport in the world, this airport is also regarded as one of the most successful endeavors undertaken by the government of Turkey.

Since 2018, the new aviation center has been Turkey’s primary airport. During that time, it has been responsible for all passenger flights. In the meantime, the previous airport, Istanbul Ataturk Airport, ceased all operations linked to passenger flights and was solely utilized for cargo and general flights and maintenance services.

On 29 October 2018, the official opening ceremony for Istanbul Airport took place, coinciding with the celebration of the 95th anniversary of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic. Turkey’s government hopes that its brand-new aviation facility will enable the country to handle more than 200 million passengers by 2025.

As of November 2022, the airport had provided services to more than 169 million passengers via more than one million flights. Although the building of this airport still needs to be completed, despite this fact, it has become a key transportation hub that connects three continents (Europe, Asia, and Africa), and it will continue to develop over time.

In addition to its other locations (40 kilometers from Taksim, 52 kilometers from Kadikoy, and in the middle of the distance between Tayakadin and Akpinar), the airport is home to many different facilities. Things like shopping malls and dozens of eateries are included in this category. In addition, many other facilities at the world’s most impressive airport are outfitted with cutting-edge technology that is kind to the natural world. The following are examples of facilities that have advanced technology.

Istanbul Airport Terminals

Istanbul Airport Terminals // Istanbul Airport

The Istanbul Airport Terminal is the biggest in the world because it is all on one roof and occupies a space of 1,440,000m2. The numerous pieces of art that decorate the terminal give it a very wealthy appearance. The departure and arrival parts of the airport terminal are separated. There are seven entrances leading to the departure terminal. The entrances for domestic flight departures one and two. Whereas other entrances are for foreign travel.

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Istanbul Airport Hotels

Istanbul Airport Hotels

There are also hotels within the terminal area of Istanbul Airport for passengers’ convenience. Those who would like to spend the night at the airport do not need to be concerned about anything because there are hotels near the departure area. To allow you to sleep for a few hours before resuming your journey, you can relax on the daybeds and lounge chairs available at the airport.

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Istanbul Airport Transportations

Istanbul Airport Transportations //  Istanbul Airport

You’ve just gotten off a plane at Istanbul Airport and want to know how to reach your final destination. There are many ways to get from Istanbul Airport to your hotel or another place. Choose between airport taxis, buses, the subway, and renting a car based on how much time and money you have and how important comfort and quality are to you.

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Istanbul Airport Duty-free

Istanbul Airport Duty-free// Istanbul Airport

Many stores at Istanbul Airport provide their customers with duty-free purchases for those who enjoy shopping. Therefore, you can avoid paying high rates when buying at the airport.

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Going to Sultanahmet from Istanbul Airport

Going to Sultanahmet from Istanbul Airport

You don’t have to worry about transportation if you just got to Istanbul Airport and want to go to the city center (Sultanahmet) because there are many ways to get around, like taxis and buses.

If you take a taxi, it will take you less than an hour to get to Sultanahmet. The price is reasonable, coming in at around 10 USD.

If you take the bus, the trip takes about an hour and a half, but it only costs about 3 USD. In addition to these two ways to get around, there will soon be a metro line that goes from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet. This line will be called M11.

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You should know these are some of the most essential facts about Istanbul Airport. So if you want to go to Turkey through the new airport, you no longer have to worry. If you want to go to Turkey, book a flight with Airpaz immediately.


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