Istanbul Airport Terminal, Large Yet Not Complicated

Istanbul Airport Terminal is known for being both beautiful and very large. If you’ve never been to Turkey, you might think the airport is bustling and hard to figure out. Contrary to expectations, the airport terminal is already set up in an intuitive way that helps people navigate through the airport. Let’s look at the details, so you don’t get confused at the airport.

Istanbul Airport Terminal

The biggest airport terminal in the world is in Istanbul. All of it is under one roof and takes up an area of 1,440,000 m2. One of the things that draws your attention is the airport’s terminal.

The new airport terminal is a work of art that combines modern architecture with the history and culture of the country. So are the large picture windows and high ceilings. Then, skylights make the room feel fresh and lively. Aside from that, it’s also impressive that the terminal is made in this way. So essential parts of the building, like the check-in area, look brighter than others.

Even though there are some modern touches in the airport, history and religion play a significant role in how it looks overall. Some of the roof’s arches and curves at the end are based on Islamic design. The shape of the arch looks like the dome of a mosque. The main hall, on the other hand, is made to look like the Bosphorus Strait. Like other airports, the Istanbul Airport terminal is split into two parts. That’s for the Departure Area and Arrival Zone.

Departure Area

Departure Area // Istanbul airport terminal

There are seven different kinds of departure gates at the Istanbul Airport Terminal. Door 1 and 2 are only for domestic flights, while others are for international flights.

Domestic Flights

Passengers on domestic flights must go to the Check-in counter in aisles D and E after going through gates 1 and 2. (Self-Service Check-in). Then go to the area where passports are checked, right next to aisle D. In contrast, overseas passengers need to go to aisle E (rack service check-in counter) and aisles F, G, H, and J. The passport control areas are right across the hall. Also, note that Entrance 5 is only for business class passengers and Miles & More members boarding international flights.

Special Passengers

There are also check-in counters set up just for certain types of passengers. Because of this, Aisle G is set up for large groups and people with special needs. Families are served in Aisle K.

Special Travelers

Tourists from the US, UK, and Canada must check in at aisle K’s counter. In contrast, Star Alliance Gold members and Turkish Airlines business class passengers must go to aisle L.

Facilities and Services Departure Area

Facilities and Services Departure Area // Istanbul airport terminal

There are also 5 places for planes to tie down at the new Istanbul terminal. For international departures, ships leave from docks A, B, D, and F. On the other hand, domestic flights depart from pier G and area 3 of pier F. There are also several other facilities at the arrival terminal, like the lounge, the Yotel, the iGA sleepod, the nap zone, and the library. There is also a place to smoke, an iGA lounge, service area for bags, transportation, branches, ATMs, and many other things.

The departure area also has an integrated queue management system, fast pass zones, and security & baggage. After that, self-service kiosk points, check-in counters, tax refunds, and ticket sales service. In addition, overseas departure duty, e-passport system, passport control point, and many others.

Arrival Zone

Arrival Zone // Istanbul airport terminal

In the arrival area, it’s easier than in the departure area. You can only do two things in the zone: leave or switch flights. Passengers must go through passport control if they want to leave the airport. Then, all the passengers must do is choose where they want to go. Or they have to pick one of many hotels to rest. The passengers only have to decide what kind of transportation they want to use.

Facilities and Services Arrival Zone

Facilities and Services Arrival Zone // Istanbul airport terminals

There are also several passenger facilities and services in the arrival zone. Passport control points, information points, and weapon submission points. There is also a service for lost bags, a luggage locker, an iGA meeting lounge, branches, and ATMs. There are also beauty services, a spa, and transportation to and from the airport.

With all of these amenities, passengers can have a better time on their trip. Also, passengers no longer need to worry. That is something you should know about the Istanbul Airport Terminal. We hope that you find this information very helpful and that it can help you. Book a flight through Airpaz right away if you want to see Istanbul Airport Terminal in person. Safe and trusty.


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