Itinerary for Sakura Hanami Festival in Japan

Japan always has its charm and charm that can make anyone want to visit. One of them is the beauty of the cherry season that is on the annual agenda and is highly anticipated. Sakura Hanami or flower watching is a spring tradition from Japan. If you want to go, learn when and where to get the best view in Japan.

Discover the Unique and Greatest Sakura Experience in Japan

enjoying the beauty of sakura flowers

Japan has many unique and interesting traditions. One that is highly anticipated by many people both local people and tourists visiting Japan is the tradition of seeing flowers or what is known as hanami. Hanami comes from the words hana wo miru that means to see a flower. This is one of the Japanese traditions of enjoying the beauty of flowers. Hanami can also be interpreted as a picnic activity for a feast under the cherry trees.

So what is the history of hanami in Japan? Which is the best place to choose from to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms?

Knowing More about Hanami: History and Symbolism

history and symbol hanami festival

When talking about the history of hanami, this tradition is a celebration of tradition that is influenced by the traditions of Chinese kings who have a fondness for planting plum trees around their palaces. In Japan too, the nobles finally began to enjoy ume or plum flowers. Around the eighth century or the beginning of the Heian period, objects of interest that were enjoyed began to shift from previously plum blossoms to cherry blossoms.

In the past, Saga King in ancient Japan was very fond of holding hanami parties in the Shinsenen Park in Kyoto. At the celebration, the nobles enjoyed hanami at their residence. Whereas farmers and small people must climb the nearest mountain in early spring to be able to enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms while carrying provisions for lunch. These habits are the origin of the hanami tradition that is rooted throughout Japanese society until now. Hanami tradition is recognized as one of Japan’s specialties.

There is another quiet version of the origins of hanami in Japan. Hanami activities are based on Buddhist teachings that are used by farmers to predict crop yields and determine seeding time. In the past, farmers will see how cherry blossoms bloom as markers related to farming activities.

Hanami is a celebration to see cherry flowers. As is known, cherry blossoms are typical flowers that are very iconic in the land of the Rising Sun. Hanami celebrations are one of the most highly anticipated annual celebrations in Japan. Usually this festival is held in the spring, which is in the range of March-April.

Hanami tradition that is still maintained until now in fact enough to attract the attention of the world especially considering Japan is one of the developed countries. Although it is not the cherry blossoms as the main point of this annual celebration and more the celebration of the arrival of warm spring, in fact the celebration of hanami or flower watching always has its own charm. Spring in Japan is identical to the emergence and blooming of cherry blossoms, which this unique and beautiful view cannot be enjoyed in other countries.

Another uniqueness that can be enjoyed during the Hanami celebration is how Japanese society continues to preserve the culture. Although in the middle of a very modern era like now, in fact the Japanese people do not go to karaoke or other modern places. They choose to relax and gather with the family under the cherry trees while enjoying the beautiful cherry blossoms. Moreover, cherry blossoms only bloom for seven to ten days. This moment does not want to be missed by the Japanese people.

Blooming Schedule with the Best Sakura Watching Experience

schedule with the best sakura watching experience

Hanami only happens once a year so surely you do not want to miss it, do you. If you want to enjoy the traditions of hanami in Japan then you have to understand that the best time to see them can vary depending on the region. Winter in Japan can end in different times so that the blooming of cherry as a sign of the arrival of spring will be different in each region. Usually cherry will start to bloom in the southern part of Japan and continue to the northern region.

Getting an accurate cherry blossom bloom schedule is certainly difficult because it is also related to the weather in the region. However, if you want to see cherry blossoms in Japan, make sure you have an approximate schedule so that it makes it easier for you to manage your vacation schedule.

Here goes the list of the best spots to see cherry blossoms in Japan 2020.

1. Tokyo (flowering March 19, full bloom March 27)

chery blossoms in tokyo

Cherry blossom Japan in Tokyo will start on March 19, 2020 and get its peak on March 27, 2020. The Japanese capital has several best spots to enjoy the beauty of the cherry season such as Ueno Onshi Park, Aoyama Cemetry, Yoyogi Park, and others. Do not forget, you can also stop by Koichikawa Korakuen, which is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm with a ticket fee of 300 yen.

2. Fukuoka (flowering March 20, full bloom March 29)

hanami festival in fukuoka

This is another place that is very popular so the choice of the tourists to enjoy spring and see the cherry blossoms. There are some of the best spots to enjoy cherry blossom Japan in the Fukuoka region such as Atago Shrine, Nishi Park, Fukuoka Castle Rains, and others. You can rent a car and drive around the city to visit some of the best hanami spots in the city.

3. Osaka (flowering March 25, full bloom April 1)

sakura hanami festival in osaka

There are several interesting spots in the Osaka area to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms such as Osaka Castle Park, Kema Sakuranomiya Park, and Commemorative Park. Osaka Castle could be the best choice to enjoy the tradition of hanami in Japan because there are around 4000 cherry trees growing in the castle area.

4. Hiroshima (flowering March 22, full bloom April 1)

cherry blossom in hiroshima

You can find some of the best spots to enjoy hanami traditions in Hiroshima such as Shukkeien Garden, Peace Memorial Park, and Hiroshima Castle.

5. Hakodate (flowering May 1, full bloom May 4)

sakura hanami in hakodate

When visiting Hokkaido, you can visit Hakodate Park at night. You can see the beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom enjoying various snacks that are sold around the area.

Now you know the schedule for cherry blossoms in Japan. You can plan when you will go there to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms. Traveling will be more exciting with flight ticket booking on Airpaz.


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